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why is it named a glass castle anyways? it doesnt have anything to do with the book! now i get what the saying "dont judge a book by its cover" means!

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Tara glass castle = broken promises

Her father was constantly saying, "Have I ever let you down?"
The glass Castle was the grandiose of promises the father made.
From the start of the book to the end of the book Jeannettes vision and hope for the glass castle changed.

I think it was a perfect title, in my opinion.
Beth S. Not sure how you could miss it. Her father told her he was going to build her a glass castle and was referenced many times.
Shobe Cheng I agree with Tara's answer. Have you read the whole thing? Her father promised their family about making a glass castle.

I do also think it's the perfect title for this book
Chandi Just a gentle comment here, made in a nice tone of voice, that "anyways" is not a word. The word "anyway" never has an "s" at the end.
Grace Jolliffe An Extraordinary Book.

Written almost matter of factly this book tells the story of an extraordinary childhood where the parents are somehow artistic, wonderful, awful and cruel - all at the same time.
The strength of the writing draws us in immediately, and despite the sometimes harrowing tale, this is no misery memoir.
The fact that this writer grew up to tell this tale so eloquently and without bitterness or self-pity is not only a credit to her but is also quite amazing.
Ajay Fay First off, Tara, you are correct!

Did someone really ask this question? Or, is this just posted here to spur conversation? If you had read the entire book, or even the first half of it. You would know, that there is no real glass castle, and that is a metaphor for her broken promises, and the lies that her dad constantly tells their family. Because of love they all want to believe that he will eventually change, he will make that castle, he will be the man he has promised to be, and or says he is. . . I really love this book. I cant believe it was only 1$? (used book store)
Mary Beyond the metaphor, the "Glass Castle" is always being referenced throughout the book- the home he was going to build. He tried convincing her not to leave by promising to build the Glass Castle. It was a constant theme throughout the book.
Matija Babic You didnt read this book, did you?
Abby Daniel This is why I told myself not to read the posts... *slaps forehead* Maybe someone needs to reread the book.
Cherrie McBurney I'm still reading it but there is a part in the book where the dad promises to build a glass castle. The foundation piers he puts together end up being a dumping area for accumulative trash, a fitting picture of ongoing dysfunction and broken promises. Such intelligence and creative talent with passion and unbelievable dysfunction and cruelty. Beautifully written.
Norma The metaphor of the Glass Castle works to explain both her family's lifestyle and to provide further insight into Dad's character. First, the idea that someday the family will strike it rich and live in a house made entirely of glass, with its own power sources, suggests a faith in and desire for future stability despite the lack of it in their current lives. They believe this dream not only because Dad believes in it, but also in hopes that if he focuses on the Glass Castle he will be able to overcome his alcoholism in order to actually make it a reality. However, the very fragility of the dream — the house is made of glass, which can shatter, after all — suggests its elusiveness. Dad, plagued by the loss of a child, paranoia, and alcoholism, is incapable of achieving the dreams he proposes, even though he verbally maintains faith in a different, more prosperous future for himself and his family
Hollie Martin According to Walls herself, the Glass Castle is "whatever you make of it."

Think of the properties of glass. Think of the characteristics of a castle. Now combine the two, and think about how her family, and her childhood, and even her adulthood can be represented by these images. Symbolism is key here.
Melissa While I understand the meaning of the title, I agree that "don't judge a book by its cover" applies here. This is one of the best books I have read and I never would have picked it up based on the title and cover. It was only after a recommendation from my mother that I decided to read it.
Joy also through out the book if you look carefully, she lived in a very fragile world. where anything could tear things apart. Her whole family as you would be able to see with careful analysis were always in a state of uncertainty knowing at anytime everything could fall into shambles. so the title is something not found at the end of the book but is built up through out the majority of it.it could also be taken in other ways too. another way to look at it is the fact that the glass castle could also be a symbol of prosperity and freedom. Her family was always on the run or hiding and always lacked sufficient funds to maintain a healthy life. So the promise of the glass castle was an analogy that he- the dad- used as a way of assuring his children that one day all this will be history and they will be free and able to live like a regular american family for example. It could also be taken as a promise of the impossible.
Izabella The dad kept promising to build them a glass castle. The title reflects how her parents always fell through with their promises and their personalities. The mother was selfish while the dad was a moron. The Glass Castle reflects how her dream changes as her life progresses and how her dreams changes and builds. A great book and a perfect title.
Ivanna Domanskaya I think this is called the glass castle because the dad made a promise to build a big castle completely made out of glass, and when years past by, it never was built but he was still able to make his family believe he would.
Debra First of all the title of the book is The Glass Castle, not a glass castle, second, there is no such word 'anyways' and third, her father often told her that he was going to build them a glass castle. In my opinion the title of the book was a fitting title. I don't believe that you read this book.
Luis Serrano It basically means that Jeannette's parents let her down—a lot. In the case of the Glass Castle, her father let her down.
Melissa S Russell (In my teacher voice) Did you even read this book?
K Ford Please don't take this comment into consideration if you want to read this book. This person clearly only made it to page 2. It is a wonderful book and I think you should read it.
Mark Echlin glass castle is a metaphor for hope
Margaret Her father said he would build a glass castle for her
Kay I'm not even an hour into the book that is 9.5 hours long and the first reference has been made. "...That was why we had to find gold, to get Mom a new wedding ring. That, and so we could build a glass castle". So, yes, it is part of the story.
Athena Glass is fragile while castle is strong. Glass castle is a metaphor for her upbringing: she had a chaotic and unstable childhood, but she also developed strengths from these experiences. Glass castle feels like an amazing promise that will never be fulfilled, but there is still beauty to it, just like all her parents' idealism.
Claudia Maher Glass is quite fragile and easily broken. Her father and mother were responsible for giving her a home and some sort of life of security and stability. They did neither. Her castle (home) therefore, and her security and stability that any child has a hope to expect, were as fragile and impossible, given her circumstances, as a glass castle,
Krista Polson have you even read the book
Damien Samson It was a blueprint of a glass castle that the father had promised to make. It was the ideal in the Auto-Biography that showed how her life turns out.
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Sivakumar Anandan She wanted her own Glass Castle, her dad din't keep up his promise. So she followed her dreams a made this splendid one! It is just a reflection of her childhood.
Erica It has everything to do with the book...
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