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I would like to ask if anyone cried while reading the book?

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Jason Röhde If in 2009 you saw a 40-year old man in suit and tie with tears streaming down his face on 7:28am train from Elmhurst to Chicago one summer morning...that was me. I had to wait until the train was clear before I could compose myself and leave.
Lauri Geuzebroek I spent the last 50 pages weeping. I have read A LOT of books and this is still the most beautifully written book I have ever read.
Abby Shen
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Jessica McFarland There were lots of beautiful moments before this, but I started here: “His soul sat up. It met me. Those kinds of souls always do - the best ones. The ones who rise up and say "I know who you are and I am ready. Not that I want to go, of course, but I will come."
Kendra Hanzlik I have a funny story about crying while reading this book. My teenage son and I read the book together, taking turns reading it aloud. One night, he had the "think it over baby" at home for a school assignment, and it was very fussy. I said he could take care of the baby, and I would do all of the reading. Well, that was toward the end of the book, and I was a mess. My son was annoyed to have both a fake baby and a mother who couldn't stop crying. :)
Robert Blenheim Many times, and throughout. Strongest at the end, when the entire experience of the whole story hit me deepest, as an overwhelming epiphany.
Alan Van I'm crying now just reading the responses from other readers and remembering Liesel's love for her brother, Papa, Mama, Max and. Rudy and her passion for books, words, life. Her story brought me to love them also.
Ella I was sobbing for the last 50 or so pages. So much that I could barely keep reading.
Also there were many other parts I cried during, but never as much as at the end.
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Shelby When I finished the book, I spent the entire night crying. I read it over a year ago and it still makes me emotional. I would consider The Book Thief to be the best novel I've ever read.
Camila Zamora
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Suresh Kn The last 25 pages demands/deserves at least a tear drop.
Joshetaa OH MY GOSH! My mother found me bawling in the toilet with my kindle clutched in my hands.
Reading-Girl2 Hi, I know it may seem weird to answer my own question but I feel as if you would like to know some things. 1) I have already read 'The Book Thief' through twice and have read the bit that made me cry ('The end of the world Part II') many times. 2) Each time I read that bit I cried. 3) I know how hard it is to read when you can't see the words because of the tears and 4) I only asked this question to see how others would respond. It has been a year since I asked this and I have got 40 answers that practically all say the same thing, 'I cried but it was a wonderful book' of course there is the odd few that said, 'It was beautifully sad but I found I didn't cry' and that is okay. I hope I continue to get replies even with mine up here.
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Brie Oh, I absolutely bawled like a baby. It was so perfect, and I don't cry often. Pretty much barely ever. And I was surprised.
Jillian I did not cry at all. I BAWLED. Multiple times on end!
This shouldn't deter you from it though if you haven't read it yet, it's really such a great book!
Rachel Prichard I loved this book! The author`s unique use of language and his descriptions of the war from a child`s point of view without ever talking down or sugar-coating is beautiful. I felt with Liesel, wept with her, experienced her joys and anger, saw the sky and the basement with her, the awful soup and the accordion, the books and Max`s drawings - all so beautiful and poignant. I never wanted it to stop.
Sandra ☀︎ Yes. Absolutely. I think it was the second time a book made me cry much (the first one was when reading "The fault in our stars" by John Green). It was like, when I thought that everything was going to be alright , my heart sank.
Ankita A I cried when Max quoted from his hand written book to Liesel at the death march. I thought it was unfairly beautiful and sad.
Edina Lovász I loved the whole book and cried sometimes, especially when Max described that all his life he has been scared of men standing over him except Liesel...
Mahesh Maan More than I would like to admit.
Ha Pham
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Kunal Gupta The last 50 pages of the book couldn't have been written better.
To answer the question...yes i did cry...a lot.
Though i am light years away from the plot and the characters, i could visualize each of them. Max, Rudy, Papa and the Saumensch lady.
Their death can leave the most cruel hearted contrite.

Almost everybody who has read or will be reading the book has seen death of the most dear ones and some are tough enough to not shed a tear, but I doubt this book would leave their emotions shaken.
Fadilah It's like I was crying every several pages. This book is one of the most emotional books I've ever read. Once I read it in public while in a queue for something and I tried really hard not to sob or weep. I ended up with very teary eyes and heavy breath tho.
Charlotte Nickson By the end, I couldn't see the book for crying!
Charlotte Carver I didn't cry, I sobbed! I haven't cried at a movie or from reading a book in years. This one really got to me.
Dasha Moskovskaya The same with me: 50 pages in tears.
Courtney I have never cried so much while reading a book! Especially during the last bit. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
Barbara Visocchi
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Lori Lammert Oh yes! Especially at the end. I tell everyone to read it and watch the movie. This is one of my favorite books!
Pratik Yadav i have cried many times while journeying this book
1) the jesse owens incident
2) when i came to know the hans hubermans back story of world war 1 and his promise keeping
3) Rosa hubberman holding the accordion at night and leaning at it. and when she said playing it is even more lonesome
4) the final 30 pages
melanie My goodness, yes! A few times already and I’m only 60% in!
Dan Dailey I surely did. I was devastated. When I finished last night, I had to talk with my daughter to find some peace before I could go to bed. It triggered some wartime memories (Vietnam) I would like to forget! The only other book I found as profoundly moving was "The English Patient".
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Guillermo Arciniegas My wife found me sitted crying and crying ... the last 50 pages are probable one of the best endings I have ever read.
Maia Chandler Yes. Oh. My. Gosh. Yes.
I cried when I read the book. Those 3 a.m. tears were all over my pillow.
I cried again while I was listening to the audiobook in my car. Though, that time, I had to try to at least remain a little bit composed, as I still needed to see the road.
Yes, that book rips my heart out, tears it to shreds, and stomps it into the dirt everytime I read it. Yes, it is still my absolute favorite book and I will not hesitate to read it again.
Arsenij Efremenko I cried so hard at the end of the book... And the same thing happened when I was watching the movie
Katelyn Johnson YES. I cried at the end but a lot of it was right before the very end. All of it was just beautifully written and a great story.
Marah Marina Al Achkar I did. So much. I cried for an hour and a half straight.
This book just broke my heart
Murk Sindhya To be honest the last part of book made me cry, thought I tried not to cry but could not stop my tears.
Julianna Borbely Yes, while reading the part about Max's march to Dachau and Rudy Steiner's "intervention" and while reading the part describing Liesel finding the dead in Himmel street.
Annoying book at the beginning (due to confusing style), all the more loved as one progresses with reading (style becomes customary, description of humans, feelings and their experiences heart-warming).
Liam I don't cry over books, but I almost did with this one ;) Never has a book gotten me so emotional.
Esha Sharma Oh yes! left me in tears towards the end. An overwhelming bout of emotions hit me and i could hardly contain them.
Rebekah I sobbed. Tears dripped down my face throughout the entire book, but once I finished the book I sat down and just sobbed under a blanket. Definitely my favorite book of all time. I have never connected with characters quite as much as I did reading The Book Thief. Truly a work of art.
Tony Guy Dowdy The ending, it all wrapped up so well.
Lata Yes.. many times. The pain is dark black and cannot be erased.
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Crystal The only book that's ever made me cry to date.
Amanda yes, yes i did cry
Katie (chaotagecore) Yes, the tears never stopped. If you are looking for a light read this isn't it.
Blerta Wow, this brings back memories! I sure teared up, and I really am not one to cry.
Ekaterina Petkova Many times, throughout, and so much at the last chapter. Never mind the bogus color descriptions, the rest is heartbreaking.
Andreja Yup, like a baby. :)
Carol Tonini I was sobbing at the end.
_Heather_ Sobbed.  With my hands clutching my heart.  "I wanted to ask her how the same thing could be so ugly and so glorious, and its words and stories so damning and brilliant."  That right there is this book in a nutshell.
Jaiden Aliff definitely, the tears came down slowly
Monika Donovan Sure did many times
Gaurav Gupta Many a times throughout this book but mainly at the end when the book thief is sitting beside the dead body of her foster father, Hans Hubermann, once again she's left orphaned. The entire narration made by Death whom the author personifies is touching.

Books like these have had a profound impact on my emotional consciousness.
Daniela Colina Uzcategui I cried a LOT with this book. But I really loved it
Starfast I'm not someone who cries over books very often, but I definitely did while reading the last few chapters of this one. I think a better question would be did anyone not cry? That ending was so heart wrenching!
Autumn Kirkpatrick I spent the last 20 pages or so crying. It was the best book I've read in a long time!
Tulika Tiwari The last 50 pages were so overwhelming that I couldn't stop crying. So much that it was getting more and more difficult to read the next line.

I've never read such a beautiful story before.
Georgia Every time I read it.
Micki At the very end I cried. After putting the book away I still couldn't get the ending out of my mind!
I think it was the best story I've ever read.
Isma Shaheen Yes while reading "The end of world". Also when Max came back and Liesel and Max meetup happened.
Darcy Chalice I spent all my time reading that book but at the end instead of a happy happy endings, it had Leisel dead!
Sheree | Keeping Up With The Penguins I think I'm the only person in the whole wide world who didn't :|
Netra I was crying throughout the book
Sam I just finished reading it a few hours ago. I can confirm that I was sobbing on my couch as I read the final 30 or 50 pages.
Tom Bantle Yes, how could you not?
Rudraksha Patle i cried, i laughed , I feared, I felt love...This book...Oh my
Lynn I usually don't cry while reading a book but while reading this book I did... a lot.
Deborah Snot-cried. Completely and unabashedly.
Rosemary I did. I had a full melt down! Especially at the end. I just couldn't stand it. But even though it's has such a sad ending, I will always love the book.
Raluca Bradean Yes, i cried A LOT when I read this book. If you are a book lover you are going to fall in love with the story, the characteres, the action. So, Have a good time reading the book!
Mukta A I... did? Me, the one who is indifferent in showing most of my emotions?? The most heartbreaking book I've laid my hands on, honestly.
Roxy RG definitely, i shed a bucket of tears in this book. Even tho the death give us a head start about what will happen at characters in the end, I still cry as if i just knew it
Claire Ugly cried... full blown red nose, puffy cheeks ugly crying.
Arun Kumar I did. Recently last night. As I completed the book.
Anne Makin I cried often in this book and at the end which I had to reread because I was so emotional I needed to make sure I hadnt missed anyting.
Emily What a question! I'm not sure how someone could get through this book without crying, especially at Death's final description of Liesel's adoptive father.
Kayla Back Like a child, many times. In public, in bed, on my patio. Even after I finished the book, the last line got me all over again. I, too, am haunted by humans.
Sid Smallman Did I just...!

I'm a 67 year old git, the ending was just too much to bear, I cried and cried and cried, I was left feeling emotionally drained. What a well written immensely powerful story, I doubt I could ever bring myself to read it again.
Jan Huk Oh yes... I listened to the audio version, masterly narrated by Allan Corduner, that brought it to yet another level - most recommended!
Lauren Oh, of course. I was sobbing.
Mike Allan
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Melissa Aubuchon I read the last 20 pages through tears. I can't say enough about what a wonderful book this is despite it's dark reality.
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liess k I usually don't cry while reading books (like, ever) but I spent the last 50 pages just bawling my eyes out. Dear Lord, it was just so painfully beautiful and heartbreaking...
Basil Jacqueline I've read this book 7 times and cried each time; that's how powerful The Book Thief is.
vio I cried while watching the movie, and my friend cried while reading the book.
Gryffindor.Dauntless I bawled like a baby at the end there! I usually don't cry while reading books but this really got me.
Peta Shedding a tear, even though the book lets you know what will happen before the reader gets there ... waiting for the tears to clear so you can read-on to the very end.
Raven Starr ~ ♪ Dreamer, Wanderer, Starwatcher ♪ ~
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Adriana Brown I was bawling at the end!
Susie My 13 year old son and I listened to this together and it was one of the best experiences we have ever shared. By the end, we were both sobbing so much we could hardly finish.
Ian Dick Yes I did, I totally had tears rolling down my cheeks. I had to stop reading it in the pub and go home to finish it, not answering the door because I was distraught. And I'm a 67 year old man. It shocked me that I Behaved Like That! Guess I have emotions after all.
Ayushi I did! the last few pages was non-stop crying. Still, this is the most wonderful book I ever read!
Michelle For the last 50 or so pages - bawled - while on a flight... quietly to myself.
It was so beautifully done.
Nancy Ross Oh, yes. Massive sobbing towards the end...
Julia Yes. I was holding back my tears.
cecília Yes.
I cried so much on that last 40 pages, my tears could stop a drought.
Mire I think the thing that really made this book so special was that "death" was the one narrating the whole book. Usually the reason why people find a book sad is because of the death of a loved character. That's what happened with Rudy. The difference was getting to hear it from death's perspective.
Arindam Das I finished it reading and I will Miss Liesel and Rudy so much...
I will Miss Max Papa Nd Mana too..
Saddening it is...
ahsananana Was lying on bed reading. Had to get up and weep.
Alexis Michalos I cried during the last few chapters the first three times I read the novel. Zusak prepares you for the end throughout the novel (Death himself mentions he does not like to build up suspense), however the ending is still unexpected. Basically do not read the last bit of this novel in public unless you are ready for people around you to stare.
Maimoona Khan i read the last 3 parts in office and i cried like hell.. It was so hard to keep the sobbing quiet..
Tan Yes, I cried too much
Emma You bet I did! I've read it multiple times and I cry every time. I think it makes it worse that I know what's to come!
Mac Anyone that didn't hasn't lived yet.
Nat K Absolutely! You'd have to be made of stone to not shed a tear or two.
Kyla I teared up a little but no (I cried during a Beauty and the Beast retelling, though). I could have done without the epilogue.
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Latanya McKinley This book... I finished it today in my 6th hour class and I fought back my tears with a lump in my throat. This book is now at the top of my favorites and it really has affected me. I loved it.
Chi Tran I did. I cried for Mama. I love all the characters. But Mama was the woman that I love the most through out the book.
Namita Barthwal if you are a girl and while reading imagining yourself as a protagonist then no one can stop you from weeping and sobbing. it may be out or in you head but you will weep.
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Amy I ugly-cried through the last 20 pages
Karyn Listening to this book in my car on the way to work I have to recompose myself most mornings before I walk in.
Biblio Curious The dad's heart and qualities remind me so much of Anne Shirley's dad. So, yes I get a little squishy.

His actions are wildly different, he is his own character certainly not a carbon copy.
Ether yeah , god yeah
Antony de Navarro Absolutely! I have leant my copy out to numerous people and the last pages have become ever increasingly more warped by the tears of all. Moving, poignant and beautiful.
Rebecca Yes -- I cried very much at the end. I was at work at the library.
Mariana Bulhosa
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Nisha Sadasivan Will any person not cry to such a writing?
*Molly Frannces* It was beautiful... it ended gracefully I think a good portion of the readers cried including myself
George Smith Nope...not at all
James Mason manliest tears youll ever see
HD I am only 40 pages in and in tears! It is not just the subject matter but the beautiful way in which it is written! I am reading slowly to absorb it all. I have seen the movie so know the story but still did not expect to be affected so much.
Amy The audible version is magnificently read by Allan Corduner. Especially the ending. As I listened to it in my living room with ear buds in, tears flowing, my husband kept asking "are you alright - (he hasn't read the book, or he'd understand.)
Charlene I'm only 200 pages in, but no tears. I've read quite a few books with this story line, so maybe that has something to do with it. I like that death is narrating the story, very unique point of view, but this far in, I have to keep reminding myself that it's death perspective. At first it was quite unique, but now it feels natural for death to account for the story. I'm not sure at this point in the story it would make a difference as to whom was telling the story. I just don't feel death's perspective like I did at the beginning. Maybe that's just me. Good book.
Rami dont, just dont read it in public.
it's beautiful story
ⓢ✯ⓘ✯ⓔ✯ⓡ✯ⓡ✯ⓐ Yes, I had tears in my eyes around the ending.
Laura Yes! Ugly cried! Not one to read in public.
Gabriella Grassette Yes *starts crying*
Haley Cuthbert YES! Many times, the ending was the saddest ending I have ever read!
Crisanta Mostly at the end. I thought I wouln't be able to finish while I was bursting into tears.
Hufsa Of course! Especially at the end of the story. The author did a great job explicitly explaining the resolution of the story.
Open Close I sure did! In many scenes of the book!
Jaya I cried buckets. The whole story was just so sad, sweet, and perfect. I could feel my heart breaking into a million pieces each time I picked up the book.
Jazzy By the time I read the last page my face was covered in snot and tears!
E.K Jacobs I cried so many times while reading this book. It was extremely depressing in the end, and I kept crying for about an hour or two after reading it. The Book Thief is my absolute favorite book, and every single time I read it I have the same reaction. Very well written and I would suggest it to anyone who likes a good tear-jerker.
Nathan Jacob I didn't cry to the story, but the plot was very deep. I loved it. Don't judge me on the not-crying part, though.
Alexis Every single page I cried, and cried, and cried.
Don't worry you're not alone.
Kelly Pretty sure I'm coming to the part where tears will flow and there will be no way I can stop them...
Helena I read this book in a week and i cried at the end and other parts of the story, my #1 book.
Inge I did cry when Liesl cries in the book
KK like a baby... but loved the story anyway.
Julia L The ending is a killer! So many tears
Kari Larsen Tears were shed at that ending, for sure!
Shannon Loconte I was reading this at a friends house, and during the last 50 pages or so I was crying so hard he had to bring me some tissues. It's definitely worth the read, though!
Konstantina✨️ I agree with Lauri Geuzebroek; it's very cry-worthy. Actually, it's almost impossible to finish the whole book without any signs of tears...
Sam I cried in the last part of the book... It seriously caused a heartache.
كريم حماد from chapter ten the end of the world part 2 to the end of the book it was hard to read without crying
Virginia Oh yes; I cried many times. The book Max wrote for Liesel touched my heart.
Soukaina i did in the end when everybody died i really cried when rudy and papa died i cried like a little girl
Susan Of course, how could you not?
Vivian De Lima Silva This is a wonderful book that you'll immerse totally in the history. I cried so much when I was reading :) Goodreads!
Gabby Like an absolute baby.
Amelia Solum I was sobbing my eyes out at the end. :'(
Hanna The Book thief have a wonderful plot and great characters that you can't stop to be amazed at, with that said I think that you can cry to it. I was close a couple of times but when I saw the movie it really hit home even if my favorite parts where gone.
Lisa Yes, brawled my eyes out
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Magnus Söderberg I think I have cried four times in the last 15 years and two of those were the two times I read this book.
Mackenzie I was in the middle of class when I finished this book and I almost cried, but I didn't want anyone to see that I was going to cry, so I held back my tears. But yes, this book gets very tragic and emotional and I love it.
Sienna Yeah i sobbed, my nose was dripping and i cryed all over my book.
Thats not embarrassing.
It is one of my fav books though
percphonee I was in a reading slump and this book got me out of it. It was the first time in years that I've cried that much over a book, like I was literally sobbing. It was so well-written I can still remember each event. :(
Sydney Scrimpshire during the last few pages and after i had finished it, i sat on my grandmother's back porch and just cried. this book ate my heart and spat it back out and i am thankful.
Emily Turco I sobbed finishing it on the bus to work this morning.
♡brienne Yes, it’s so sad… especially the ending, and I read that in school… my classmates must’ve thought that I was crazy or something.
Tehya Oh yeah definitely. The last two chapters really had my eyes watering.
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G I sniffled a lot and some tears actually formed in my eyes, but because I felt so sad inside and upset, I didn't even have the energy to ACTUALLY cry.
King Mack I cried a million times over
Jenni Thompson I literally cried so hard that it was hard to breathe... my children watched their father die of cancer, so the part where she is laying over her Papa's body was very intense and real for me.
Moss This is one of the few books that has made me cry every single time I have read it. I originally had to read it for school back in middle school, and it has become a great reread. Can't wait to cry again the next time I read it :,)
Raelen Mauge
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Ben Scott Toward the inevitable conclusion, tears escaped my eyes relentlessly and tumbled lifelessly down my flushed cheeks, decorating my clothes with blotted patches over where my broken heart resided inside my tin can ribcage.
Samantha I was NOT prepared to be straight up snot-nosed bawling as I finished the book with my coffee this morning. Never has a book moved me to more tears.
Shubham Garg
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Ruth Not a single tear. The narrator kept spoiling any would-be emotional parts so that by the time it happened I more relieved that it happened so the plot could continue.
Aaron J Nope. Honestly, I laughed
a bit at the suddenness and ridiculousness of Part 10.
Gauri Yesss oh my gosh the last part of the book is just heart breaking and I read a lot of books but I have never felt so sad and heartbroken while reading a book, and this made me cry. Beautifulllll and worth the time.

lol, but seriously, the last few god. I read it (sneakily) during my german class and had to excse myself to g' to the toilet when really I just sat in the cubicle and sobbed. any girls in the toilet at the time probs thought I was having an emotional crisis.
Mary Addison
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Sharon This book has touched me more than any other in the nearly 70 years I have found the written word.
Veronika Sanobova I surely did! The end just crushed me. What a an experience to read this book!
ivy I wept too much, incredible. When you start crying over books, you know they must be damn good.
Miriam So much. So many times. But towards the end I was completely bawling my eyes out.
I also read this book while commuting, my throat was litterally hurting from choking back tears so hard in public.
Julie Priebbenow Yes... I wept like it was my own loss...
Ashley Of course. It was the time when Rudy died and Liesel kissed him.
The Book is a whole lot emotional than the movie, no offence.
I ended up biting my dear chocolate bitterly and clutching my pillow to my belly. I am so glad that my younger brother didn't see me.
East Greenbush Community Library At different times throughout...and for the last chapters. "She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it."
julieta ✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚. I cried near the end... it was so painful to read but I loved it so much :(
Mai I cried twice near the end. Liesel's relationship with Papa just made me sob so much because of how well written it was.
Michelle I choked back tears until I could finish the last 25 pages in my room with heavy tears in my eyes.
McKenzie Carlton
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Jan Brattain Just finished it, yes, of course I was bawling at the end, had to go outside and read the last pages in private. Lovely, sad, beautiful writing.
Jennifer Absolutely, for about twenty after I was done.
Lynn Post I don't think I've ever cried so much while reading a book! Do I dare watch the movie?
Bellabella One of the best..couldn't stop crying ..
Ava C. I cried so much. It was one of the best books ever.
Wonderful Flower I read this so many times and every time i am bawling in the last pages.
RJ i have the book and the movie. i've watched the movie and the first time i did, i did cry a little when Max left. i'm dreading to read the book, but at the same time i want to. if i cry, then it'll be worth it.
Miette I read this book for a school project so it was a school owned book. Not sure if my teacher wants it back considering how much I sobbed over the pages! There is now a noticeable crinkle in the pages that I cried in, mostly around the last 50 or so.
Christina Davis well yeah, my heart's not made of stone.
Fatma Mustafa I did.. I truly did..
Heartbreaking yet the most beautiful piece of art I found in 2020..
I think I have not cried that hard in a while..
Edith Haven't finished the book yet, but yesterday I almost cried when a Nazi soldier caught Hans giving a piece of bread to a Jew and whipped cruelly both of them. I can't even imagine how ghoulish and harrowing the upcoming episodes will be.
Spencer Corpus uhhh, hol' up (noep) wait this wasn't supposed to be said but if you read this you uhhhhh I don't no
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Benny Coquet I cried at the end. I knew I was going to. The end of this story and the whole book hits where it hurts and gives joy where it needs.
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sana I would defiantly like to revisit Liesel's story when I am a bit more emotionally stable.
Dee I cried with relief that I got through it.
John put a gun in ur motuh
Metehan Kıvrak No i didn't cry. i don't think it was a good book at all. The writing was terrible.
Edward Nope - a mediocre book
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