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Amanda Lynn Meyer 1. not sure
2. Mr. Bernard is either Gwen's nephew or great-nephew (since her brother/sister was born around 1919-1920) and depending on Mr. Bernard's age.
Sheechiibii I can't answer all your questions, sadly a lot of answers just weren't given in the books.
1) The answer to this is never given. However at the end it's shown that Dr White suspects Whitman is up to something, perhaps he knows he's the count and that the whole thing is a lie, so perhaps that played into it but it's never explained.
2) I have no idea. It's never explained either, though this is certainly a good theory and one I like very much.
3) Lucy and Paul are long dead by the time Gwen is born and the Chronograph was left with her grandfather where he then hid it in his house for Gwen to find.
Cande 3) Lucy and Paul took the chronograph back to the 20th century and they had it with them until they died, probably. Then it was given to Lucas Montrose at some time before HE died. He had Mr. Bernard hide it behind a wall until Gwen found it again in 2011.

So yes, she has the chronograph in 2011, but Lucy and Paul were the ones who had it when she visited them in 1912. So if she was to go back to her house in 1912 she wouldn't find the chronograph because Lucy and Paul had it at that time. But in the present, it's hers.
Stéphanie In the movie it is said that Lucy and Paul are mr bernard grandparents. However, the movie was nothing like the book, so this could just be nonsense
Esme Gwyneth would be Mr. Bernard's great-great-great aunt (possibly more or less greats). I do wish it had explained how Mr. Bernard became their butler.
ExlibrisAlex (2) I do think that Gwen and Mr Bernard are related, but they couldn't be brother and sister, since the book is set a good 100 years after that sibling was born. There must be a few generations between Gwen and Mr Bernard, but it's possible they're related.
Kelleen 1. Dr. White heard some of Gwen talking to Robert, about parents and children in the first book. She kind of let them talk to each other. Since he's in the circle, he probably has heard about what the Raven's gift is.
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