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Dean Thompson asked Michael J. Sullivan:

Hi Michael, I noticed on your giveaway that you inserted an enlarged copy of your front cover in the text. How did you do that? Was there a selection you used, or HTML? Thanks for your consideration of this question. Dean Thompson - Activism Author of HER CHOICE

Michael J. Sullivan Hey Dean, Thanks for asking. In most places of goodreads they allow for "limited" html code so you can so things like bold, italic, and add pictures. It doesn't allow for everything .html does...for instance you can't make a table or a bulleted list, but the basics are supported.'s what you do.

1. First you need to get the graphic "out on the Internet" - I have a hosted website so I can upload images to it via ftp (file transfer protocol). But you could just as easily use something like imgur to upload a picture.

2. Next you need the URL of the image. If you have it "up on the web" but don't know it's address just right click on the image and a menu will appear. If you go down to "copy image URL" the address will be in the clipboard and you can paste it to someplace like notepad temporarily. For instance, the URL I used for a recent giveaway is: http://firstempireseries.files.wordpr...

3. Lastly, you need to type in the right HTML code. For an image it is [img src="URL"]. have to replace the square braces with pointy braces so [ becomes < and ] becomes > if I had typed it in with those pointy braces here, then you wouldn't see the .html you would see the picture. Like this:

Don't forget to put the "quotes" around the html address.

One last tip. Let's say you want to not only put the picture, but also take the user to a webpage when they click it. Well you can surround the image with the code that says "Go to this page." Again you need the URL of the page you want to go to but the code (without the pointy braces would look like this.

[a href="URL to goto"][img src="URL with picture][/a]

Notice this has a "Starting piece the and an ending piece the .

That's all there is to it. I hope this helps!

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