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Am I the only one who thought the ending of this book was the literary form of coitus interruptus? I thought the book was wonderful until the end and then it lost me.

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Bogdan Valentin Haha, yes! 400 pages book, ends in one paragraph. It was like the author was being pushed by someone.. "Finish already, we have to go fishing!! Everyone is waiting for you! Damn it, Bram, the sun will rise any minute and we're not on the lake by then.." Oh, wait..
Isabel The ending might be disappointing, but I think what Stoker had in mind went far off from the story itself. I mean, when you read Dracula carefully, you realise that there is much more in it than what you apparently can see. At first it seems just a story about vampire hunting, but one can easily find an analysis on Victorian society and values: the role of women as far as men are regarded; science as a tool or a weapon to fight against superstition, and religion as a way of keeping the mind clear to lean on it when everything else fails.
Ashley Melucci I agree that the ending was disappointing, and one of the most slow and unsatisfying climaxes I have ever read. However, I do agree with Ebster that it seems that Stoker's goal was more to comment on justice and humanity than to thrill his audience. One should not punish what they fear solely because they fear it, but instead seek justice where justice is due.
Mike MacDee
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Ebster Davis
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Jade Church Everything after the first 100 pages was disappointing.
Khalid Al Khalili
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Chris Angelis
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Because Batman! I believe that the ending doesn't mean much for the author, I think that he care more about the Jonathan, Mina, Helsing and the others and their relationship, their action more than the ending.
Dracula and the vampires is just a setting for his message.
B Fowler I agree. It was quite the build-up to such an anti-climatic ending. I was left think, "is this it?"
Rick Hunter I was about to post the same question when I read yours. I also wondered if I was the only one who found the ending disappointing. The end came too quickly and I think Stoker could have easily elaborated more on the final battle and make it great. Missed opportunity. I also think Stoker spent too much time on Lucy's illness.
Claire I think the ending was about how love can conquer even death.
Kashif Nasir Exactly, I hated the ending also, Like you are going to kill the most famous villain of all times in his sleep
Zane yeah no you are not the only one, i found it especially weird when they added all the diaries together. is it really possible for the entire set of characters to each have a diary
Antonio Colangelo True. When I reached the last 20-30 pages I knew the ending was going to be unsatisfactory.
Erik Goddard More precisely the first half of the book is great; the second less so.
Sam Eure Yes, yes, yes! When my remaining pages started to dwindle, I was saying to myself "There must be a sequel. There is so much more that could be said." And then, the the course of 5 pages, the book ends. I was very disappointed with the ending, however this was still a wonderful book.
Nathaniel Winston I can see where you're coming from.

After all the threat and menace the whole process of defeating Dracula is a bit....open and shut.
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