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am i the only one who felt like Tolstoy was portraying himself through Levin ? and that, well, Levin is the principle character of the book ?

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Carly Tia I know that he stated that Kitty was modeled after his own wife, so it would make sense that Levin is modeled after himself on some level. I absolutely loved that character and the last chapter of the book left me feeling like I will name my first son Levin. I liked the juxtaposition of Anna and Levin - ego vs. love, pride v. humility. Levin was the star and presented a great moral story.
Cláudio Yes and yes. In fact I have posted an earlier question: why the name of Anna Karenina? Why not Konstantin Levin?
Maryam Yes, but his views/autobiography are also in the other characters such as Dolly, Karenin, and even Seriozha. Levin just happens to be the strongest in representing Tolstoy's ideals. He also added Levin to the story later; originally, there was no Kostya in his writing.
Levin has a major narrative, but the book's main hero is still Anna. As I mentioned, Levin was an additional character later added. If we were to have a book about Levin and reverse the significance of the two characters, it wouldn't be the same. In my literature classes I have contended that Levin deserves more space than Anna and is the more interesting narrative, but not many people agree. So, consider Levin as Tolstoy having a little fun and adding some good ideals to a novel full of scandal.
Suchitra Chakrabarty No ,you are not the only one who felt so ,it was given in the introduction of the book that Tolstoy identified himself with Levin .
Zain think about it leo's russian name is LEV NIkolayevich Tolstoy. I mean, the first five letters are an anagram for levin! pretty obvious, huh?
Boris F*ck Levin. A man who loved a woman simply because she was the only one, available from the 3 sisters :D And how awkwardly he kicked Veslovsky out of his house..
Thimira I was dumbstruck to see myself virtually resembling Levin, his character, thoughts, interests etc. It's just that I'm not a wealthy land owner.
Melody That was exactly my first impression! Even if you cast aside Levin's eventual acceptance of faith, there's also the fact that Tolstoy uses him almost exclusively to push a philosophical/political agenda by detailing all of the (tedious) conversations he and friends take part in.

On top of that, if you compare Levin's portrayal to others... Dolly's "none-too-bright", Anna's jealous/paranoid/bipolar flaws, Kitty's childish innocence, or even Stepan's carelessness/infidelity, or Alexei's discompassionate manner... Levin is by far the most likable out of all of the ensemble. He is described as "a bit cracked", but that's extremely minor in comparison, don't you think? Writers always put themselves in the best light.
P Yes, you're the only one.
Haley Cotnam That's exactly how I felt. It was one of the things that made me like the book less, Levin's long preachy speeches were definitely a low point. (In my opinion) And I'm sure the reason they were so was because Tolstoy was writing himself.
Jerzy Yes, Levin is the most important character of the book. Levin's views on religion and politics reflect those of Tolstoy himself. The same applies to the assessment of the economic situation of the Russian landlords and peasants after the reforms of the second half of the 19th century.
TheBohemianBookworm Not at all. Many scholars and interpreters over the years have thought that Levin is a semi autobiographical character, much like Pierre in War and Peace.
Nicholas Avedon Yes, it's pretty obvious, but is quite common that a writer put some of his own life in "minor" characters, like Vronski. Tolstoi served in the army and had a "disoluted" life in his first years at university...
Anuradha Bhattacharyya
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Lily Well Levin was definitely my favorite. And I read somewhere that Leo Tolstoy's nickname was Lev so yeah Levin is probably more than a little inspired by his own person.
Terri Potoczna You're not. It's an accepted fact that Levin was Tolstoy's voice.
Zoraida Hello! Now I'm reading the book and I think the same that you, Levin is the main character.
Nick Yes, to some extent. This question has been researched. Some of the comparisons between the characters and Tolstoy's family members and acquaintances are described here: https://librebook.me/anna_karenina/vo... (if you can read Russian).
Felipe No, if you read Tolstoi's wiki page it's blatant that Lievin is a self-insert. Anna Karenina is about all of its characters but mostly Anna and Lievin. The ending of the book I'd argue marks the contrast between both characters [spoiler] Anna's life ends and Lievin's life begins through his renewed relationship with his own faith
Diana Mardoni Noooo! I feel exactly the same as I'm getting through the chapters. Levin is so aligned to Tolstoy's ideals .
Gerard He sure was. There are even some autobiographic elements in Levins story. For example: Levin gave his diary to Kitty before they married, Tolstoy did the same to his wife before they married. Levin shares also certain interests and personality traits with Tolstoy, like love for simple countrymen and struggle with faith in God.
Calcot Thomson Really good review. It is really good book to read
LB it seems so to me, just like pierre in war and peace.
Nurten Aynı şekilde bende düşündüm okurken. Anna ve Vronski'nin aşkından daha çok Levin'in aşkı beni daha çok etkiledi. Kitap bir şaheser. Tolstoy'un gözlem gücü efsane. Ama Anna'nın aşkını yaşayışını onu etkilemesini daha çok yaşamak için kitabı bitirdikten sonra filmini de izlemeyi düşünüyorum..
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Greg I don't like anyone in this book BUT Levin and Kitty. So, probably, Tolstoy painted his own marriage as wonderful.
Akhil C Yes. Many time I felt like that. I wonder who is Vronsky in Tolstoy's real life. The last chapter is written entirely to show the world his doubts about religion and life.
Fabricio Fernandez After reading a little bit about Tolstoi, it has become very clear to me that Levine shows many characteristics from the writer's life. But I don't agree with him being the main character; one of the most important for sure, but not over Wronsky.
Kevin Varney I gather Levin was a somewhat nicer, not quite as sex mad version of Tolstoy.
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Seattle Al The book is about happy and unhappy families. Levin and Kitty learn how to make a happy family; Anna and Dolly are unable to. Yes, Levin is as major a character as Anna, but the tragedy belongs to her.
Adnan Manzoor I read this book some 3 years ago. And I often dread the prospect of becoming a Levin of my life as I see too many parallels. Its just that I could not appreciate his overall personality (timid, shy etc). On the other hand the prospect of becoming a Tolstoy is not that dreadful at all. That's strange because there seems to be a general consensus that Tolstoy equals Levin. Hmmm.
Linda Leavell The introduction by translator Richard Pevear says that Levin is modeled on Tolstoy himself, that most of Levin's views are also Tolstoy's.
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