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This book is soooooo boring. I'm like one-third through the book and it's just boring me to death but I have to read it for English. Does anyone agree?

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Jonathan At one point (30-35% in) Crusoe tells the reader how he is running low on ink, and so he decides to write only the important stuff. I was very happy to hear this...

Sadly he lied.

Mrs. Ellis I do not remember assigning you this book... If you don't like it, stop reading it. It's not required reading for this class. Robinson Crusoe was also not intended to be read by 7th graders - that's probably why you find it so boring. Read books that are age-appropriate and you'll be less bored :)
HP MP I was gifted by my grandmother her 1940's copy of this book on my 11th birthday. Granted it is not an easy read, it is not action-packed nor is it a touchy romance... It is a book that explores isolation, loneliness and the breakdown of a human.

I can guarantee you that at some point in your life you will have a taste of these first hand.

I am 20 and do not regret reading this book.
Sarah Rb i'm totally agree bored to death;
James Currin I'm one-third through the book and I have lapped up every page. Maybe that comes with being 75 years old. I don't watch television.
Sylphrena I didn't think it was boring. Sorry.
Juzefa I think it is interesting and has a nice pace. Compeared to other pieces of classical literature I heve read, this is a rollercoaster.
Drake Collins Yes, It's incredibly boring. I started reading it because I love the Robinsonian Genre, and thought I really should read the book that started it all. I've been plodding along for a third of the book, and I'm debating giving up. I'm too old to waste time reading something I don't like simply because other people think it's an important work of literature.
Seth Snyder Yeah, I've literally just started reading it, and my mom brought me a copy for my Birthday so I felt inclined to read it. I don't think I'll be able to do it, though. The struggle is real af!
James C This book takes a long while to get going. Very ponderous and slow moving in the beginning. The story picks up about 170 pages in this roughly 300 page book.
Richard Taylor I found it fascinating. I am 74, I think I read it a few years ago. It is very exciting. It has been criticised for 'Colonialist' views but it was written in a time when the world viewed such things differently. The book is based on a real-life marooning on an Island. The novel in those days (of Daniel Defoe) was fairly new as a form or art or entertainment in England. Defoe also wrote his semi-fictional 'Diary of a Plague Year'. He wrote much else on both fact and fiction. 'Robinson Crusoe' has one fault, not at the start, but the end, it continues on in Europe where various adventures take place. That doesn't seem connected to the novel but is interesting also. I see a lot of young people found it boring. By the age of 13 I had read almost everything by Charles Dickens, Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, and then I read both volumes of Les Miserables. I almost never watch television (we didn't have one when I was young, or computers or even video players, not even calculators -- we used log tables -- and no cell phones). I haven't got a cell phone, never have. I don't listen to music. Reading is my passion. For people who like books, and there are still many, there is no interest in "devices". But one word of advice, I review all kinds of books. I looked through a friend's poetry book. He had about 80 poems. I read each poem about 8 times. As I did so it intensified what I was reading. The more a reader puts into reading the more he or she will get out of the book. It is not a question of intelligence, temperament probably, and as a writer myself I need to read a lot. So I have a library of about 4000 books. And I read on all topics, or a wide range, still getting old and more recent books from the library. But don't read books because a teacher recommends it (although I have found, for example, that almost every classic I have read has been great to read, as well as many more recent books). The main thing has to be enjoyment. It you know something also about the writer and the history of a writer's times, it can also change the way you read a book, and how you see it. Defoe's character deals with people who deal with slaves and sell them. If you dig out some of the Elizabethan novels, the right editions have some crazy violent and sometimes beautiful things. But these writers, for example Thomas Nash who wrote 'The Unfortunate Traveller', lived in times where the violence and death rate from the Plague, or Typhus was much higher than now. Before and round Defoe's time the average life span of anyone was about 35. Most died by violence or disease, or malnutrition. Also attitudes to life and death were very different. The novel was still 'developing' when Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe but he wrote a huge amount of other stuff. So give these books a go. No point in reading if you don't enjoy the experience. If you find a book boring -- or books in general boring, then they are perhaps not for you. Some other interest. Movies can convey things in dramatic ways and for some people this is a way they are inspired to read a book....
Robert I agree. And I, at 79, get turned off when I hear young people complain about "boring." I think that much of this was aimed at practical minded readers who wanted to learn something about the real world, e.g., Moby Dick's encyclopedia on whales. Unfortunately, I don't think he really knew much about some of things he wrote of extensively, e.g., wolves.
Michael Yup, I just reviewed it the same way. It's boring drivel. My life is worse off for ever having bought it for $0.50 at the local library.
Tyler Anderson I also had to read it for english class a couple years ago, and I agree, it bored me like crazy.
David S I started reading this book as a young person. Pre adolescent. I had read Treasure Island, Kidnapped and the like. Swash buckling adventure. At that time I found the book got boring, and I stopped reading it.
Now I have picked it up again at age 60 and find it fascinating. However it is not a quick read. This book is about spirituality, culture, and culture clash, civility, and as one of the other commenters wrote, isolation and loneliness. And really the human experience here on planet Earth.
When you read up on this book on say Wikipedia you will learn it is considered one of the first English novels.
All in all it really is a wonderful book. It's not just about a guy stranded on an island. Oh, and I forgot group psychology. There are probably several other aspects of the book that I am remiss in addressing here.
Anyway, wait 30 or 40 years and try it again, I think you might see what I mean, with an open mind of course.
Bhoomika Dekate I totally agree with you, I also think the book is written for kids of 7-12 years or so since back in my childhood, I found it to be interesting but I couldn't read more than one chapter now when I have to study it for my bachelor's degree. I suggest you read the summary or shortened form of the book.
Alaire I so agree! I had to read it for English too!
আহমেদ আবরার That puts you in the rhythm in fact. Just go on reading with pauses and without contemplating any inner meaning!
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ქეთევან Same here. Barely keep going.
David It only gets more and more boring.
Ruben Monteiro Ahh! Glad that I'm not the only one feeling kind of like this. It's a shame, but the story that I had in my imagination of Robinson Crusoe was a 100 times more exciting than the book itself.
The original book is not that horrible, just a bit dry. The copy that I read had included "The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" with no warning (I only realized later), and those I really don't advise.
Muhammad Talha I read the oxford learner version when I was younger, it was enjoyable. But I can't say I know how you feel because I haven't read the unabridged version.
Larry Piper The writing is very ponderous and runs on for ever with musings on old Calvinist theology. I agree, it's pretty boring. Partly that's because of the time it was written, but I also think Defoe was just not a very good writer.
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