Peg asked:

Is there an age rating for this book, and am I missing where age ratings are published on this site?

Jason Osper Most ADULTS will not get all the allusions to classical music, deceased scientists, and general Britishisms in these novels. That doesn't mean it's too difficult for young readers - since when is reading not supposed to offer any challenge? It just means they readers have an opportunity to educate themselves on some of those unknown concepts, diction, and historical tidbits that Bradley peppers throughout the series. The chemistry references are NOT, I repeat, NOT that hard to understand. If anything, they would instill an interest in the subject as any of Flavia's chemical musings are offered up with fantastic real life contexts.
Andrea Johnson I had assumed this book was young adult, but as I read, kept thinking that the vocabulary was awfully sophisticated for YA, and there were a lot of cultural and historical references that YA readers might not get. About halfway through the book, I realized that my library had categorized it as "Adult Mystery," which explained a lot! I don't think there was anything inappropriate for younger readers, but depending on the reader, they might just not enjoy it as much, because of what they'd miss.
Helen I'd let a bright 8 year old read it. There's no strong language, no sexual situations, and very little violent action. Of course it IS a murder mystery..... I highly recommend the audiobook especially for younger readers.
Sarina I almost picked this up as a 11 year old, and honestly, I know I would have loved it. Never underestimate the power and comprehension of a young reader. As I've mentioned before, children who have devoured series such as Harry Potter and/or the Mysterious Benedict Society would love this series.
Melissa This is an adult book. No way will the vocabulary be on the level for young students. The chemistry alone it hard to get through, plus old British slang and references... adult. It is clean and nothing foul, just over their heads probably.
Terry I feel that the book is really "young adult-ish", upper elementary would enjoy the story and the heroine.
Adam Sequoyah If this were a movie, it would just barely earn a PG-13 rating. And that is mostly for some slightly graphic violence.

To break it down, I'd guess the MPA would give these ratings:
PG-13 for violence
PG for brief language and suicide
Douglas Beagley This book makes subtle references to sex, direct references to suicide, and deals with very complex emotions between people. Would a young reader understand that perhaps the main character is not *really* intending to murder her sister when she brews poison and mixes it into her lipstick? (Chapter 1, so not a spoiler hopefully)? This is not Harry Potter.
Altin Hoxha Please can someone tell me the age rating for The Blue Bird (Wonderful adventures of Tyltyle&mytyl).
Apreciate your help because as a publisher i really need it.
Best regards.
Meagan (she/her) There are no ages listed, however, I recommend using to look up age ranges for your children's books, gaming, music, and movie consumption. I'm a librarian and point parents there often. It's not perfect, but it does go into detail about the materials and gives age ranges recommended.
Elena Marie I would say a mature 13+ YA story as there are some sexual references, and glorification of lying.
Sarina read the book going into 4th grade, no problem whatsoever. a very good book though. I would very reccomend it
Anne to add to the confusion:
ive picked it up from the library standing in the (adult) crime fiction.
when i went to another library to get the second book of the series i first couldnt find it - until i noticed that i looked in the wrong place. here, it is part of the children's libaray and stands in the crime secion for 13+ year olds.
so even berlin libraries cant decide ;-)
Teri-K GR doesn't publish age ranges for books, though sometimes the descriptions will include them. But if you click on the book's page and then look at the "Genres" list on the right side of the page you will see if people who read it tagged it as YA or Kids, etc. It's not perfect but can help.
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