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Is this book appropriate for a 15 year old?

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Gballard I think it's fine for a 15 year old who is mature enough to process rape, extreme violence and understands that there are monsters in society. There are a couple of main characters who almost seem mentally ill in their violent actions - these characters have been formed by their society. So, if your 15 year old gets that violence is really not something to admire, if your 15 year old can understand that the hero of the book, Darrow, isn't into being "primus" as he is as bringing all people to justice and for all to live in a just world... if your 15 year old can get that - then yes. It really bothered me that society - truly our real life Panem - took the serious theme of Hunger Games and did things like create "the Hunger Games workout." We don't want to be like Panem. Our kids need to understand the underlying truths, fiction or no.
boekverslaafde depends on how strict you are against violence, i would think.. there is no descriptive sex scenes, but there is descriptive violence...
Michelle It always depends the 15 year old. I have placed this book in my mature 11 yr olds hands and there is no issue.
Wendy Bloink Yes and no depending on if you want to let your child read graphic content. If you go by movie ratings I would say it's not r but close. I reccomended you read it first than decide. I personally love thus series but I am old
Terri Extreme violence. An adult ought to read it at the same time in order to discuss the important themes in the book.
I think other books might cover these themes with less violence.
Doreen Um, for those who say there aren't any sex scenes, there are several references to/incidences of rape. True, they aren't described in any detail (at least not up to the point where I am in the book, which I haven't finished yet), but it happens and is discussed.
Arjan de Vries Yeah, 15 is okay. Even a 12 year old should be able to handle it. Book 2 is a bit more gruesome in some parts though. But I think 15 is really old enough to read most books, so he/she could handle book 2 as well.

Jillian Kern In my opinion not at all. The violence was really, really extreme. At a few points it left me feeling a little bit uncomfortable or even queasy, and that's as a 21 year old with a lot of exposure to violent fiction. Not only are multiple people killed--and quite graphically--but 'just for fun' there are a few references to dogs being 'pummeled in the balls', horses being delimbed mid-battle... The list goes on. I'll just leave it at "there was so much extraordinarily graphic violence I can't even remember every occurence."

PS - I would so be willing to expose a 15 year old (who is over the age of consent!) to depictions of sex over depictions of gore and murder.
Jacques Yes the book is aimed at the YA market, it is violent and so far quite emotional but no more than the Hunger Games is violent. So far it is a very good book.
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