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anyone else loved Leah and hated Caleb and Olivia?she is the wonderful mind fuck not Olivia. she is so much more complex and beautifully tragic. i am so frustrated with how Tarryn treated her towards the end of the novel and in the last novel . This character deserved better than that she was the hot nerd who laughed at the popular girls but had such a sad lifel!!!!!!

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Dianna I just finished reading this book last night. I was scared to read it thinking I would like her more than Olivia but I didn't. In my opinion they are all liars and deceitful for their own convenience but Leah was still the worst to me. I did enjoy getting to know her back story but her past still doesn't justify the things she did. Caleb was a liar but not as much as Olivia and Leah, well from these books anyway. I will definitely find out if he was more of a liar when I read Thief this weekend. I can't wait to be in the mind of Caleb. These books are sooooo good. I definitely would recommend.
Lindsay Nixon By the end of this book I definitely liked her a lot more--I'm 50% into the third book and do not have warm feelings for Olivia/Caleb #overthem
Junie Abe I hated Caleb the whole time. I still loved Olivia, though. :)
Anna Wayland Me too! Actually, I didn't hate Olivia (hated Caleb a little bit for being a liar and pretending he was a perfect Boy Scout), but I still think Leah was more complex and interesting than any of the three characters. I'm going to start Thief today so I don't know if I'll hate her again, but probably won't. I just feel like life kept bringing her down, even though she tried to get back up. I hated the "some people never change, I guess i'm one of them" part of the book and I'm angry that Tarryn did that, but to be honest I think it was the right thing to do. It felt real and only made me love Leah even more.
M’s books There was definitely a point in the story where I thought, "If this book was only about Leah and Caleb, and we didn't have Olivia first, then I would definitely root for Leah," but I just can't get over her trying to break them up. I mean, realistically, if she didn't blackmail Olivia and force her to leave, Caleb would've left Leah and they never would have gotten married. So, she could have spared herself all the heartbreak and pain. But she didn't, she chose to be with him even when she knew she was a second choice. She hurt him in a bad way just so that he could stay "hers". She knew that Olivia was the love of his life, and even if she loved him just as much, she still should have let him go. This proved that her love was selfish and self-centered. Because if you truly love someone, you will not make the decision that benefits you. You will take the path that ensures their happiness instead. This is what Olivia did at the end of The Opportunist when she decided to leave Caleb alone and go with Noah.
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