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Dear Opportunist,

You thought you could take him from me, but you lost. Now, that he's mine I'll do anything to keep him. Do you doubt me? I have everything that was supposed to be yours. In case you were wondering; he doesn't ever think about you anymore. I won't let him go....ever.

Dirty Red

Leah Smith finally has everything she has ever wanted. Except she doesn't. Her marriage feels more like a loan than a lifelong commitment, and the image she has worked so hard to build is fraying before her eyes. With a new role and a past full of secrets, Leah must decide how far she is willing to go to keep what she has stolen.

265 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 21, 2012

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About the author

Tarryn Fisher

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I would like to write a novel that every, single person loves, but not even J.K. Rowling could do that. Instead, I try to write stories that pull on people's emotions. I believe that sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force. I love villains. Three of my favorites are Mother Gothel, Gaston and the Evil Queen who all suffered from a pretty wicked case of vanity (like me). I like to make these personality types the center of my stories.
I love rain, Coke, Starbucks and sarcasm. I hate bad adjectives and the word "smolder". If you read my book-I love you. If you hate my book-I still love you, but please don't be mean to me; I'm half badass, half cry baby.

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February 17, 2013


This is how it feels like to be inside the mind of a child-hating, friends-judging, men-stealing manipulative woman with no boundaries whatsoever to get exactly what she wants when she wants it.

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about starting this book. The Opportunist was easily one of the best books I've read this year (or any other year for that matter) and it made me become a huge fan of Tarryn Fisher as an author. So, why would I have second thoughts about starting the sequel to one of my all time favorite books you might ask? Well, because this time the sequel was written in the point of view of a characters I truly despise...

Warning: this review contains spoilers for those who haven't read the first part of the series...

Meet Leah Smith--

"My name is Leah and I will do anything to keep my husband."

While the first part of the Love Me With Lies - series was the story of Olivia, the Opportunist, Dirty Red is the story of Leah (aka Red). She's a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister and she pretty much sucks at being either of those. What she cares more than anything about is to keep hur husband, Caleb, for herself and for that she is willing to do anything.

"I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself."

It wasn't always easy to try and understand why Leah did things the way she did, but because of the way the author described it, I was able to put my feelings aside and after a while I became captivated by the story despite my original hatred towards the main character.

The story also introduces a new character, Sam, the "manny". His honesty and straightforwardness were really refreshing and I liked that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind to Leah.

"Shit, I forgot," he says. "It's hard to remember that a cold shrew like you is actually a mother."

What's better is that Leah actually seemed to accept the fact that he was so honest. They scenes between them were some of my favorites and it was interesting to watch how their "friendship" evolved.

The story alternated between the present and the past and most of Leah's inner monologues consisted of her recalling all the events that happened in The Opportunist. Some of the her inner monologues really showed her selfish and immature side that made me think...

Seriously, grow up!!! I will not go into detail, but some of the things she did as a new mom were truly awful .

This book also taught me that Caleb isn't at all as perfect as he always seemed to be. He isn't the poor victim. He knew what he was doing all along and he took advantage of both Leah and Olivia's unconditional love, especially of Leah's, to get what he wanted. It made me finally see him as the strategist he really is. What I did like about him, was that finally began seeing Leah for what she really is and that he stood up for his daughter the way he did.

"You said you would never hurt me." His eyes are frigid. "That was before you fucked with my daughter."

What disappointed me a little while reading Dirty Red was that Olivia barely made an appearance in it. She was only in a small amount of scenes. But then off course whenever she did make an appearance, she always reminded me again of how much I loved her character by putting Leah in her place with some effective or snarky comment...

~ "I thought you loved your husband."
~ "I love yours too."

As Olivia's best friend Cammie (who was even more in the book than Olivia herself(!) but who's character I absolutely LOVED) pointed out so eloquently while she was talking about Caleb and Olivia...

"They spark. When they're together, it's like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room - you can feel the tension. I didn't believe in the cliché of soul mates until I saw them together.
It's only a matter of time before the Caleb/Olivia saga starts up again..."

Hopefully their saga will continue in the next book Thief! I have to admit, all I want is for them to finally be together without either of them playing games or making up lies to get what they want. but still, when both her and Caleb finally come clean and drop all their boundaries I think they would have a real shot at being happy. That is off course, as long as Leah doesn't come between them again...

By the end of the story I was somehow starting to feel sorry for Leah, after all she did give up everything she had to try and keep a man to who she knew she would always be a second choice. And I was actually starting to not hate her anymore. But then, off course, she had to go ahead and drop another bomb, that made me go...

"Some people never change, I guess I'm one of them." ~ Leah

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the second part of this enticing series. It provided us with some very interesting insights on how Caleb and Leah's relationship developed but other than that the book didn't teach us a lot of new things, it was mostly about Leah's feelings. I think the author really deserves credit for deciding to write a book based on such an easy-to-hate character and then still making readers able to love reading it so much! Although, after this book, I feel like I've been inside Leah's mind more than enough and now I can't wait for Caleb's POV in the third part of the series, Thief!!!

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December 23, 2012
Now that I've been thoroughly mind f--ked, I need a cigarette...

I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret. Ready?...I was 100% prepared not to like Dirty Red. I was really hoping that I would, but who really gives a damn about Leah? I sure as hell don't. Since when does the resident bitch get her own book?

I wanted to stomp my foot like a petulant child, throw something that would make a nice shatter noise and yell..."Why do I have to read a book about f--king Leah?" (except I'm a child so I probably wouldn't use the "f" word) I knew I'd feel like a dog in heat humping the leg of Dirty Red. Begging the entire time for a few Caleb and Olivia scraps; hoping Tarryn would just throw me something...anything. Why Leah!?

Despite my not so slight reservations I decided to give the author a chance to prove me wrong. If anyone could manipulate me to enjoy something I hate...it's Tarryn Fisher. If anyone could get inside my head and change my very emotions to work with the story instead of against it...it's Tarryn Fisher. If anyone could gift me something I didn't even know I wanted...it's Tarryn Fisher. This is what I wanted. I just didn't know it yet.

Where The Opportunist was more about angst and emotional bipolarism, Dirty Red was about manipulation and it felt amazing. I read this book straight through without stopping, without for one second being detached, uninterested, or without feeling. I was fully...fully invested in a story about someone I cared nothing about. Manipulation!!

One of my favorite things about Tarryn Fisher is the vagueness of her writing. We don't get every conversation or tiresome detail. She gives just enough for the development of an emotionally charged and controversial plot, but at the same time allows the reader to develop their own details, draw their own conclusions. We are given the freedom, in our minds, to create our own version of Dirty Red

I didn't expect...I didn't expect that. I didn't expect to find so much humor in Dirty Red. I didn't expect to fall so much more in love with Caleb. I didn't expect to find answers to so many questions only to create new ones. I didn't expect to love this book so damn much.

Tarryn Fisher once again proves that a book isn't about loving it or hating it. It's about the emotional journey the book has the potential to take you on. The potential it has to make you feel.

It's about the experience, an experience that will change the way you look at everything! I can't wait for the sequel!! READ ON!!!
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February 24, 2016
Love, love, love this series!

After getting Olivia's side of the story in 'The Opportunist', it was a change of pace to follow it with Leah's side of the story. I absolutely hated Leah in the first book, even if I sympathized with her situation. So, I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to enjoy the story from her perspective.

Oddly enough, I did enjoy it immensely, but I'm having a hard time explaining why I did. This is perhaps the first time that I've read a story where I despised the main character from start to finish. Not only did Leah fail to redeem herself, but she became even more despicable as the book progressed. This was truly one wicked woman! I rooted against her the entire time. Yet, I loved every minute of this screwed up story. How bizarre is that?

In some ways, I did come to see Leah as a flawed human. I felt bad for her for having such a terrible upbringing. I also pitied her for her undying devotion to Caleb. It was just sad to see the lengths she was willing to go to for a man that was clearly in love with another woman.

However, every time I began to feel too much for Leah, another one of her conniving actions would be revealed. I could not believe some of the manipulative stunts that she pulled. Olivia has nothing on this lady in the crazy department.

Nonetheless, I couldn't pull myself away from this story. I loved every sordid detail. This twisted love triangle has become my new obsession. On to book 3!

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July 26, 2013

HOLY HELL. What an absolutely BRILLIANT book. 5+ stars!!


This is a book about a villain . I was morbidly curious about it and yet very apprehensive. I couldn't imagine enjoying a book that was told entirely from the perspective of a selfish, manipulative liar. I was sure I would hate it and, in truth I don't think I have ever hated a character as much as I did Leah but I absolutely loved the book and that is a true testament to the strength and pure genius of Tarryn Fisher's writing.

That being said, Leah was just a a vile, venomous snake. She was the master of power play and manipulation and this book delves right into the twisted mind of a selfish, self-absorbed, cold-hearted, conniving, jealousy-plagued woman willing to go to any lengths to keep her prize. Any. Lengths.

"I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself. He is mine right now, but I am never enough for him. I can feel it - see it in the way he looks at me. His eyes are always probing, searching for something. I don't know what he's looking for. I wish I did…

I am who I am.

My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband."

"I want what Olivia has. I want to be enough for him... I'll never leave him. If I leave him, she wins."

The first line of this book gutted me. Totally gutted me. H.o.l.y.   H.e.l.l.

I was in shock - absolute shock - and after reading the first two pages, I'd decided without a shadow of a doubt that I would hate Leah forever for that. It was as though she'd been born without a moral compass.

"I picture myself hogtying Olivia and dumping her in the Everglades for the gators to deal with. Of course I would never do that - I would hire someone to do it for me."

I'm not going to say anything about the plot because honestly, anything I say will be a spoiler for book #1 and I don't to ruin the experience for anyone because reading this series truly is an journey worth taking.

Suffice it to say that this is Leah's story and is told entirely from her POV. It is a direct continuation timeline-wise from where book #1 left off but has many flashbacks scattered throughout that help fill in blanks from the past and further tie the pieces of this brilliantly tangled mess of a story together.

Because of the way the story gets you right into her mind though, I could see that at her core she was really just a very damaged, insecure woman woman. But then again, everyone has damage of some kind and there is a point where being damaged can no longer suffice as an excuse. Her insecurities took her into the land of psycho. I could understand where she was coming from because her backstory gave us insight into why she was insecure and I mean her husband was in love with another woman and she knew it from the first time they'd met so her feelings were understandable to a certain extent but her actions were not. It went too far. Especially the way she handled the new development in this story line (spoiler which I can't talk about) - honest to goodness, that just made me sick to my stomach.

The writing is just pure brilliance! The descriptions, the details, the emotions, the dialogue, the subtext, the layers upon layers upon layers were woven together in such a way that despite how much I hated Leah, I enjoyed every word of this book.

This was the first time I'd read a book about a character like her and admittedly, it was fascinating to see her thoughts, learn what spurned all of her hateful actions, watch her twist reality over and over again to continually paint herself as the victim.

“No! I think. I am not the poisonous snake. Olivia is. Everything that I’ve had to do is her fault. I am innocent.”

I read the entire book with this angsty, almost queesy feeling in my heart. I was lightheaded. At times I felt like I wanted to throw up. It was worse than anything I'd felt in book one.

It was like watching your favorite puppy walk right into a nest of vipers.

There were moments in the book where I wanted to be able to feel bad for her. But then she'd do something just so horrid that it would wash away my pity and replace it with seething hatred. I waffled back and forth between hatred and pity but mostly ended up sitting on the hatred side of the fence.

Maybe if she hadn't so thoroughly fucked up the lives of the characters I cared about, I might have been able to  but... I just HATED her. She disgusted me. She was a pathetic wretch of a person who was just too selfish and manipulative for me to ever be able to truly pity.

We don't see much of Olivia in this book but her brief appearances are just epic and every hint of an appearance or reference to her gave me heart palpitations.  There is one scene though in particular where I have almost two solid pages of text highlighted because of how absolutely phenomenal it was.

I'm really looking forward to reading Caleb's POV next because I want to see what on earth he was thinking with Leah. How could he not see how soulless she was? There are so questions to which I desperately need answers.

A relationship like the once Caleb and Leah had simply wasn't built to last. When the entire framework is build on a foundation of broken hearts and lies, it's inevitable that it will all come crumbling down... it was just a matter of when.

Caleb and Olivia were and always had been meant for each other. They knew it. I knew it. Leah even knew it.... it was just a question of the right people figuring that out and hoping that once they did, it wouldn't be too late to salvage this once in a lifetime love.

"They spark… when they're together, it's like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room - you can feel the tension. I didn't believe in the cliche of soul mates until I saw them together."

It is so rare for me to love a book  with a love triangle in it. But the reason I loved this one as much as I did was the same reason I loved Thoughtless : I never, for one single moment, doubted Caleb and Olivia's love for each other. There was no 'question' as to who should end up with who.

“I didn’t choose her,” his voice breaks. “Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

There were some seriously EPIC lines in this book. Epic. Epic. Epic .!!!!! The ending just built and built and the layer of the story wove themselves into place. More lies were uncovered and finally many truths came out into the light and we were left with a revelation that left me dumfounded with my jaw on the floor. Utterly in shock!!

Tarryn Fisher is masterfully gifted with words. Without a doubt, this is one of the best written series I've read. From the first word to the last, I felt fully connected to every single word of this story.

I'm going straight on to the final book. This series has taken over my life and my heart. I can't function until I see how it all ends.

If you haven't yet taken the plunge and started these, do it now!!!!!! They are an absolutely unforgettable roller coaster. I can't recommend them highly enough!!!

5+ stars!!

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July 22, 2013
3.5 close to 4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Adult Fiction
Warning: Do not read if you have not read book one in this series.

'One thing to know about me: I dig. If I can’t find it — I dig deeper, harder. I dig until I find it. The only thing I couldn’t dig into was my own mind. I didn’t want to see it.'
~ Inner monologue of Leah


My first clear thought is that I want to make him pay. I flash to an irrational thought, where I picture myself hogtying Olivia and dumping her in the Everglades for the gators to deal with. Of course I would never do that — I would hire someone to do it for me.
I file through all of the other emotional bombs I can drop on him. I have told so many lies that I have an entire buffet of shadiness to choose from. I pluck out the worst one and rub my chin on my shoulder. This one will hurt him, probably deeper than anything that I could do or say about Olivia. Ready … set …
~ Inner monologue of Leah



Cannot even get my words out...

This book was filled with lies, lies, secrets and more lies all for the sake of love...

Everything I thought about Leah going in to this book was proven wrong. In book one I enjoyed her villainous ways. However in this book I found it obsessive and obnoxious. Originally I thought I would feel some sort of pity. I thought I would start to connect with her emotionally... But no. None of that happened. Instead I hate Leah with a passion. Her heart is colder then f#cking Antarctica. And that is putting it mildly. I think the frozen tundra is more her temperature. *snaps fingers* Yes, that's it. The frozen tundra describes her best. Cold. Lonely. Void of humanity.


He has power over me.' ~Leah

So much it's ridiculous
I hold nothing but hate and contempt for Leah. If I'm being honest I could consider it more of a love hate thing... I do love a good villain. But, that girl is poison. I swear that is the best way to describe her evil manipulative lying ass. She is obsessed with Caleb and on top of that she is obsessed with his obsession of Olivia.
Yeah, I know, the b!tch is C R A Z Y.


In Dirty Red Leah follows through on her plans at the end of The Opportunist. She get's pregnant and has a baby girl named Estella Yup a girl, much to her dismay of course. Why? Because Leah is so full of herself and extremely insecure that she does not want Caleb to share his love with any other female. Leah is detached from her daughter she has no feelings what so ever for Estella. And Caleb does not take it lightly.

When Leah screws up and makes a HUGE mistake regarding Estella. Caleb decides to hire a nanny. Sam the "manny"(man-nanny) is not one to mince words. He easily takes notice to Leah's failing marriage. When Caleb is pushed to far he tells Leah they need time apart. And when she asks Sam for his advice he gives it to her straight.

“How do I get him to come home?”

“Get a new personality and learn to shut the fuck up.”

LOL!! Needless to say Sam provided good laughs I enjoyed him he definitely added flavor.

In the midst of all the marital woes we get flashbacks that provide some insight on Leah.
- How she was raised
- Her relationship with her parents
- Her interaction with other kids growing up
- How she copes with rejection
All the new information does is help confirm her status as the ice queen of the frozen tundra. Even as a kid Leah would revel in other kids misery caused by her. It was sickening. Pure and simple there is no other way to describe it.

Fave Lines

“What is Dirty Red doing here?” ~Cammie

“What else are you not telling me?”
“Probably the same amount of stuff you’re not telling me.”

~Leah and Caleb

“You don’t own me,” I say casually, but my hand is shaking as I lift my lighter. It is such a lie. Caleb has owned every one of my thoughts and actions for the last five years. ~Leah

"I thought you loved your husband.” She blows air through her nose. The action reminds me of an agitated horse. Her eyes rove from my shoes and land in disgust on my face.
“I love yours too.” ~Leah and Olivia

Fave lines unsaid

'I am so jealous of his hurt that I throw my head back and open my mouth to scream in rage. He won’t hear me. No matter how loudly I scream his name, he will not hear me. He only hears her.'

'My voice lacks conviction. I used to be such an accomplished liar.'


My Thoughts
I must say Tarryn Fisher definitely has a way with words. They rip you and don't let go. I am conflicted on how to rate it. I decided it was more of a three star book because unlike it's predecessor I was able to predict the outcome of six different plot twist. I also did not get enough Olivia I missed her and found myself craving more of her. Then there is the whole Seth thing. His character came out of nowhere. I mean.. yes, I knew Caleb was not an only child but Seth's character was out of left field. I think I would have took to him better if he was introduced to us in book 1.

Dear readers,
I gave this book 3.5 stars because I simply knew what was coming next with various plot-lines. I think I would have ranked it higher if we got more Olivia. I was dying to know her pov and to see her interact more with both Noah and Caleb. On Goodreads rating system I allow the full four stars; because Tarry Fisher can take words and make you feel them in the full measure of which a characters says or thinks them. I find that very important when reading a book. And while I did not hold empathy for Leah I was still submersed in her world wanting to know how it would all play out.

My Ratings
Characters- love some hate some
Writing Style- Good, Tarryn Fisher has a way with words
Plot/Storyline- A little predictable
Steam Factor- Low
Overall- I liked it! I just desired more Olivia.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

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297 reviews
January 7, 2013
7th January 2013:

Firstly I have to say I LOVE YOU TARRYN FISHER Amazing, just simply amazing. The twists, the turns, the bitchiness, the crazyness AAARRGGHHHH I loved every minute of it!!!

The Opportunist left us on a cliffhanger and Dirty Red filled us in on all the gaps of what we wanted to know.
I have to say (and dont all kill me now) but i felt sorry for Leah, she really had a hard time growing up. In Dirty Red you get to understand Leah a little more because the book is from her point of view.

I knew he never loved me like he loved her, but I wanted him anyway. I knew his love for me was conditional, but I wanted him anyway. I knew I was second choice, but I wanted him anyway

In The Opportunist, i hated Leah with a passion and i mean PASSION. But in Dirty Red, i got to understand her a lot more. Up until the end, then all my softness towards her changed into me thinking, she is a bitch, a real stupid bitch!! Aarrghh

At the end at 2am i was left like this:

September 26th 2012:
Sheeet i need this now!!!!

While googling EVERYTHING Tarryn Fisher (yes i'm a little obsessed), i came across this at: www.thepressedpenny.com

Dirty Red Exclusive!
by Nena » Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:54 am

Tarryn Fisher promised a Dirty Red spoiler to all those that have reviewed The Opportunist at amazon and she kindly offered the exclusive to The Pressed Penny as well as we are getting ready to launch the site this week. If you haven't had a chance to leave her a review make sure you do so, here is a link to the amazon page.

Also make sure to register to the forums so you can participate and take advantage of this and other exclusives in the future!


Dirty Red

She looks the same. Raven hair hanging wildly to her waist. She is shorter than I am, but not by much. She is wearing teal, linen pants and a cream sheath shirt that hangs casually off one defined shoulder. I eye her gold hoop earrings which are big enough to fit my entire hand through. They make her look exotic and slightly dangerous. She has always made me feel plain.

Her eyes rove over the handful of occupants in the diner, searching for a face she recognizes; an old man, a couple who share the same side of a booth, two servers folding silverware into napkins…me.

I see the shock overcome her features; the parting of her lips, the slight spreading of white around her irises. Suddenly, she stiffens. Her eyes chase to the four corners of the room, and I know she is looking for him. I shake my head to tell her he’s not here. I take a sip of my coffee and I wait.

She moves with purpose toward my table, when she reaches where I am sitting, she doesn’t sit but stares at me expectantly.

“An old client?” She says dryly.

“Well, I am aren’t I?” I motion for her to sit. I’d sent an anonymous message to her office, claiming I was an old client and telling her I was in legal trouble. I’d asked her to meet me at a diner named Tiffany’s. I had no idea if she’d come or not, but it was better than showing up at her office.

She slides cautiously into the seat across from me, never taking her eyes from my face.

“Well, what the fuck do you want?”

I flinch. Louboutins or not, she’s still the same crass piece of white trash she used to be.

“I thought maybe you could look over this document for me.” I reach into my purse and pull out the papers I’d stolen from Caleb’s filing cabinet. Placing them on the table, I slide them toward her.
“What is this?” she asks. She eyes me distastefully, and I want to reach across the table and hack off her hair with my butter knife. How dare she look at me that way? She has single handedly ruined my life. I’d have everything if it weren’t for her devious, overreaching hands.
I’d probably also be in prison. I push that thought away. Now is not the time for gratitude. Now is the time for answers. I poke the document in front of her.

“Take a look. See for yourself.”

Without moving her head, she looks at the papers then back to me. It's a smooth, hard, impressive piece of intimidation. The art of her body language is something to be admired.

“Why would I want to do that?” she says.

She's making me feel chilled. I get a flashback of being on the witness stand and my heartrate spikes. I practice to see if I can do it too.

“It’s Caleb’s,” I say, only moving my lips.

I don’t know whether it’s the mention of his name or if my imitation of her body language is working, but she tenses.

A server approaches our table. Olivia reaches for papers.

“Get her a coffee, two creamers.” I say waving him away. He hurries off. Olivia, who is reading, briefly glances up at me. I spent almost every day with her for nine months. I know what she likes.

I sip my coffee as she reads, watching her face.

Her coffee arrives. Without looking up she pulls the lids from the creamers and dumps them into her cup.

She lifts the mug to her lips, but halfway there her hand freezes. Coffee spills onto the table as she slams the mug down. She stands up.

“Where did you get that?”

She is backing away from the table, shaking her head. “Why is my name on there?”

I run my tongue across my teeth. “I was hoping you could tell me that?”

She bolts for the door. I stand up, tossing a twenty on the table and go after her.

I follow her into the parking lot and corner her by the newspaper stand. “You are not getting out of explaining why your name is on this deed along with my husbands!”

Her face is washed of color. She shakes her head. “I don’t know, Leah. He never—I don’t know.”

She covers her face with her palms, and I hear her sob. That only makes me angrier. I take a threatening step toward her.

“You’re sleeping with him aren’t you?”

She pulls her hands away and glares at me.

“No. I love my husband.” She is clearly insulted that I would even accuse her of such a thing.
“I love mine!” My voice cracks. “-So, why does he love you?”
She looks at me with true loathing.

“He doesn’t,” she says simply. “He chose you.” It pains her to give me those words. I can see the bleeding emotions spilling from her skin.

I hold up the deed and shake it. “He bought you a house.”

She snatches the deed from me and points to a date. “Did you miss this little detail? —Long before you, Leah.” She shoves it back at me. “But, you know that. So, why did you really trick me into coming here?”

I swallow— a nervous reaction. She sees it and smiles cruelly.

“I should have let them throw you in prison.”

She turns away, reaching for her car door. Her statement infuriates me. I dig my fingernails into my palms and breathe through my nose.

“So you could have him?” I blurt. My blood pounds in my ears. I ask myself that question all the time. Why did she agree to defend me? Why did she win the case?

She freezes, looks at me over her shoulder.


I didn’t expect the truth. “I thought you loved your husband.”

She blows air through her nose. “I love yours too.”

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2,417 reviews14k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo FisherDirtyRed2TitlebySueBee_zpsa5b9c240.jpg
★★★★ 1/2! Love Me With Lies, book 2 of 3! Leah, the villain plaguing the series gets her story!

“I didn’t choose her,” his voice breaks. “Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

Dirty Red, book 2 in the Love Me With Lies Trilogy is written from the villain’s POV. What a brilliant idea, yet the cause of so much angst!

This series is really Caleb Drake’s and Olivia Kaspen’s whirlwind saga spanning over a decade filled with love, joy, angst, anger, frustration, but mostly a profound sadness for all the could-have-beens. Their love, in all its dysfunction and deception, is so great it blurs the line between right and wrong, overcomes trial and tribulation with hopes of transcending time!

Books in Love Me With Lies series should be read in order and together:
The Opportunist (book 1)
Dirty Red (book 2)
Thief (book 3)

We first met (Johanna) Leah Smith in The Opportunist (book 1). She played a significant part in that book and will continue to do so throughout the series. In Dirty Red (book 2) we get to Leah’s story as it follows her from childhood to present time. It covers her complicated relationship with Caleb and her dealings with Olivia. It’s a glimpse into her mind and yes there are some mitigating circumstances along with some incriminating.

 photo FisherLovemewithlies1-3HeroinebySueBee_zps51a1c7ec.jpg

There is very little of Olivia Kaspen in this story.

 photo FisherLovemewithlies1-3HerobySueBee_zpsfb630566.jpg

Caleb Drake continues to be an enigma. Five words to describe Caleb: Captivating, enigmatic, unforgettable, conflicted and enduring.

It was painful for me to read about the love Caleb had for Leah. Though I realize it’s a reality in my book world I prefer to focus one-love-a-lifetime. The innocent Estella grabbed me and wrapped herself around my heart, but her existence was also complicating matters. I say it’s time for Caleb’s POV in book 3, Thief.

Ms. Fisher’s writing is exquisite and the series plot is unusual, fresh and superbly executed. Yet it is difficult for me to rate this book. On one hand it is a critical part in a 5-star series, but on the other hand we are following the villain, the person standing in between Caleb and Olivia. Here is my breakdown:

Hero rating: 5 stars
Leah as MC: 5 stars
Leah as Heroine: 1 stars
Storyline concept rating: 4 stars
Storyline execution rating: 5 stars
Storytelling skills rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 4.5 stars
Overall rating: 4.5 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

 photo QC8H4_zpsd876118d.gif
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November 10, 2015
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

Yep, I one-starred this sucker. Here’s what I need all you fangirls to do while I explain . . .

I really dug The Opportunist and made the rare exception of placing Book #2 on my TBR because the storyline peaked my curiosity. I admittedly HATE books in a series and rarely read past the first. The reason? Because there is always SO. MUCH. FILLER. There’s hardly ever enough material to produce three (or more) books – especially in the romance/NA/erotica/whateveryouwanttocallthem genres. Buuuuuuuuut, when a book fairy gifts you a book in order for you to take the hit so she doesn’t have to, there’s kinda no choice but to read Book #2. Guess what I found out while reading it????

Palm Springs commercial photography

The Opportunist worked for me because #1 it was different (even with the tired trope of accident induced amnesia), #2 Olivia was an unlikable character, but you weren’t supposed to like her (at best she would end up as the lesser of two evils), and #3 Tarryn Fisher is bad at romance in the best way possible. I too am bad at romance, and that is why I want to spend hours braiding her raven locks love reading Ms. Fisher's stories. Sadly, Dirty Red was the book of filler and/or throw everything at the wall and see what might stick. There was the re-hashing of The Opportunist’s story, there were “twists” (*insert eyeroll*), there was the “character development” (I use that term in the loosest manner possible) of Big Red herself . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

However, this book wasn’t necessary at all. Big Red was soooooo one dimensional that it became pretty clear even the author wasn’t that interested in her story. And Caleb? Nothing like getting to know someone deeper than surface level only to discover you want to smack that bitch . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

All that being said, I’m still gonna read #3. (Zero shame, that is my name.) Because Tarryn Fisher has me caught up like a fish on a damn hook and I just have to find out where all this ends up . . .

“Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

And speaking of fish – looky looky . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Introducing my newest reading buddy Billy Bass, a/k/a the only guy in my house that might be able to drink me under the table.

Many thanks to my fellow connoisseur of fine brews JaHy for this book hookup. Your selection ended up being the perfect excuse for imbibing half a dozen a couple of grown-up root beers.
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December 23, 2012
3-4 Ginger Stars~

THIS JUST IN...Leah Drake is found guilty of not only being a liar, a manipulator and a first class bitch, but also of being an unfit mother to poor defenseless baby Estella, so sad!


***The Reason for 3 - 4 Stars
I found myself for the majority of the book looking forward to her next interaction with Olivia, Caleb, Seth or Sam. I felt that on her own Leah wasn't enough and Olivia and Caleb were barely in the book.***

Dirty Red is told through the point of view of Leah Drake and shares both past and present story lines. We learn a lot about Leah’s childhood/adolescence as well as her family dynamics. We also follow her from the moment she meets Caleb to the present.

"I wondered what stupid bitch let him go. Whoever she was, I would wipe her from his memory in no time at all. Why? Because I was the best of the best: the Godiva, the Maserati, the perfect colorless diamond. I could improve anyone's life -- especially this man's."

As readers, we are privileged to the inner thoughts of Leah and I can tell you she really is a malicious, self-centered, manipulative, obsessive and mean redhead.

Leah gives birth to a beautiful daughter named Estella. She feels nothing for her daughter except jealousy for Caleb’s affections. When I tell you that Leah maybe of the world’s worst moms I’m not joking. Some of things she does and feels just breaks my heart.

We meet some new characters one of which I REALLY liked – Sam, the Manny!! He handles Leah perfectly throughout the story. I would love for him to be in future books.

Sometimes no matter how much you plot and plan to hold onto what you want. If it wasn’t yours to begin with you have to face the truth.

"I thought you loved your husband."
She blows air through her nose. The action reminds of an agitated horse. Her eyes rove from my shoes and land in disgust on my face.
"I love yours too."

In a way, Dirty Red could also be called “clearing the air”. Most past deceptions on Leah and Caleb’s parts comes to light by the end of the story.

"I didn't choose her," his voice breaks. "Love is illogical. You fall into it like manhole. Then you're just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love." ~ Caleb

Most readers will want to know if the book ends with a HEA and/or is it a cliffhanger?

The last line of the story pretty much sums up Leah:

”Some people never change. I guess I’m one of them.” ~ Leah Drake

So I guess it ain’t over till it’s over!!
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December 23, 2012
If you read The Opportunist, you probably hate Leah as much as I do. I didn’t want to read this book.

I hate Leah!! I don't want to be in her mind, or hear how she feels, or go through what she goes through...I just want her to hurt badly and for the ending I WANTED (Yes I am selfish) to happen!!

But it is like an addiction…I had to read it. I don’t know how I feel about it because, I don’t care about Leah’s feelings or her past. I think that is Tarryn’s talent…she puts you there, she makes you love Caleb, hate Leah, wish for Olivia…

You do learn about Leah’s past…her perspective…what she has done.

I hated the beginning because I kept thinking…, Great, Caleb will never leave her now!!

But he will never stop loving Olivia…

“You never quite stop loving someone when you’re in that deep”

Everyone knows it…

“I didn’t believe in the cliché of soul mates until I saw them together”

“It’s only a matter of time before the Caleb/Olivia saga starts up again.”

Even Leah knows it…

“I knew he never loved me like he loved her, but I wanted him anyway. I knew his love for me was conditional, but I wanted him anyway. I knew I was second choice, but I wanted him anyway. But, this was too much.”

Yet, everyone still keeps going through the paces. Leah does everything she can think of to keep him, Caleb is torn…and who knows what is going on with Olivia.

The ending gives me hope…I admit my jaw dropped but I have hope!!








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June 7, 2020

There is a fucking thin line between obsession and love, and let me break it to you Leah.. Bitch you crossed that line by miles.

ITS IN FUCKING FRONT OF YOUR EYES THAT HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU, never has, never will the way he loves her.

I find it amusing how I HATE characters from novels I read with every fiber from my being without them even fucking being real or anything.
How jealous and insecure can a person be?? Her level of insecurity and jealousy and obsession ins't even normal, its like crazy x10

I was about a ten on the poison scale. If he needed venom, I could inject it directly into his neck.

Leah needs pills, she's like a proper crazy woman!!!! Gosh, I hate her. Proper psychopath she is!! AGRH!!!

This book is filled with lies, secrets, backstabbing, obsession, insecurity, craziness, manipulation and plotting.

NEVER FUCKING BE ANYONE'S SECOND CHOICE. NEVER. I'd rather fucking die alone than be replaceable.
And thats what you are Leah. A second choice, trash and replaceable.

“I thought you loved your husband.” She blows air through her nose.
The action reminds me of an agitated horse. Her eyes rove from my shoes and land in disgust on my face. “I love yours too.”

Hated that there was only one scene with Olivia on this book!!! *pissed*
Can't wait for the third book, hope it comes ASAP!! and I am dying to know what was in that gift box! agrh

I don't know how to even rate this book, the 5stars are ONLY for the writing, and story.. nuin for Leah!
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June 5, 2015
WOAH. This book was way better than I expected it would be! I thought I'd hate it because I hated Leah and I "was not interested" in her POV, but no! It never bored me and I found it very addicting! I was able to sympathize with Leah and now I kinda like her, BUT I'll always ship Caleb with Olivia <3.

Can't wait to start the next book!
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May 27, 2015

Holy mother of God. What a freakin' rollercoaster. Dirty Red wasn't as emotionally tasking as The Opportunist. Probably because I will never be a fan of Leah's and I believe that she deserved everything that got handed to her. But Dirty Red is still an exceptional novel. There were questions answered and discoveries made, but it also left more questions to be answered. I understand Leah better now and I've come to the conclusion that she is PSYCHO and needs help. STAT.

Now to wait for the next book...

EDIT 10/5/2012

Just discovered an exclusive Miss Taryn Fisher offered on The Pressed Penny. Wanted to pass it on to all those who are eagerly waiting! =)

Dirty Red Exclusive

I just finished reading The Opportunist yesterday and was so incredibly heartbroken with how things turned out with Olivia and Caleb that I've been thinking about it ALL DAY and I have a theory!!!

I know a few mentioned about how disappointed they were with the lack of Noah and an explanation of how that happened. A lot were worried that Dirty Red would be The Opportunist in Leah's point of view but I've read the summary over and over again and I don't think so (I really hope so..). Leah mentions Caleb about never thinking about Olivia which at the end of The Opportunist was not true.

SO here it is. What if... Noah wasn't mentioned much because Olivia and Caleb might still have a future together because Leah and her manipulative ways get discovered by Caleb and he dumps her??? I desperately wanted, need Olivia and Caleb to have their happy ending so I may be speculating the heck out of it but this is easing my raging emotions so I'm going to stick with this.
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February 11, 2013
I was nervous picking up Dirty Red after reading The Opportunist, because frankly, I HATE LEAH!!! With the heat of a thousand suns, kind of hate. Maybe I’m being a little melodramatic, but this series brings out some pretty powerful feelings in me. Obsession is probably first and foremost. The fact that I LOVED Dirty Red as much if not more is a testament to the brilliant writing skills of Tarryn Fisher, because how else could I love a book that’s in the POV of a woman I detest?

I you haven’t read The Opportunist, you may want to stop reading now. It’ll spoil some things you learn in that story.

We pick up the story not long after Olivia has left Caleb in Rome after her heartfelt confession. Exactly how long, is something I’m trying to figure out. It will tell me something I desperately want to know! Anyways, Olivia is now married to Noah (I think) and Leah and Caleb are married and bringing their newborn home from the hospital. If you thought Leah was bad in The Opportunist, you will cringe and die reading her thoughts on motherhood and her baby! I’m a mother and I just can’t even fathom the thoughts!! Horrible, hateful woman! Caleb however, is beyond excited at the prospect of being a father. It’s something he’s always wanted. He refuses to let Leah get a full-time nanny, and she’s horrified by the thought of taking care of this “thing” on her own, while he works. Her devious plans on getting pregnant to get and keep Caleb are about to backfire on her SPECTACULARLY, and I was glued to my kindle seeing how this all played out!

Olivia is in the story, only peripherally and through Leah’s eyes, but she is a huge presence in Leah’s mind. Leah has always suspected that Caleb isn’t over Olivia, to the point that so many of her actions revolve around that. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Unfortunately for Leah, when you scheme and manipulate, more often than not this comes back to haunt you.

I will say that Leah does have a sad history, but I still couldn’t excuse her intentions and actions. I really felt no pity for her at all, because people have been treated worse and not turned out like her. She had a sister who loved her, even if she came in second with her parents. If she would’ve acted more like a genuine friend to others, she would’ve had more people who cared for her. Plus, if I really felt she actually loved Caleb instead of feeling like he was her rightfully won prize, I might have been able to excuse some of her actions. That was not the case, IMO.

Through Leah we see so much of Caleb. It gave me insight on his past with Olivia and how he feels about her now. I adore Caleb, but he was not without fault either. But Olivia and Caleb can’t stay away from each other, and it’s just a matter of time. As Cammie says:

“When they’re together, it’s like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room—you can feel the tension. I didn’t believe in the cliché of soul mates until I saw them together.”

“There is a possibility that you feel like you’re worth more than being Caleb’s marriage of pity, and if that’s true then you should jump ship now. It’s only a matter of time before the Caleb/Olivia saga starts up again.”

I can’t wait!

The last 10% of this story my jaw was on the floor with the revelations! And OH MY GOODNESS that last page, holy heck!!! Needless to say I’m on pins and needles until the third book, Thief (In Caleb’s POV!!) comes out! Caleb and Olivia have to end up together. I CAN’T imagine it any other way. At this point I’m not above camping out at Tarryn Fisher’s home to speed up the process. That’s a restraining order I’m willing to brave, lol! Just kidding. Well, sort of...

You can read this review and more at The Readers Den.
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August 25, 2015
So, let me say that by all means, just because I gave it 3 stars doesn't mean I didn't downright love this. But, and there's a big but here, I tend to give books I have a sort of hate/love 3 stars, it's just how I work. Now I can proceed to my review.

Well, by the book cover and title we can all assume that this is a sequel told from Leah's perspective, and yes I never liked the girl but getting into her mind was just as dirty as the book title says. That girl, has some serious problems. She's needy, she can't seem to realize when it's best to walk away, and she's destroying her life all by herself. That's a common trait she shares with Olivia.

What has made such a huge impression on me reading this series is how real it is. I mean, it shows all the real feelings that everyday people would have, but intensified or it may be that Fisher has simply made her characters really really straightforward.

The first book had the same hold on me as this one did. Which is why I loved it so much. It was un-puttable. And while I certainly didn't like Leah anymore after finishing this, I honestly don't think that was Fisher intention. I think she wanted us to show how some people never change, and no character in this book can change themselves no matter how hard they try.

Apart from love, there's abundant hate in this book, and mostly it's just a combination of the too. Leah sees Caleb as the prize she stole from Olivia, and that's not love, I know she thinks it is.. but no girl.

The end of the book paved the way for book three and I honestly couldn't be more excited about it because Caleb seems to be the most fucked up character of the three, considering he's only ever done relationships with super-crazy, manipulative cheeks. I want to see what drives him to do the things he does.

And by all means guys, read the hell out of this series. It's addictive and it'll keep you up all night reading.
July 23, 2018

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I'm usually pretty bad about reading sequels because I'm both easily distracted and a cheapskate, so sometimes years will go by before I'll say to myself, "You know, I really liked X book, maybe it's time I should read the sequel to X book..." but of course, I never do. Or at least, I usually don't. I read the prequel to this book, THE OPPORTUNIST, just a few days ago, and I've already finished DIRTY RED with my eye on THE THIEF. It's that addictive.

While reading, I kept wondering what this series reminded me of, and then it hit me: BIG LITTLE LIES. This Love Me with Lies (see? it even has "lies" in the title) is like a smuttier, trashier version of BIG LITTLE LIES. Maybe if BIG LITTLE lies were written by Jackie Collins instead of Lianne Moriarty.

The first book is written from Olivia's POV, in both "past" and "present," and we see all the scheming and conniving Olivia had to do to not just meet Caleb the first time but to steal him back later. This book is written from the "other woman", Leah's, POV, and as with Olivia, we get to see all the scheming and conniving Leah had to do to steal him again and then try to hold onto him. Not an easy task, because as we saw in THE OPPORTUNIST, Caleb's not all sweetness and light, either.

It's been a while since I read about a character who was so flawed and repulsive and yet still managed to be interesting. I think the last one was probably one of the women in that 70s potboiler classic, VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. Leah obviously has some sort of personality disorder - she's clingy, needy, manipulative, and cruel. The things she does to Caleb and then, (spoiler) to her own daughter are just awful. And yet you can't help but feel bad for her, because technically (well, not technically - actually) Olivia is the other woman and Leah is just trying to hold onto what's hers. The problem is that she won Caleb's affection through false pretenses, just as Olivia did, and sees him more as a prize to be won and displayed than as an actual person with thoughts and feelings. In many ways, she and Olivia are cut from the same cloth, and you find that out when more of Leah's backstory is revealed in this book and you discover just how messed up of a person she is, as well as her family.

Like THE OPPORTUNIST, this story is told in "past" and "present." The writing in this book, however, is a real step up from its prequel. The characterization is excellent, and Leah bursts from the pages in a way that Olivia really didn't - maybe because the author tried too hard to make Oliviafeel like a sympathetic character, whereas Leah just gets to completely be her wretched, awful self. I loved it. How often do you get a truly disgusting antiheroine as a protagonist? It's so rare. I devoured this book in a single day, feeling as giddy as a person working their way through a tub of illicit 2AM ice cream. I know that this is trash, but oh what decadent, glorious trash it is. I want more.

4 to 4.5 stars
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December 22, 2012
I am finished... and as much as I should eat frozen broccoli, peas and carrots- I am going to sit and eat candy instead

Or... perhaps I will just drink...

And... this is what I will be doing until book #3 comes out

Thank-you Tarryn, I enjoyed living in Leah's head!

So Excited!

I have a feeling we are in for an early Christmas present....been seeing hints all day!

December 27, 2012
Now we get Dirty Red's POV, aka Leah, the "villain" of the story. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive to start this book...I didn't want to end up liking Leah but thank goodness, I didn't have anything to worry about! If anything, while I may understand her a bit more...and feel a bit sadden by things that have happened to her, I still just don't like her. And she makes that very easy.

I enjoyed that it alternated chapters with going to the past and then coming back to what was happening in the present. It allowed us to get a different perspective on things that happened in the past and some answers on why they happened. And I liked seeing how things were going on now.

I knew there would be no way that I would like this book as much as the first book, The Opportunist, which was amazing! I didn't want my dislike for a character to influence my feelings for the actual story. And there was no way that Leah could be redeemed, certainly not enough to be a good person. But I felt the story held its own.

Leah was certainly interesting in her own spoiled way and it was weird getting in her head. Because of Leah's home life and a family secret, she has sought out love in all the wrong ways and definitely wrong place. She really just wants to be loved and cherished but instead of accepting Caleb and how he truly felt, she's become obsessed with him. In the first book, I thought she was the master manipulator but after reading this book, it's clear that she is just so used to getting things her way and taking what she wants. I'm glad that she gets a bit of a wakeup call.

Some of the events were almost too unbelievable...such as dropping Estella off at some unknown daycare and then drinking and driving. I think it was good that Leah was forced to take care of Estella by herself.

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb...I still like him and I was glad to get some answers about why he did things as well. There are still some things that are unclear and I. Can. Not. Wait. for his book. I liked how he bonded with Estella and that he finally stood up to Leah then and later. And Cherry Garcia...that killed me.

Olivia how I missed her!! She just wasn't in this story enough...even though she was talked about, she was only in a few actual scenes. I was surprised that things went forward with her and Noah and I'm not sure how that will be handled in the future. The birthday present was very interesting and I'm hoping we get more about that too.

If you liked the first book, I would recommend reading this one. You really don't want to miss out on anything before Caleb's book.

The plot thickens....yes, unfortunately I still have questions and they are spoilers:

Favorite quotes:

♦ “You said you would never hurt me.”

His eyes are frigid. “That was before you fucked with my daughter.”

♥ “You never quite stop loving someone when you're in that deep.”

♦ “I’ve been someone different with you. Someone I don’t understand.”

♦ “You remind me of a cheap reality show, Leah. You’re shallow, and you pretend to be stupid for God only knows what reason.”

♥ “I didn’t choose her,” his voice breaks. “Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

eta: I can't stop listening to this...

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1,130 reviews399 followers
March 4, 2017
Siempre suelo hacer mis reseñas justo en el momento después de haber terminado un libro. Con Dirty Red no sucedió así. Tenía tantas ganas de leer el siguiente libro (ya llevo la mitad) que decidí dejar la reseña para después.

Fue un error. Porque ahora no recuerdo bien las sensaciones que me produjo. Estoy tan molesta por el tercer libro que ni siquiera estoy segura de que debo o no decir.

Siempre voy contra corriente... siempre pienso diferente a los demás, soy rara en ocasiones si lo quieren llamar así. Es por eso, que cuando leí The opportunist, en NINGÚN MOMENTO pude comprender a la protagonista. Olivia es y seguirá siendo una persona dañada, emocionalmente inestable, insegura y adicta a Caleb. Tiene problemas muy fuertes en su cabeza esta chica... EN SERIO. Me costó horrores poder comprender sus acciones.

En cambio, cuando leí la historia desde el punto de vista de Leah, lo supe, supe porque era tan venenosa, odiosa, inestable y tóxica.
Leah sigue siendo esa niña pequeña de 8 años buscando la aprobación de los demás. Pensando que no vale nada. Dando todo de si misma para convencer a las personas que la rodean que vale algo. Que ella si que importa. Pero para hacerlo tuvo que recurrir a los metodos más sucios, rastreros y peligrosos que he leído en mi vida.
Ella es mala. Pero es mala por las circunstancias de la vida. Es igual de tóxica que Olivia. Es la otra cara de la misma desdichada moneda de las mujeres enfermas.

Lo que hace es terrible, tanto como lo que hizo Olivia. Lo que siente es terrible, tanto como lo que siente Olivia, y como ama... ¡Dios! ni siquiera tengo palabras para definir la forma en la que ama. Lo hace justo igual que lo hace Olivia.

Solo que yo nunca pude comprender a Olivia. Nunca conecté con ella ni entendí sus miedos. En cambio, cuando vi la verdadera cara de Leah, Ufff. Ella esta tan dañada como el resto de los protagonistas. Los celos la carcomen, el egoísmo la define, el odio la ciega. Y cuando eso pasa... es capaz de hacer cosas malas. Realmente Sucias.
A veces tenía ganas de agarrarla y decirle...¡Despierta! ¡No mereces algo como esto! ¡Quierete tantito!


Sigue viviendo en una escala intermedia llena de grises, en estos libros no hay ni negro ni blanco. Su vida es bizarra, sus acciones tortuosas y su amor tóxico y dañino. Caleb es egoísta, manipulador, rastrero.

Cuando terminé este libro estaba impaciente. Si algo sabe la autora es jugar con tu cabeza, meterse en tus pensamientos y acabar con cualquier conjetura que te hubieras formado.
La pluma de esta autora es impresionante. Casi igual de tóxica y dañina como sus personajes. Es impredecible y adictiva.

Me gustó mucho más este libro, al principio fue muuuuuuuy aburrido, pero en cuanto Leah comenzó a desvelar las capas que la formaban todo tuvo un rostro distinto. Al menos así lo fue para mí.
Algo que me encantó de ambos libros es que no es necesario meter sexo a cada página para enganchar a un lector y hacer que siga leyendo. Estaba un poco saturada de ese tipo de libros así que seguro esto fue refrescante.

Pd: Odio a Caleb y a Olivia. Ahora mismo, a pesar de todo lo que hizo Leah... ella sigue siendo mi favorita.

Solo puedo decir esto... #SorryNotSorry

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December 24, 2012
My name is Leah and I will do anything to keep my husband.

How could I absolutely LOVE a book about a character i despise? Because Tarryn Fisher is brilliant. Love her writing! The Opportunist was one of the first books I ever read that didn’t give me a HEA and I didn’t care- It was just that good. This book, I didn’t want a HEA- not for Leah anyway.

Whoever she was, I would wipe her from his memory in no time at all. Why? Because I was the best of the best: the Godiva, the Maserati, the perfect colorless diamond. I could improve anyone’s life- especially this man’s.

Think of all those women you know, the really terrible ones... all of those bad name you like to call them- Leah is all of that and more. By far one of the least likable characters ever. She is a mess. She is selfish, manipulative, bitchy, and just awful. I thought maybe she would have some redeemable qualities- nope. This is a woman, who after giving birth, her first thought about her new born baby daughter is: I am going to have to share my husband with another woman... again. Yup. I still hate her. But now I feel like I understand her.

Leah is evil, but she is also funny. It was nice to see what was going on in that crazy head of hers. I loved the interactions between her and her ‘manny’ Sam-
“How do I get him to come home?”

“Get a new personality and learn to shut the fuck up.”

“Shit, I forgot. It’s hard to remember that a cold shrew like you is actually a mother.”

“Wow. You grew a heart, and all it took was seven boxes of chocolate covered raisins.”

“You are the single most offensive women I have ever met, you know that?”

I really liked Sam. Even though I didn’t get as much of Olivia as I liked, I was happy to get more of Cammie!

The further along in the book you got, things started to unravel. I feel like a lot of my questions got answered, but there is still a lot I need to know! Hoping that in the third book, everything will come to light. As everything started happening- especially the last 30% of the book, I found myself quoting Leah... Sons of guns and motherfuckers. There were some definite bombs dropped at the end of this one... Not sure if I was happy with the ending or not, but the series is not over yet! Please tell me the third book will be out sooner rather than later... I have a feeling it will be the best one yet! And it’s from Caleb’s pov(and I love Caleb!) Although I am a bit confllicted on what I want to happen... Some of my favorite quotes that make me even more excited for book 3

“You never quite stop loving someone when you’re in that deep.”

That was the worst possible thing about love; no matter how hard you tried, you could never forget the person who had your heart.

“I didn’t choose her. Love is illogical. You fall into it like a man-hole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

If you haven’t read this series- you are really missing out!!!!!
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December 27, 2012
"Sons of guns and motherfuckers."

After reading The Opportunist for the first time a few days ago, I was beyond excited to start Dirty Red. I just couldn't imagine reading a book about someone I DO NOT want the hero of this series to be with. Even though I never wanted Leah & Caleb together, I went in with an open mind. I didn't have immediate hatred for Leah after The Opportunist like many did. I never actually liked Leah, but I didn't hate her either.

Yeah, well... that all changed after the FIRST freaking page of Dirty Red. Leah is officially on my shit list. I couldn't get over how completely self centered she is. We all know Olivia has done her fair share of shitty things and made bad decisions, but she at least has redeemable qualities and I just like her, plain and simple. I cannot say the same about Leah. My general feelings about a character are usually based on whether or not I would actually like the person in real life. I would NOT like Leah in my life, she is not someone I would want to be around at all!

"I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself."

I honestly believe the way Leah behaves in Dirty Red IS Leah being herself. I don't understand how it couldn't be? Even though she tries to put on a show for Caleb, her true colors inevitably come out. She just can't help herself. We do get some insight into her past and perhaps some reasons about why she is the way she is. I just never felt like those were excuses for her fucked up personality. Eventually I just had to laugh at the things Leah would think because they were just so wrong. Even though she drove me a little crazy, she was still entertaining and I loved hating her the entire time, so kudos to Tarryn for pulling that off! Big time!

I really missed Olivia in this one though. After being in her head for The Opportunist, it was a very weird transition to go from all to practically nothing. I also wish there was more Caleb! Even though his moments weren't as frequent as I would have liked, he completely stole my heart! Him with Estella is just about the sweetest thing ever! See that there >>> yup, that's my heart melted in a puddle... :)

My favorite addition to this crazy f-ed up story was SAM! He is so honest with Leah and says whatever he thinks in that moment. I love him! Oh man... there are just too many quotable moments, but here are a few of my favorites:

“Why would he marry a girl like you?”

“Shit, I forgot,” he says. “It’s hard to remember that a cold shrew like you is actually a mother.”

“You were a selfish, self-centered bitch... God, I can’t believe I work for you. I feel sick.”

As much as I wish I could tell you that this book brought answers to questions from The Opportunist and wrapped it all up in a pretty little bow, I can't. It seriously fucked my head up even worse and I feel like I need to read both books again at least a few more times! Which I'm sure I will do, without a doubt. So obviously I LOVED it even though I HATED it. Just read it, but beware that you will be seriously obsessed for god knows how long... Enjoy! :)

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January 18, 2016
My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband.
 photo bitch crazy pll_zpsvzfmbgwf.gif

You think Olivia is manipulative? Meet dirty red. I thought I might feel bad for her while reading this, but that couldn't be anywhere farther from what I felt towards her. She is awful. She acts like a good person, but she is really thinking anything but nice thoughts. She is the most selfish person ever. She sees Caleb as her prize. She wants the idea of a man like Caleb, but has no idea what love is supposed to be like.

I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself.

She made me so mad because of Estella. She can't stand being around her own baby. Caleb had stars in his eyes for her since she was born. At least little Estella has Caleb.

As we see in The Opportunist, Caleb isn't as innocent as he seems. It seems like he is trying to do the right thing, but most of the time is just making the complete wrong decision. I wanted to smack him a time or two. We really don't get much of Olivia in this, which made me pretty sad. Olivia has grown on me since the beginning of The Opportunist. She seems to make the wrong decisions most of the time, but she's not the only one.

I really enjoyed the character of Sam, the Manny for Estella. He was so blunt with Leah all the time. He saw her for what she was, a selfish bitch, but I think he kind of respected that she didn't try to hide her bitchiness from him. He didn't try to play nice with her and it seemed in the end they had a genuine friendship. Their dialogues were so funny. That was one redeeming thing I saw about Leah. I loved the scenes with her and Sam.

Leah: 'How do I get him to come home?'
Sam: 'Get a new personality and learn to shut the fuck up.'

Again, in Dirty Red the story line jumps from present to past. This is something I really liked in The Opportunist and it also worked well for this book. We go back in time to see how Caleb and Leah met and other different scenes covering a lot of time within The Opportunist. I liked seeing what Leah felt and what was really happening in her and Caleb's relationship during the "amnesia" spell.

After that bomb was dropped on us at the very end, my mouth dropped open! I didn't see that coming. I don't know whether to believe it or not!
August 4, 2016

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"My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband."

I was extremely scared and apprehensive about reading this book. I hated HATED Leah in The Opportunist. Even though she made only brief appearances in book #1, she left quite the impression and a horrible taste in my mouth. Those feelings only intensified when I read Dirty Red. It's been more than a week since I read the book, and I'm still reeling and analyzing what the crap happened.

Leah was another player in the Caleb and Olivia's lying game. I would argue she outplayed both Caleb and Olivia in this book. From the very first page, I was enraged and wanted to slap her. Why in the world did Caleb marry this monster? Her self-centeredness knows no bounds. She always thinks of herself. She is obsessed with Olivia even though Caleb and Olivia presumably don't speak.
"What power does she have over him? I want to run at him, pound my fists against his chest for always mentally comparing me to her. Or am I the only mentally comparing myself to her? God, life is so messed up."

"Caleb is looking at me, but he is not seeing me. I want to throw up. How fragile is my marriage, if all he has to do is look at her and I cease to exist?"

Leah's dreadful character was somewhat redeemed (I still hate her with a passion). She grew up in a loveless household where her mother and father doted on her sister, Courtney, and treated Leah like she was a piece of trash. Courtney was popular in school, while Leah was an outcast. The tables turned after Leah took up for her sister after Courtney's best friend stabbed her in the back. Thus, manipulative, lying, self-absorbed Leah was born.
"I liked how easily I could make boys follow me around by dangling sex in their faces. I liked the way their girlfriends came to school with puffy red eyes from crying, after they found out their boyfriends had cheated on them."

I missed Olivia A LOT while reading Dirty Red. I missed her inner dialogue and her vodka-infused baths. I missed Olivia's Caleb. I missed them being together. Even though they were mostly absent from the present, the reader got glimpses into their story through Leah's POV. There were some pretty shocking revelations that had me gasping, awwwhing, and rooting for "Colivia."
"I didn't choose her," his voice breaks. "Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you're just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love."

I have Great Expectations for "Thief," Book #3. Finally, we'll get to hear Caleb's side of the story, and hopeful, Caleb and Olivia will have their happy ever after. If they don't get their HEA, I will 1.) die, 2.) write own ending and 3.) shun Tarryn Fisher for all of eternity.

Tarryn Fisher is an absolute genius. She is the master of ambiguity. The reader doesn't really know who knows what at what point in time. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a timeline.


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February 13, 2015

Ok, this might be a little disjointed, because I'm already half way through Thief. I hardly ever start another book before I've written a review for the previous one, but I just couldn't help myself.

I raced through Dirty Red yesterday, finished it at about midnight and then dived straight into Thief. I can confirm, I definitely made the right decision in waiting until the third book was released. How on earth some of you guys sat tight at the end of Dirty Red and waited for long for Caleb's book, I will neeeever know! Oh my goodness, talk about dropping a bomb! Ok, we'll go there in a minute. First things first.

So, this is Leah's book. I absolutely could not understand why on God's green earth, we were getting an entire book from the villain's POV. I felt like having a full on, foot stamping, snot flinging, fist thumping tantrum, knowing I had to get through it, before I got to what I hoped would be the good bit.

My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband.

I don't really know how to fill this review. How many ways are there to express your hatred for a character??
I don't like Leah.
I strongly dislike Leah.
I hate Leah.
I wish Leah would be run over by a bus.
I wish Leah would die in a tragic boating accident.
I wish Leah would spontaneously combust and cease to exist.

You get the idea. I'm reeeally not a fan! Team Cal-ivia all the way!

"They spark. When they're together, it's like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room - you can feel the tension. I didn't believe in the cliche of soul mates until I saw them together."

But this book was definitely a necessary evil. I really can't say too much without giving things away. Just know that from the first sentence, Tarryn Fisher will knock your socks off, and then she'll just keep on knocking until the very last word of the book!

I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself.

This book continues, as the previous one did, to go back and forth through time. Past and present. And there is so much going on in this book that it just adds to the mind blow. You get to see Caleb and Leah's relationship through her eyes. You get a lot more insight into why Caleb made the decisions he made in book one. How things came about. Why things weren't straight forward, etc.

"How do I get him to come home?"
"Get a new personality and learn to shut the fuck up."

I felt like I was on drugs, reading this book... my head was buzzing and my eyes were wide. I had emotional whiplash, a racing heart and sweaty palms. It's all a bit of a blur. I spent the entire time wanting to knock Leah out and feeling guilty about being so mean about Caleb.

On that point. Caleb does redeem himself. Literally, within the first couple of pages, I felt bad for judging Caleb so harshly in book one. I was so angry with him, and now I feel bad.

"I didn't choose her," his voice breaks. "Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you're just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love."

There is barely any Olivia in this book. Yet, still, the love Caleb feels for her is palpable. I love it. It's delicious. And it smacks Leah right between the eyes. Ha! But it rips Caleb apart. It's painful to see. He's a good man and he's trying to do the right thing. The man needs a cuddle. And, I'm a great cuddler. Just saying.

Scars should stay where fate put them.

One thing I do want to say in this review, because I got so carried away with the storyline in the first book and didn't give this enough page space... Tarryn Fisher deserves some kind of award. The woman is freakin' Ah.Ma.Zing!!!! Honestly, she is supremely gifted. You completely forget you are even reading a book at all. The character development is second to none. I feel like I know these characters. Like, they can't possibly not be real. There is so much to each and every one of them, I feel like I could predict their reactions to things, I feel like I could drop them a text when things are going bad for them. Obviously, not Leah. I wouldn't drop her a text. Dog shit through her letter box, maybe. Or a bomb, perhaps. But not a text. Anyway, I digress. Tarryn Fisher is a natural born writer. It's what she was put on this earth to do. Despite the fact that she has caused me so much pain, suffering, sleep deprivation and heartache, I'm totally girl-crushing on the lady!

So, back to Dirty Red. Leah is that. Dirty. Foul. Defiled. Nasty. Contaminated. Sullied.

I was about ten on the poison scale. If he needed venom, I could inject directly into his neck.

She fights filthy. She's screwed up. Totally. She is rotten to the core. But, and gah, I hate to say this, I did feel a small glimmer of empathy for her. She has been through a torrid time. She has nobody. Nobody. Okay, so most of it has been brought upon by her own wickedness, but she doesn't really know any different. She has never had a good role model, she's never been loved and she has never been respected. As a consequence, she has no idea how to be a decent human being, she doesn't understand true love and she doesn't have an ounce of self respect.

I knew he never loved me like he loved her, but I wanted him anyway. I knew his love for me was conditional, but I wanted him anyway. I knew I was second choice, but I wanted him anyway.

I do believe that she thinks she loves Caleb, in her own twisted way.

"A woman shouldn't have to fight that hard to be with a man. He should just want her..."

But, still. See previous notes... I do hate the bitch.

And if I hadn't hated her throughout the book already, the ending, God, if that didn't seal her fate. Wow, the hag knows no bounds. Give me a break! She needs to work out when enough is enough.

I completely didn't see the ending coming. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream! And I didn't miss a single beat before I started Thief.

"Their story will never be over."

So, I'm feeling weird about giving this five stars and The Opportunist four, because I hated Leah, and this is her book. And because I enjoyed most of book #1 more than I enjoyed this book. But I can see more, now, where the story is going. I feel like I'm on the home stretch now and I'm feeling hopeful. The series is coming together and I'm excited, nervous, apprehensive... I just don't feel that, as a series, I can keep giving it four stars. I'm so in love with these characters and their story, now.

"You never quite stop loving someone when you're in that deep."

So, the fifth star is more for the series as a whole, as it is, so far. Because Leah gets a big fat zero stars and a slap round the mouth. But, the jury is still out. If this doesn't end how I want it to end, I will not be held accountable for my actions. You have be warned.

P.S. I don't have the head-space for a collage right now. Sorry.

Dirty Red Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5):
Ending: Cliffhanger
Series: ✓ (Love Me With Lies series)
Reading Order:
Book #1 - The Opportunist
Book #2 - Dirty Red
Book #3 - Thief
Can this be read as a standalone? No
Love Triangle
Warning. This book includes...
Love triangle
Writing: Fantastic

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August 8, 2018
4.5 ‘dirty love’ stars 🤩

“I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself.
He is mine right now, but I am never enough for him.”
- Leah Smith

* * *
“When they’re together, it’s like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room — you can feel the tension. I didn’t believe in the cliché of soul mates until I saw them together.”
- Cammie

* * *
“There was no way he could forget me. We were together every day … he loved me. That was the absolute worst thing about love; no matter how hard you tried, you could never forget the person who had your heart.”
- Leah Smith

* * *
“I knew he never loved me like he loved her, but I wanted him anyway. I knew his love for me was conditional, but I wanted him anyway. I knew I was second choice, but I wanted him anyway”
- Leah Smith

* * *
“Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”
- Caleb Drake
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January 1, 2015
4 psychotic and bitchy stars!

I don't think I've ever read a book as fast as I’ve read this one. I was postponing the reading of this book so I could read it closer to Thief’s releasing date. (Basically I was gathering courage to read it since TO left me d emotionally drained).
So when I say on FB that it was already alive on Amazon I dropped everything… and when I say everything I say: dropped the book I was reading, stopped doing anything and talking to people in general and started reading immediately.
I’ve read in just a few hours and it did not disappoint. The awesome mindfuck was all here again.


This book is told under Leah’s POV and we get to know how she and Caleb ended up together (I really love this past flashbacks) and everything that happened after the end of the first one and after she had he baby.
And after reading her story, believe me, I still hate her like crazy, but it’s definitely not easy knowing that you’ll always be a second choice.


I’ve got to say that this was the first time I liked so much a book where I actually hate the female heroine.
Leah is a bitch, is very aware of that and has no intentions of changing. We see that Caleb is also not so innocent in the middle of all this, but we can’t stop loving him anyway.

This is not as angst as the previous one (Thank god!!) but it still makes you bleed a little. This author is a genius and her writing and ability to create completely awesome and a psychotic stories grab us from the very first page.
And that end… god, that end! I need the third one, now!
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December 22, 2012
It makes perfectly good sense that I started my year off with The Opportunist and end it with Dirty Red.

Both are THE top reads of the year for me. Both will draw you in from page you one and leave your mind in pieces at the end and both will leave you dying for more.

This may be my most vaguest review, but mentioning one thing will ruin another. I CAN say that getting inside Leah's brain was such a fascinating thing. Ms. Fisher doesn't hold back.
She gives you:
more angst
and a lot of gut wrenching pain

The writing in Dirty Red... It's superb. No one can touch Tarryn Fisher's writing. There is a quality to her words that makes every single line perfection.

Dirty Red was worth the wait. Anything written by Tarryn Fisher is.
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October 21, 2015


●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself. He is mine right now, but I am never enough for him (...) I don't know what he's looking for. I wish I did…

I am who I am.

My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Well, I had no idea what to expect when reading this book. I was actually very close to not reading it because I didn't like her in the first book. But then I finally did. Within the first few pages... I HATED Leah. She was heartless, selfish, manipulative, crazy and the Queen of all bitches, I tell ya!! I had never been inside the mind of character like her. She was full of insecurities. She liked to judge everyone else, but all I kept thinking was she should look in the mirror. She disliked it when people looked at her with any look other than admiration, lust, and envy. She wanted to be centre of attention.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"Caleb is a pretty nice guy"
"Yes? And?"
"Why would he marry a girl like you?"

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

That was exactly what I wanted to do at the beginning of this book. How could she so cold-hearted?? I wanted to beat the crap out of her. I seriously don't know how Caleb could have stayed with her as long as he did. The story, just like in the first one, alternates from presesnt to past. You get an insight of Leah's upbringing and how her relationship with Caleb started. I will admit, as much as I hated this psycho woman, I did feel for her because of the way she was raised. She is pretty much seeking what she has never had, love, but going about it all wrong. Still, it doesn't excuse her for her behaviour. She could have changed her ways, but instead she chose to be a spoiled snob just like the family that raised her.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you're just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Leah is struggling to keep Caleb in her life. He is slowly distancing himself from her, but she won't give him up without a fight. I kinda feel bad for Leah because I don't know if she will ever be happy. But then again, she brought it all on to herself. She tried to be honest in hopes of making Caleb stay by revealing what she has done. All she ends up doing is hurting Caleb, and making him angry.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

He thought Olivia could hurt him, I'll hurt him worse. I'll keep hurting him.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

That ending... how can I not continue the next book right away!?! I must read it book now! I need to know how it's all going to play out. How could Leah still choose to be a freaking bitch!? I just really want Caleb to find happiness. I'm not sure if the bitch Olivia can give it to him, just like I know the bitch Leah can't. But who knows... What is up with Caleb and mean bitches anyway?? Well.. now I'm off to read the next!

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"Some people never change. I guess I'm one of them."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

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November 23, 2017
CURRENTLY ON SALE! http://amzn.to/2zfEy0l

“I didn’t choose her,” his voice breaks. “Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

I will start off by saying I despise Leah. Hate her. I found immense pleasure in her misery and was overjoyed when her life went to shit. (Harsh? Maybe. Oh well.)

And what I find so crazy is even though I was reading a book on a character that physically repulsed me, I enjoyed it SO. MUCH. I thought being in her head would infuriate me, which it did, but it was still such an amazing read. I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t stop laughing. And even though it left me with even more questions than answers, it was written flawlessly and in a way that sucked me in from the very first word to the very last page. (And that ending?&!&!*!#&!)

Now now, I know what you’re thinking- didn’t you feel bad for her? After her childhood? After what Caleb did? The short answer is ..no. No, I didn’t.

I felt physically sick when reading of her and Caleb being intimate together. And yes, I know Caleb and Olivia are not the best people, clearly. But Leah? She was completely and utterly aware every single conniving thing she did. In my opinion, she is selfish, manipulative, conniving, and EASILY the worst person of this little messed up triangle.

And with all that said, I can’t wait to read how this crazy ass story ends!

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies Book 2) | http://amzn.to/2zfEy0l (CURRENTLY ON SALE!)

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September 3, 2014
To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to an entire book in Leah's POV. I didn't like her character in The Opportunist and I really didn't want to read about her relationship/marriage with Caleb because he belongs with Olivia! That being said, this book had me completely hooked and I couldn't put it down.

Dirty Red continues from where the Opportunist left off. You learn a lot about Leah's past and events that made her into the person that she is. You also get a glimpse into Leah and Caleb's relationship.. from their initial meeting, through dating and getting married, and finally you see what happens in their marriage after the events of the Opportunist. Like The Opportunist, the chapters bounce back and forth between the past and present.

I still HATE Leah.. a lot. In this book you see just how deceitful, manipulative, and hateful she really is. Even though this book helped me to understand her better, I can honestly say the understanding didn't make me like her or feel sorry for her for that matter. Having difficult circumstances in life doesn't mean she has to be a terrible person because of them.

To Dirty Red:

Caleb was absolutely amazing though :)

Another one of my favorite parts of the story was the manny Sam! I loved how he was very honest and blunt with Leah.

"Caleb is a pretty nice guy"
"Yes? And?"
"Why would he marry a girl like you?"

The last chapter of this book was crazy! There were a lot of truths revealed that totally changed everything! Since I am now officially obssessed with this series.. 4 solid stars!

Memorable quotes:

Cammie to Leah: "When they're together, it's like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room - you can feel the tension. I didn't believe in the cliche of soul mates until I saw them together." Cammie's description is absolutely perfect!

Leah: "I thought you loved your husband." Olivia: "I love yours too." This scene put the biggest smile on my face. It was nice to see Olivia shove that little tidbit in Leah's face. I felt like it knocked Leah off her self appointed pedestal for a minute.
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