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If I've enjoyed ASOIAF, is this a good read? I'm after something to fill that gap until WOW arrives.

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Zoe From what I can tell, the only category where WoT even remotely compares to ASOIAF is the world-building. I loved the scope of ASOIAF, and while WoT seems to have that as well, I couldn't make it through WoT because of the 1) terrible character development and interactions and 2) Jordan's hackneyed idiosyncrasies (e.g. terrible metaphors and similes), which made the writing seem terrible to me. And I made it through at least four books, so it's not like I didn't try.

So in short, NO. I'd recommend some of Brandon Sanderson's series instead. Mistborn is a great world though again lacks some of the scope, or the Stormlight Archive is great so far.
Nanksy I would recommend both. Jordan is very wordy but on a level that will improve your vocabulary and your mental faculties. For those who say it is Tolkein derivative, I am puzzled. Did you read past the first book? Jordan builds a world that is very complex and will strain your ability to keep multiple plots and characters in mind. It takes patience to get through the entire series as many new story lines and characters get introduced in each succeeding book. Overall it is worth it to finish the series. As for ASOIAF, I loved the first book and the characters . It is a series that leaves you guessing and not always liking the way events unfold. If you have watched the TV, Game of Thrones and think ASOIAF is the same story, forget it. The biggest problem I have is that it takes so long for the next book to come out. I am completely out of patience for the 6th. book. If you don't like waiting pick another series.
Josh McKay This series starts off and ends strong, but is really boring through the middle. Read the first 3 and the last 3 books. If you need some continuity, just read the odd books. 6, 8, and 10 are incredibly boring and nothing happens. Jordan outgrew his editor about halfway through, and the series sucks until Sanderson takes over at the end.
dsreads Read Malazan the Fallen. It's more contemporary (older fantasy/scifi, while still good, seems very dry in comparison to more recent stuff). Malazan universe is perhaps even deeper than ASOIAF.
Avaminn F'nett I think you'd enjoy it a lot. I think Wheel of Time is a bit better, actually.
M. Lewis Yes, definitely. It's a more complex world than ASOIAF and it is a wonderful series. I enjoyed both series immensely, though WoT is definitely even better in my opinion. Happy reading!
Phil Short answer: NO. The work of GRRM utterly incinerates WoT.
Stephen Firstly, I admit, I have not read ASOIAF. I have, however, read the first 8 books in WoT and I would say it is certainly worth reading. Of course, I can't compare it to ASOIAF although what I have heard, and based on the TV series, it is supposed to be one of the best Grimdark book series ever written (it is on my TBR). WoT is NOT Grimdark. The first book is very Tolkien, but then it branches off to become of the the most in-depth and brilliantly realised worlds ever created.

There are 1000s of characters and a weave of plot lines that can leave you dizzy at times. What's most interesting about WoT though is the central character, a hero on the constant edge of madness.

To sum up, WoT is essential fantasy. If you are a fantasy fan then you should give it ago.
Shadow's Bane Go for it, WoT is pretty epic, imho way much better and quite different from aSoIaF
Nikki Albert Once you get into it, it is Well worth the journey. The series just will blow your mind. It is epic and also Epic.
Blake Not a fan so far. Maybe 80 pages in. Just isn't as enthralling as The Game of Thrones TV series or LOTR movies.
Jeremy Two words answer this question: appels and oranjes.
Timothy Hunter At the time Jordan was writing the series i got to book 6 , by the time book 7 came out i had forgotten most of the story and couldn't be bothered to re read 6 books to catch up.
I have been listening to the audiobook version in the car ,i drive a lot for work, and i must say that while i am interested still in the story the writing is driving me crazy!
He is constantly repeating things, overly describing things and scenes to the point of destroying the tension of the situation. I get that this might be the first book someone has picked up and that certain things need to be repeated to help the reader understand but to repeat it ERERY timr the one power is used? WE get it we read it in the first chapter why keep telling me things i already know? Along these lines is the contrived ways characters avoid and go out of their way to NOT tell other characters what they think or what they know the other character need to know.
The biggest undercurrent of the books is his need to make it a war between men and women. Characters refusing to give information to others because of their sex and this barrier he puts between sexes.
Honestly more than once today i have yelled at the audio system playing the audiobook to "GET ON WITH IT"
if you want good epic fantasy read Fiest or Eddings
June Seas I just finally read Wheel of Time and love it. I definitely see the relationship to Lord of the Rings, and I think the author actually quite consciously riffs off it, starts with Tolkien and then twists the plot; I read another reviewer commenting on the Wheel of Time series and referencing the raft and the pursuers, and it's true, at first I thought, hey, this is the Tolkien scene, but the plot twist is very satisfying and makes it original. I am a Tolkien devotee but really really enjoy this!
Greg Sheppard No, avoid at all cost.

This is the generic crap Robert Jordan clearly wanted to avoid.
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