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What are your thoughts of fanfiction? On the upper levels, what's to stop colors from mixing and making babies? Does color also pertain to skin, or do darker pigments not exist in your world? (It's just hair and eyes though, right?) Do similar hierarchies exist on Earth since they don't need the helium mined there? How do Pinks procreate? With other Pinks? How are Violets raised and used?

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Wendy Bloink Pinks are sterilized in order to create new pinks they are created in a lab. It explains in detail in the novels I recommend reading them.. If re-reading to find your answers
Silverserpent From the book (or maybe another in the series) itself, what it says on the topic of Violets is not directly stated, but it implies that they are given hallucinogens from a young age, causing their often bizarre creations.
Railroad_Ross Such are the questions when a world is poorly conceived and the focus on one individual character. The questions you ask are part of what makes this story such weak science fiction.
Lisa so the different colors are biologically different enough that unless their is modification, there cant be children conceived by two different colors. this is explained in the later books. i think its the same hierarchy on earth because its already kind of universal, and there are many more colors than just red that will still have necessary roles. i think in the past there were not but now there are. pinks are created by lab, and violets are given drugs to induce hallucinations in order to fuel their creativity for the rest of their lives. the way many of the colors are raised is very manipulative with a concrete goal and purpose, like how the pinks have the (i think its called like the angels kiss or something?) its like pain that they have to endure their entire early life, and its what they fear and how they are controlled during after this first phase of life. so the diferances in color is not only color, if you read the book, their entire bodys are purposed soley for their roles, and are all completely diferant, and im not sure if their inablitly to (cross breed? not sure what it would be called) is a side effect of that or if its and addition that was made on purpose, im guessing it would be the second one because of how mixing colors would be illegal (which you would need a carver to help with) so yea
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TSSalamander they cant breed
they have to have a Carver to make them able to and even then it has to be a black marked one. not only that its illegal. plus no garantie
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K G As it was said below, the second book explains this concept a little more in detail. Also, Pierce Brown has given detail on Reddit describing the nationalities of each of the characters in the series: for example, Darrow, Roque and Mustang as being sort of Northern European; Pax as being Mediterranean, and Aja and Quinn as being of African descent.
Jaycagey From what I could tell from the books, the 'higher' color dominates (so a Gold-Brown child will look Gold, though he or she will be smaller and weaker than the other Golds). But the authorities do their best to destroy any 'cross-color' children. The color system was created by selective breeding, so there are centuries of experience with controlling reproduction.
Christopher Allen-Poole In Golden Son it is explained that reds and golds are not biologically compatible.
Dolly Anderson Violets are the creative people, artists etc Micky the carver was a Violet.
Angel Color only pertains to hair and eyes so darker skin tones do exist, but it seems to me that darker skin pigments are never gold (sometimes "golden-toned", but never brown). Earth has no Colors so everyone is a regular human but the countries/nationalities/races/ seem to be the same as in the real world so the hierarchies could be similar to those in the real world too. Pinks are literally bred with other Pinks to make sure all Pinks are physically attractive. For the life of me, I can't remember Violets at all.
Lisa The darkest pigment would be obsidian which would be black like volcanic glass.
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