Lisa asked:

I really want to read this book, but I'm worried about getting hooked and then having to wait years for all the consecutive books to be published. (Patrick Rothfuss is killing me.) Will this be the same, or should I go ahead and start now?

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Yashima Sanderson is one of the most productive writers I know. According to him this is going to be a 10 book series and a book will be published every other year. I believe him when he says he'll manage to write that much.

You'll get hooked. It's a great series, don't wait until it's finished. I am just now starting to re-read the first two books. They are that good.
Simon I never again start a series before it's finished....
Paul Decker considering that this is one of the books that you will probably want to read multiple times, I would advise you to start it now.
Lis I've only read this one so far, but as I said in the review I posted today, it's completely free of Dan Brown cliffhangers, and both the character arcs AND the bigger plot come to satisfying resolutions at the end while leaving some much bigger questions to carry into the rest of the series. I expect that the next book in the series and those yet to be published/written will do the same kind of thing.

Besides, Sanderson is prolific, like Yashima says! I don't know about every other year, but you're not signing up for Another Song of Ice and Fire. (Sorry, Mr. Martin.)
Bernie Pedersen This series is so detailed and in depth that multiple reads are a necessity. And it's houses good, it's like a favorite movie that you want to see again and again. Have no fear.
Luke Norris Start reading! It's a masterpiece. And, as the other comments foretell, you will read it multiple times. Also, there are three books in the series now, and each concludes very nicely in their own right. Brandon Sanderson's output is phenomenal, and the books in this series have been coming out as promised.
Cheri In all likelihood you would get hooked, its an awesome series. There are ten books planned and third is scheduled to be released in 2016 so there are waits in between books but considering how big the books are (1000 pages +) thats really not long to wait at all. You may as well start now, it'll be years before the series ends and besides the books are just to good to wait until they are all done :)
Jade Enright Apparently it's going to be a 10 book series but the first 5 books and last 5 books will have separate arcs, so maybe wait till next year to start (when there's four books out) slowly work you way through the four monster books until the 5th comes out in 2022?
Mike Swiftboy Sanderson also updates his progress on all his works on his website. That doesn't guarantee he'll release books from the series in a timely manner, but it tends to give me more confidence.

Also, from my experience with WoT (where I caught up about 8-9 books in) one of the best parts about epic fantasy series like this is going online and discussing the books with others in between volumes. You'll be able to read theories and speculation that will reveal so many layers to the book you didn't notice on your own (unless you're an elite reader of some kind).
Derek D. Definitely read this. Way easier to read than WoT of GoT, though both were also very good series. The characters, magic, and overall plot are better than either of the series above. READ THIS. He is very productive and will get stuff done.
Rick James LOLLLL!!! join the club.
Zak I would advise to read the eye of the world series its completed and the books are 600+ pages so it will take you a while I'm on book six and its already been a year and I read it a lot but I got to say I read both books and its awesome
Ina D. I know this is 5 years old, but just so you know Brandon Sanderson has a toooon of other amazing books you should try out while waiting for one of his series to completely come out! I'm currently reading The Way of Kings but my dad is always talking about all of his series and how good they are lol!
Scott P. I was not really aware of him until he finished Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (which, btw, he did an excellent job with).

I just became aware of The Way of Kings and have just finished it. So... I accidentally waited 3 years so that all three books of this series are available. It doesn't always work that way, but it sure did this time! Can't wait to read the other two!
Chase Upton Read it and love it!
Philipp Scholz I am quite a bit active on the forum of Sanderson. He wrote that initially he thought that he could deliver such a book every 18 months. However, it drains him so much that he will probably only be able to publish a book for this series every 2-3 years. BUT he continues to pump out other series like Mistborn, etc. which play in the same universe. So that will keep you going through the wait. :)
Catharine I think you could go ahead and read the first 2, because they do come to at least a minor conclusion. You don't feel like you've been totally hung out to dry while you wait for the next book.
Tina Lisa, I’m SO glad you mentioned Patrick Rothfuss. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of him. So I’m starting “The Name of the Wind” and loving it. I’m on page 100 and my ebook says that’s just 15% of the book!! So now I’ve added more titles to my “want to read” section. 🥴 As to Sanderson, I tried his mist born series and dnf. I Plan to read the storm light group though.
Edgist A Read it now! JUST DO IT!
Ben Puccini There is something about having to wait for the next instalment that appeals to me. I am not a huge fan of the shotgun-blast release of entire seasons of television series like we see on Netflix. Maybe it just reminds me of waiting for the next Harry Potter book when I was a kid. Haha
Katniss10 Yes Yashima and Lisa, you should. This book is amazing and Sanderson is a fast writer.
Castel Journey before destination.

I think it's much more exciting to be part of a series when it's still being worked on, compared to bingereading it all.
TuragaNuju It's long enough that you could re-read it in between new releases, and due to it's complexity, you're sure to find more details or secrets revealed that you missed the first time

(SPOILER: For example, Shallan thinking "ten heartbeats" during a crisis)
Lucasever St. Delphi though I haven't finished reading the first book yet I suggest that you read this book as well... I actually like reading books that aren't complete at least there's something to look forward to... heheh
Heather Garman Yea... That'd pretty much exactly what will happen. I actually would say wait because #2 starts right where this one ends. If they continue that trend, the wait may lead to some confusion. But I'm hooked so what do I know
Andrew Brandon Sanderson is not a lazy sloth that hates his fans like Pat Rothfuss. No need to worry.
David Klapheck I love this series, but if I had known it was going to be a 10 part series I would have waited.
The books are so convoluted I have to listen the the previous books before reading the next one.
There is very little cliff hangers.
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