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My 12 year old daughter wants to read the book. Is it suitable for someone in the 7th grade? Or, are there sections too mature for a young girl? Thanks in advance for what you can share.

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Joan why do people worry about the sexual content but not the violence?
John You must be proud of your daughter, and of, course, of course you must encourage her to read it. The book is NOT about sex, it is about love, and, trust me, 12 years old do know that love involves physical contact. She will not find in the book anything she does not know yet. It teaches young people human values, integrity, courage - everything we want our children to know and respect. If you will select books for you child based on whether they mention physical love or not, you will fail your duty as a parent and a citizen. I hope she has read this book and many others by now, and enjoyed them. God bless you and her.
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Harper The sexual content is too detailed for a 12 year old, in my opinion, unless you're a very lenient parent about such things. (I'm a mom with kids of similar age.) There are only 2-3 scenes like that, but they do give detail.
Liza Lorenz I read any and everything as a child. My father was extremely strict in many ways, but never worried about what I read. At 13, I read James Michener's Hawaii. i read Frank Yerby's books VERY young. I say let a child read what the child is interested in. Be happy they are reading, and want and can absorb books that are above their supposed level. It will only broaden their horizons and be to their benefit.
Ruth I definitely would not allow my 12 year old to read. As others have said sexual content is too much.
Amy Abrahamsen
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Emmie I would not recommend this book to a 12 year old.
Kathy Holland I would allow my 12-year-old to read this book. I hope you decide it's good for to read. The things that happened in this novel happened to children 12 and younger. Read it with her; help her understand the motivations of the people involved. And, as a 12-year-old, she is old enough to know about sex, and the motivations of the characters. If she doesn't, it's time to teach her.
Ka429 It is a great book- I don't remember detailed sex scenes at all. However, the content would've been too disturbing for me at age 12!
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Sheryl Hill Is there sexual or other explicit violence in this book?
Susie Davidson I am nearly 1/2 way through the book and it has totally turned the corner. I'm totally lost. I feel like I've begun a whole new book. Must I continue? Is it worth it? I'm an avid reader, but this one is weird!
Mehmet Yüksel hı, these are e-books? how can I buy
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