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I am confused with so many editions that are available (paperback as well as in ebook etc) ... Can you please guide me to the correct edition which is unabridged? Also Noticed that some editions are really short (140 pages) & some are longer (250+ pages)? Kindly clarify.

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Dave Morris There are two different versions of the book - the original 1818 edition and the heavily revised edition of 1831. The latter is a more conservative and moralizing take on the story, and for my money lacks the brio of the original. It may be that the editions you've seen with 250+ pages contain both versions. You can get them both free on Gutenberg anyway.
Sarah I believe all adult editions of Frankenstein are unabridged. It's already a very short book, so any abridgment would be unforgivable!

The reason for the discrepency of pages among the different editions are as follows:
1) Introduction, endnotes, footnotes.
Publishers are all vying for your money and they're all selling the exact same story. Publisher A wants you to pick its Frankenstein over Publisher B's edition. One way to distinguish editions and set one above the rest is to add an introduction. An introduction may vary from five pages to thirty. Publisher A may even add in a little extra something at the end, like reviews from famous critics or even a list of adaptations made from the book. Padding the book, if you will.

Maybe Publisher B will one up Publisher A by adding footnotes and endnotes. Endnotes take up more space. An editor will read the book and add explanations to references or words that modern day readers may not understand. Endnotes usually add 5-10 pages, depending on the size of the book. Barnes and Nobles is especially good at this.

2) Book size, font size, margins.
A book that is 12x6 will have fewer pages for Frankenstein than a 7x6 edition. An edition with size 10 font will have fewer pages than an edition with size 16 font. Margins will add or subtract a couple of pages, but not much.

All of these elements within a book will add pages to the story itself. If you walk into any bookstore and ask for a copy of Frankenstein, you will get an unabridged version. There's not much to abridge anyway. If you buy an adult copy, you can rest assured that with a book as short as Frankenstein is, you're getting the full thing.

Penguin classics usually don't abridge. I myself have the Barnes and Noble edition. It's pretty nifty to get an intro, footnotes, and endnotes. And rarely ever abridges, so if you're looking for a free e-book, that would be your best bet.

All the best~
Gemma I read the Vintage Classics one, that was perfectly fine. Not abridged. :)
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