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I'm keen to buy this for my 12 year old daughter. Is it written in an accessible style for a younger (fairly advanced) reader? Just wondering if the political content or writing style might be too advanced.

✿Claire✿ I would suggest it might be better in a few year's time for her. The writing style itself is definitely accessible, but there's a lot of descriptions about the atrocities that took place as the Taliban took over which might well be a bit distressing for her to read. Hope that makes sense!
Clay There is a "Young Reader's Edition" that is probably what you want, although I am not sure of the specific differences.
jojo This is probably not relevant to you at this time, 7 years after asking, but I just finished and am a 12-year-old girl and I was fiercely inspired and equally horrified by the simple privileges we take for granted. One of them being quality education for both girls and boys. While at times the scenes that were described were a bit disturbing (mainly because I can't imagine a life like that) I'd suggest that you read this only once you're 12 years old and above and that only if you are mature enough to handle it and don't get disturbed that easily. The writing is fairly accessible, though being a book for adults, Malala describes everything quite so pre-teens and teens can read it for the unfiltered story. I probably rambled on a bit, but I hope this helps other readers and parents.

I'd recommend the Young Readers Edition of this book as I read it at 10 and didn't find the description of violence to be as vividly described as in this edition
Holly Boswell I listened to it in the audio book when I was 10, and I reccomend it fr 12 year olds.
Eve I would say this edition may be out of her depth, but I hosted a book club with fifth graders on the young reader's addition where we discussed the book and they had a great understanding of everything that was going on
Brielle i would wait a few years, however there is a young readers edition that is quite similar
Fiona I also read it when I was twelve or so and I was fine. There is definitely violence, but not very graphic. It is not too complicated for a younger but advanced reader and is extremely well written.
Mars I read it at about that age and fully comprehended the book. The book doesn't really have any content that could be found objectionable for a 12 year old. It really is an incredible book.
Alexa Bedolla There is a young readers edition that basically has the same content, but it goes less in depth and detail to some of her descriptions. It is simply written, and easy to understand and follow.
Priscilla It depends on the child, I read Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson at 12 maybe 13, and it opened my eyes to a lot of things. If your child is mature for her age then I would recommend it. The reading style to me is not difficult and a 12 year old can understand it. However there are pictures and one of them is where Malala was shot, and there is blood still there. I just recommend checking out the pictures in the book, and going from there.
Carol It depends on the child and how they handle sensitive material. I would suggest previewing it and then letting her read it. But as far as reading difficulty she shouldn't have a tough time if she is a fairly advanced reader for 12.
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