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what should i read first, The Infernal Devices or The Mortal Instruments?

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Sanne (papierplanet) I'd recommend reading those books in the order they were released:
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
Clockwork Angel
City of Fallen Angels
Clockwork Prince
City of Lost Souls
Clockwork Princess
City of Heavenly Fire

From Clockwork Angel on, both series kind of intertwine and some things are foreshadowed in one series that is going to happen in the other. This way you're reading it as Cassandra Clare intended the story to unfold, and you won't be accidentally "spoiled" for one series. :)
Josephine Carlson Cassandra Clare said that you should read the first 3 Mortal Instruments, then read The Infernal Devices, then read the rest of the Mortal Instruments. I did this and it worked perfectly. After the 3rd book of the Mortal Instruments it is a good spot to stop. And the reason you should read the Infernal Devices before the 4th book is because there are spoilers in the 4th book. I really hope you read them in this order!
ramudi jay One of my friends said i should read them in tis order but i havent had a chance to read them yet.....

Clockwork angel
Clockwork prince
Clockwork princess

City of bones
City of ashes
City of glass

The Red Scrolls of Magic

City of fallen angels
City of Lost Souls
City of heavenly Fire

The Bane Chronicles

Tales from the shadow hunter academy

Lady Midnight
Lord of Shadows
Queen of Air and Darkness

Ghosts of the Shadow market

if there's an error pls comment down below
K I read The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and then I read City of Heavenly Fire. Perfect order. The Infernal Devices = AMAZING... but I feel like reading TMI first made the experience that much more emotional and heart wrenching.
Samiksha You should read the Mortal Instruments first, it'd give you a better sense of the shadowhunter world. I'd recommend you read it in this order:

City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Lost Souls
City of Fallen Angels
City of Heavenly Fire
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Princess
Aakanksha i strongly believe that you should read infernal devices first and then mortal instruments because there are some connections between those two series in mortal instruments which you will understand only when u read mortal instruments after reading infernal devices
Hannah Tesh woah that is the two series mixed together

the infernal devices is the prequel but you should read the mortal instruments first that way you can understand the books better because it is better explained in the mortal instruments, but the infernal devices is way better if you ask me
Sophie I read the first five books of the mortal instruments first, then the infernal devices, and then City of Heavenly Fire. If you read the infernal devices before city of heavenly fire, then it makes the book seen so much deeper and more interesting. You can read either first I guess, it's your choice. But I recommend that you read at least the first three of the mortal instruments before you start the infernal devices.
Emma INFERNAL DEVICES FIRST!! it happens first in time so it makes sense. the events happened first..
T.L. Branson I would recommend starting with City of Bones in almost all cases. There are four different ways you can read the series.

I talk about them all here: https://tlbranson.com/cassandra-clare...

There's also a printable checklist so that you can keep track of which method you'd prefer and which books you've already read.
♡ sam ♡ So is this correct:-
First 3 books of TMI
All 3 books of TID
Last 3 books of TMI.
♡ sam ♡ So is this correct:-
First 3 books of TMI
All 3 books of TID
Last 3 books of TMI.
Radu I personally found this page useful:

Majestic Swamp I would read the the first three books of the mortal instruments first, then the infernal devices, then the last three
Just make sure that you don't read the City of Heavenly Fire before the infernal devices because there are major spoilers
Carmen You shouldn't read City of Heavenly fire before Reading the infernal devices. COHF is full of spoilers of the other series.
madison (taylor’s version) i read The Mortal Instruments first and then The Infernal Devices and really liked it that way, but if i could go back i think i might read the infernal devices first so that in books like City of Heavenly Fire, i know who more of the characters are and the references make more sense. i think both ways would work for anybody though :)
Farah is the infernal devices better than the mortal instruments?
Hailey Honestly, I read the infernal devices and it was so much easier to understand the lives of the shadowhunters than if I had started with the mortal instruments.
Tiffany Taylor I think that reading the infernal devices first then the mortal instruments is better because you learn more from the infernal devices and then it will make more sense when you read the mortal instruments
Wise Cat I knew TID was a prequel to TMI, but I read the latter in its entirety without knowing I was "supposed" to read it after the third book in TMI, since that's the order of publication.

But it's against my nature to stop in the middle of a series like that! I had to read all 6 books, as I wanted to know what happens!

I'm now reading TID, starting Clockwork Prince. There are spoilers in the last book of TMI I guess, but I didn't find anything too major.

I do know The Bane Chronicles contains spoilers about Tessa, Will, and Brother Zacariah's real identity! LOL, I wanted to read about Magnus so bad (I love this guy), I read it right after TMI!

Now that I know just how many books there are or will be in this entire Shadowhunters saga, I'm not sure if I'm going to read them ALL or read them in the "right" order! I like to read, but it's a little overwhelming or daunting she wrote so man books. I want to read a couple of companion books: Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy" to learn how Simon became a Shadowhunter, and Shadowhunter Codex.

More books are due out this year I see!

Personally I'm going to read in order I'm in the mood for...I know I could find spoilers, but even so I won't know the details of HOW that came to be. Or the when/where. I'm going to just keep telling myself these aren't real people even though they feel like it.
naz - the first three books in TMI
- all of TID
- the last three books in TMI
- the novellas
Rumsha Just read The Infernal Devices ONLY.
The immortal instruments is a TRASH!
Eve I think that the Mortal Instruments is a better introduction to the world of Shadowhunters, but I prefer the Infernal Devices.
Talia You should read the Mortal Instruments first because it gives you a better understanding of the world. But you can also read the first three books of the mortal Instruments series than the infernal devices, than the last three.
Sarah Mortal instruments
Court Buman read the mortal instruments first, then read the infernal devices.
It's true there are hints but the infernal devices of The clockwork angel interfears with Book #4 of TMI Clockwork Prince interfears with Book#5 and Clockwork princess interfears with City of Heavenly Fire.
Camille I read the Mortal Instruments first and then the Infernal Devices, and it worked pretty well. However in City of Heavenly Fire, there are spoilers to the Infernal Devices, read the first five Mortal Instruments, then the Infernal Devices and then City of Heavenly Fire.
Gabi I'd say for sure read The Infernal Devices before the last three book of The Mortal Instruments, because there are spoilers.
Brooke Vickerman Tmi then tid. Tmi was released first, it was probably Cassandra's intention to have her readers read tmi first.
Afroditejackson1512 i'd say the tmi first so that you can make your theories.....and then tid...
Shalayla Warren When I was younger I started the Mortal Instruments at first, but didn't realize the two series were intertwined. I actually didn't finish the Mortal Instruments, and then two years later I picked up the Infernal Devices and absolutely loved it because at that moment I realized they were connected. I think reading all three books of the Infernal Devices first is good. I know people say that reading it "How Clare intended", and mixing the two series is the way to go, but I found it only amped up the Mortal Instruments for me by reading it after the fact. Because then you know the past, and then you think "Now let's read the future"
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