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meh, so far it is full of USA propaganda... Well written, but the BS is getting old. Fast. Hope it moves away from the 9/11, and 'American agents save the world' trash soon...?

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Nandakishore Mridula I am almost a hundred pages in, and already the racism and the Orientalist perspective is nauseating. The story is boring, and the book is badly written to boot. The only thing that is making me carry on is the prospect of writing a review properly trashing this piece of bovine excrement.
Lana Thrilling, smart and well written. For over a year, I have been trying to find a book that would keep my interest from the beginning till the last page. I even read the acknowledgments. Have some poetic licenses been taken with reality? Sure, but so what? It's a spy novel afterall. I too am sick and tired of criticism of violent and inhumane terrorism being called "American propaganda". I remember living in New York on 9/11 and exactly where I was when the towers fell. Shame on the haters for downplaying the importance of that date in world history and the bravery of the heros in NYC on that day.

Gary Well, it's kind of customary for a U.S.-based spy story, based in post 9/11, to have a pro-U.S. slant. You must not like James Bond books because of all that "God Save the Queen" nonsense, right?
Christian Orr Waah-waah, boo-frickity-hoo. Your political correctness-laden whining just gave me more motivation to buy the book, thank you very much.
Brian Krause If you don't like 'American agents save the world trash' then don't read it. I live in a free country. Do you?
John Afraid not. If anything it gets worse, with a bizarre thread of thinly-veiled racism thrown in for good measure.
Wdmoor Hmm. Propaganda? No, I didn't get that at all.
Laura Anders Nobody could save the world during 9/11 and on that dark day, the bad guys won. Maybe, we save the world in the only way we can... through writing, through literature.
No one can make what happened that day better, but we can pay respect to the trauma everyone went through and if it's done through "American agents save the world trash" then so be it.
Dave Did not get the propaganda feel either. More anti-terrorist than pro-US.
Emmett Hoops So far? What, did you read all the way to page 12? Perhaps you should turn your interest to stories of great Canadians or great Uzbeks who travel with the power and reputation of their nation's security services. They realistically couldn't get a break on a parking ticket in Turkey or anywhere else. This book has every element necessary to make it astonishingly readable.
James Finney Agreed.. flacid. I've just finished this book and had to fight with myself not to end it prematurely..
At times enjoyable, but the overall sense of USA Hoo Ahhh(!) and anti muslim rhetoric was tiresome. Not gritty enough for someone who has seen and participated in so much.
Beverlee Couillard This is one of the best books I've read in several years, certainly among my Top 5 for 2015/16. Long yes, but the writing is so good. I usually prefer books that have more dialog than narrative, but this writer handled this so well. The scary part for me, is that this could actually happen. The protagonists remark, as best remembered: When a people continually threaten you, god-fearing people or not, you'd better listen. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in this story, our bureaucracy doesn't have a lot of great listeners. The way this was handled by a very few, was astounding and wonderful. I found it not at all about propaganda, in fact, showing just the opposite. Does anyone hope our "agents" will not try to save the world from a horror like this? I just hope the many agencies that are supposed to do this, cooperative and use their heads instead of their politics.
Graham I Am Pilgrim was a rip roaring read of the first order. A great spy novel, great crime novel and some good old story telling. Yes, it's written from a Western perspective - but then some of the bad 'guys' get away, some of them don't.
Ilja Bakker Hate-Like, Hate-Like,.... what are you all about? Freedom of Speech.... there is no obligation to read this or any other book. Imagine no one writing this. Would we have missed out? I hope to think so. This book could have been written form any perspective, the good the bad and the ugly. Either way, someone will criticise it. Isn't that great... that we don't all believe and think alike? Otherwise we'd all be reading and agreeing to the same book. Sound familiar, 1984????
Mikey Inglish I mean, I can't seem to be able to finish it - it's way too boring for my liking...
Pureokie Is there any wrong with USA propaganda? Scratching my head, over the reason why someone would have that issue. If the book was set from another country wouldn't it have that countries propaganda attached to it? Doesn't the idea of what happened in this book send chills through your spine?
Tash E When I said well written.... I only meant the first 20 pages suckers, because that's all I could stomach. I just read a spectacular review that completely slayed the writing and plot of this terrible novel. It made me happy hahaha, its the little things these days ...
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