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Is the series of the book worth reading???

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Nico @Gabby how's not liking the book makes me a bad person?

The book is your run of the mill YA cheesy love story. Albeit written in first person perspective, which a lot of writers seems to consider this as the easiest PoV to write, it fails to deliver an engaging character.

How the main character reacts, what she did, most of the time, aren't something that's easy to relate to.

The pacing in the book is terrible, and instead of doing it by narrative, the writer took the easy route by doing frequent "X days/weeks/months later" type of thing.

The characters are straight up black and white, good vs evil. Which is fine considering this is a YA book. But like seriously, unless you're like 14 years old who can't understand why Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are good, this book is not for you.

I also dislike the fact that many readers think that having a weak female lead who cries every 5 minutes when something is not all unicorns and rainbows and drools over guys only because they're good looking and having their brains shut off every time a hot guy passes by is a good thing. I get it, you people like romance. But come on, at least have some respect that females can be smart too, that they can make good strong independent lead characters who can make smart judgement without being easily distracted by some guy's face or tall and muscular body. I'm sick of all these terrible female lead portrayals by YA books nowadays.
Ara no not really, it is not worth it. It is another fantasy book you pick up, then realize its just a cheesy love story. ughhhhhhh it sucked
Todd Loyd Short answer, if you are the demographic the book was intended for, yes. If you are not, no.
Timothy I picked up the first in the series, "Shadow and Bone" and started reading it the other night as a break from other books I am currently reading. I read 80 pages before I knew it. It is very good. Different than the typical out there right now. The only thing that I can really compare it to in feel is Graceling by Kristin Cashore.
I am thoroughly impressed so far.
Arielle I think that it's an awesome series. Not really your typical love story, but not really a typical fantasy series either. There are so many things in the book Shadow and Bone that are applicable to real life. I've been reading it slowly, yet it is a fast book to read. When I first started this series, I was intrigued to see where it would go. I have to say that there are a lot of unexpected twists that a reader wouldn't expect, but that doesn't blow the reader off course. I was reading all along, curious to see what would happen, and then I got to page three hundred and the series revolved a whole three-hundred-and-sixty degrees for the better. Just read it, you'll be glad you did.
Anis Athirah YES.
No questions asked.
It's thoroughly different than other books that I've read before, and it's just.... amazing! I say that, this book is indeed worth the time and money,
Nienke De Waal Depends on your own preference. To me, Shaow and Bone was the book that got me reading YA after years of shunning the whole genre (had some bad (cough- Twilight - cough) experiences) with the eternally present stupid main characters and generic love triangle plots.

The series are fresh, in that it contains some dreadful elements of mainstream YA, but does a double take on them. Characters of the Grisha series are often flawed instead of perfect. They can at times be selfish, cruel, disloyal, honestly ignorant and petty, even the supposed-to-be-perfect heroes. They feel like real people with their own motivations. Bardugo shows us a fantasy world with sarcasm.
The humor is even better. Beware for a lot of spunk and witty lines.

I would definitely recommend the Shadow and Bone trilogy,

but the Six of Crows duology is even better. Sadly, this one plunges you into the world that is build in the first trilogy and without context, a lot of symbolism and information will go straight over your head. :)
Sydni Well, it depends. I'd say it is worth reading if you want just a light read or want something similar to the YA series nowadays. If you want something good and original, I would say absolutely not, even though I did enjoy this. This, in my opinion, is kind of like Red Queen but a bit more chivalrous and less dystopian. Also, if you wanted to read her other book Six of Crows, reading this first makes it a LOT easier to understand. If you want a book that's good and original I'd recommend Heartless by Marissa Meyer.
Andra I know I'm 3 years late, but I just wanna say that I personally really liked this book. Not judging anyone who disagrees (@Nico), but just wanna state my opinion. Honestly, even my aunt enjoyed it, so...
Skylar Yes, it is. It`s a world completely different from our own. I could not put the book down. "It was unlike anything I`ve ever read." review by Veronica Roth, author of Divergent.
Crystal It's alright, I gave it 3 stars. Nothing special but readable. My advise to you is to read the first book, skip the rest and then just move straight into the sister duology: SIX OF CROWS.

Six of Crows is far superior to this book and you don't even need to read the Grisha trilogy first to understand what's going on. (It's set in the same world but different characters).
Cat Attack It is cheesy with the love part but as someone who basically skipped over the teenage YA part of life I enjoyed it. The main character is quite whiny but the plot is decent if you can get passed that.
Meishuu If you're 1) a teen, 2) haven't read much YA fantasy or fantasy in general/aren't a big reader, 3)bored and have nothing else to read or 4) curious I guess? I wanted to see what the hype was all about. The book is not the worst out there but is really just your typical YA cliché full of annoying tropes and a female lead who does nothing but whine and complain.

I recommend "The Language of Thorns" if you want to take a peek at the author's writing. They are short stories and aren't bogged down by YA tropes (mostly).

There are much better YA fantasy books out there with better female leads.
Annika Absolutely! It's a great book! I read it in one sitting.
Hannah lansford Yes, i have only read the first book and it was so good i bought the whole series because i needed to read more! There is so much adventure and thrill, and i swear there a plot twist every couple pages. It makes you want to just read it the whole night!
Sudeep NO . This book is definitely not worth reading unless you are looking for twilight 2.0 where the female protagonist keeps crying and drooling over alpha males every two seconds . The characters are often annoyingly irritating and unengaging . The female protagonist , being as powerful as she is , still can't do shit . The interactions are extremely cheesy and cringey . The male characters are often full of themselves and toxic masculanity . And I just hate Malyen . This is your typical YA with a cheesy love story and a bad storyline
Cáitín-Bríd Ní Chonalláin It is a book worth reading!
I see alot,I mean a lot of bad reviews but honestly I really enjoyed this series!It's also not ridiculously expensive or anything so if you are looking for a nice YA Fantasy book then I would definitely recommend!Not the Best book series out there but I really did enjoy it!
Vicky | A City Girl's Thoughts It's ok. I decided to read this after all the hype on social media but I started with King of Scars (which you SHOULDN'T do) because my library didn't have this copy available at that time. You HAVE to read this series first before reading KoS so that's why I read this.
As I said before it's ok but I felt like a few chapters were missing in the beginning because there was no buildup. The villain is broody and a *little* sexy but Bardugo never explained why he's bad until the middle, which also comes out weird. I'll continue this series but unless you want to read the Six of Crows duology and King of Scars I'd say pass on this one
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Gbolahan Yup.

That alone was my initial answer then I submitted. But goodreads sent me this: "Sorry, your answer is too short. To post your answer, please add more detail."

So, yup. The series of this book is worth reading. It was worth writing.
Christine It's amazing. If you're looking for the run of the mill - super smart, sassy, all around perfect lead then this may not be the one for you though. The main character is flawed, weak, and makes mistakes but she also learns from them at a realistic pace.
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