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P.J. Sullivan asked:

Does this book mention that salt is poisonous, unfit for human consumption?

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Michael Ever heard the phrase "the dose makes the poison"? Everything is toxic if you reach the right dose, salt included. Salt is a critical nutrient to most animal diets, drop it too low, and you'll end up with hyponatremia. Luckily this is a rare risk in modern diets.
Derek Drifmeyer You will literally die without salt.
tom it doesn't, because that would be nonsense.
David Please list your natural food sources for sodium and chloride that do not include "salt". Please explain how you are able to ensure these sources have ZERO rock salt. Please explain how the Japanese generally have the longest lifespans but also possibly the highest salt consumption. Please explain the correlation of higher salt intake and longer lifespans.

Please also explain your beliefs that vaccines cause autism, that the world is flat (or hollow) and that fluoride is used to mind control the general population.
Veronica That's clearly false. Everyone eats salt.
Miranda It isn't mentioned, because it's not relevant in the context of the book. This is a history of salt as a product and an industry, not a chemical and toxicological analysis.
Scott Korin Why would it lie to us like that?
Breanna Liston You'd be a corpse without salt. The body needs salt. Even funner fact: most countries put Iodine in salt to avoid iodine deficiency. So not only do we need salt, we also need iodine otherwise all sorts of medical issues will come into play.
Haschwald Hahaha of course you will die withou salt XD
Matthew Why are you so salty?
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