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Do the Dresden files have any romance or is it all paranormal police work and action scenes?

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Jill There is romance in the background in some books: books 3, 5 and 12 for Susan. A childhood love appears in books 4 and 9, but they don't act on it. And there is a brief romance that happens mostly offstage, that we hear small bits about, there are a few build-up scenes... everything else happens between books or off stage.

The biggest romantic scene is in book 5. The one Susan returns in and is a pivotal book in many ways. Susan's return sets up later books on multiple levels and some serious antagonists make their first appearance. Plus the story internal mythology for vampires gets even deeper and the mythos for Denarians is introduced.

There is a scene (non-romantic) in book 7 that is worth reading all the books for.

The thing about Harry is that he is not much on talking about his feelings. All the same, it's clear that he has them. What happens with Susan tears him apart through the whole series. Harry's heart is a deep well which is why he always puts himself between the little guy and the big baddies.

The series is in no way a Paranormal Romance. And it's not all Paranormal police work either. Harry gets fewer "cases" but continues to battle the paranormal baddies with increasingly get bigger and badder. So there is a lot of action and a lot of tension increasing with each book.

Harry is not a cop, he's a wizard—so when he meet him, he mostly uses his skills for finding lost items or people. He has few clients because most people don't take the wizard part very seriously. He gets called in by the CPD's paranormal division on occasion to consult only, which pays is bills, barely. The more paranormal bad guys and gals he defeats, the more he becomes a target. But Harry doesn't always make the right choices either...these bad choices, even though sometimes for the right reasons, gets him tied into some very bad situations which Harry has to climb out of with tooth and nail—nail-biters for the readers.

I highly recommend the series, it's the cream of the crop of Urban Fantasy.
Guillaume There's little romance 4 books in, but even if Dresden's love life is never the focus in the book, it is in the background often.
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