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Am I old enough to read this? I am 15 years old and very mature, although I have heard this is graphic. What are your thoughts on the age-appropriate-ness and the material? :)

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aPriL does feral sometimes Maturity might not be the problem if you are what is called 'sensitive'? If chopped off heads, sword stabbing, child rape and descriptions of rotting bodies do not make you physically ill or give you nightmares then this book is interesting. Whatever the age, sensitive readers would cringe through the book. However, it doesn't linger on details, so I'd consider it medium graphic on violence, a bit milder on sex details. But even babies are killed, briefly described. The book is set in a Middle Ages European type world, with a lot of primitive sword cutting and women are property.

Fifteen is an in-between age. Some fifteen year old girls have been very protected by their parents and have not dated and have gone to church every Sunday and only go to parent watched/come along events. For those kind of 15's , this book would be forbidden by the parents.
Gabe Yes I'm 11 and I just read it
Roman Marshall If you're claiming to be mature then you shouldn't have to ask this question. Your question contradicts itself.
Carl Rosenmeier I read it when I was 12 so I think you're good to go;)
Sarah Seeing as this question is over a year old you have probably made your decision, but I want to weigh in anyway. I have three kids, one of which is 15. My husband really likes the Game of Thrones series and so we have all of them. I'm reading the first one right now. My 15 year old wants to read them and really I don't think its that big of a deal. By 15 I think you are old enough to gage what you are comfortable reading and you are free to put it down if you don't like it (really I think we don't give our kids enough credit to make these decisions). If you have questions about things in the book you should be mature enough to ask your parents.
Angelica I'm 15 too, and I've read all of them and personally for me I didn't think they were that bad- I mean definitely better than the show, but it just depends on you.
Kerry I'm only twelve. If your a mature fifteen year old, you should be able to handle it, if your sensitive maybe not. But if you like fantasy, definitely try it out.
Leela You should totally read the book. I'm 16 and like you was a little bit worried, but after I'd actually cracked the book open and found the courage to read it... well if I'm being perfectly honest, I found it rather tame. Having seen the TV show I can assure you that the descriptions are no where near as graphic, and that the story is appropriate for anyone who's old enough to read books like The Catcher and the Rye.
Dennis I've seen/read much worse pre 15, still alive today. Btw you're 18 now I'd assume, are you scarred for life after reading it?
Elisabeth Öhman Fantastisk serie. Om du känner för att läsa den så gör det!
Nivin Test of maturity. Have you played GTA and you loved it? Then you are mature enough to read this book :)

Nothing "sensitive" in this book is going to hurt you then :D
David Hambling So long as you're not too smart this should be fine; otherwise you might find it a bit unsophisticated.

There's no adult content (anything requiring an understanding of the adult world), but lots of fantasy sex-n-violence aimed at the teen market.
Sara 🌹 It defiantly depends on the person if you feel like you are mature enough and can handle the content then go for it it. I'm 15 and I watch the TV series it's super good so after you read the series defiantly watch the show!
Oni 15 years is the minimum age I'd say you should read this.
Jon Honestly, I have absolutely no problem with the maturity content of the book... It's one of my all-time favorites, and I think that as long as you have basic knowledge of certain things, you should be fine. Most of it's politics, anyways. The only thing I'd be careful about is that some parts are unbelievably gory, but you can always skip those, and the first major one actually comes in the third book (worry not, you've lots of time). Good luck!
Lesli Nelson I think it is okay for young adults to read the Game of Thrones series.
TDWlee I just read the book.Same age as you.No problem at all.
Now go and get yourself a copy.
Amenophis If you can revel in the beauty of a painting, lust for the phrase lines of a poet or novelist , dream on the notes of a symphony, and then asess the cruelty of human kind with a cold mind, yes you can. It is shocking as it goes through the eyes of completely different characters without any regard to the dizziness that induces to the reader's mind. Shocking a young mind may lead it to accepting certain ideas. That is required of you to be able to filter out. I would say you need a few more years getting in slow gulps of real facts from humanity's history and culture.
Victoria🌻 I'm pretty young, but my best friend and I just finished the second book and we loved it. It would depend on how squeamish you are. There is a lot of violence and some inappropriate moments, but if you just kind of skim read those or skip a few pages, it should be okay.
Drakes Yes, I read it with the same age.
Not Graham Thomas seriously dude i read the series when i was 12 and there is a lot of sex
Duaa I read this when I was 14. The TV show is very graphic but the book; not so much. Also it's an easy read. It's like a story telling book and it's awesome so you should totally read it!!!
Hattie Okay so I am twelve and pretty mature for my age. I started reading the books when I was twelve and finished like 3 moths later. I really enjoyed them, even though they're the most graphic books I have read. I never had a problem with the violence, whereas the sex scenes I kind of didn't pay that much attention to them (Because of the sex, my parents won't let me watch the tv series and to be honest I don't feel the need to). If you are quite sensitive, I agree I don't think they are the right books for you. Hope this helped :)
Sarah Stanton I am 15 and just started reading the books and I think they are fine although I do agree that if you are more sensitive then you probably shouldn't read it.
Stefan Zak Based on personal experience, yes! I read all the books that are currently out in asoiaf series when i was 14.
Although certain aspects of R.R.Martin's writing is particularly brutal, controversial (e.g.rape) and merciless, i found that the books did not affect me in a negatively, psychologically speaking.
Belle2 i watched the show when i was 12, i see myself as mature also, so i think youll be fine.
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