Hannah asked:

Is this book good? Somebody recommended it to me.

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eweFace Nope.
I haven't finished the first book and I'll be honest, I don't like talking dirt about childrens books because it's no use.
But, this book is... unbearable. The characters are flat, it's like Shannon just ironed them. The pacing is bad, Sophie and almost every character except for adults are annoying as hell. There's no real development. Everyone is perfect blah blah blah, Sophie judges every person she sees, yet is described as a naive character... It's pretentious.
This book is just... too ridiculous for me.
The only thing that I liked though, was the setting. I would've liked to travel in a whirpool to Atlantis.
Brittany Quarters This book is great. I'm fifteen, and I read it with an open mind. I didn't focus on the writing or the characters, I read it just to have fun.
I own all of them so far and have loaned them to all my friends, who also loved them.

And, keep in mind, this is a book written for middle graders. Not teens. It wasn't written for people used to YA books with more complex themes.

This is a book to laugh at and have fun with, I highly recommend it.

And don't be a Rotten Egg, it wasn't for us older readers anyway. :)

Who recommended it to you? Do they own the book? If so, you could just ask to borrow it or look at it. And, you can start reading the beginning on Amazon.
I hope you do read it. :)
Rotten Egg It depends what type of characters you like.
Do you enjoy reading about those oh-so-flawless heroes/heroines that always get their way? Then this is the right choice for you.
If you like round, well developed characters with ups and downs, do not read this book and spend your money!
In my opinion, I did not find this book fun because the characters and the plot were too predictable for the older readers like me.
Hope this helps :)
Ari Sharks I read a lot. And I mean a LOT. I have over two hundred books in my bedroom, plus more scattered around my house, and I have read all of them. And this series is my second favorite series ever. It is incredible. My best friend and I are obsessed. I would disagree with one of the answers though-- while it may have been aimed for 11-13 year olds, I think the plot is extremely complex and entertaining, and thus a great read for teens, too. I am sure I will enjoy these books no matter what age I am.

And don't listen to these other people. Sophie and the gang are incredible. Fun, entertaining, witty, but flawed, too, so they seem like real people(or elves, if you wish to be technical). I wish they were my friends.
Totally_Not_An_Alien144 Honestly I would say it's not worth your time. I don't want to go around trashing childrens books, but this book isn't just bad, it also just has some pretty harmful messages in general. Would not recommend.
Tj Fry Good book has tons of action and some romance it is very good plz read
abi well actually I think this book can be read by any age but I also think middle aged might enjoy it more but im almost 14 and I thought it was awesome!
Christi It is the BEST THING EVER!
Anna Sobczak Yes It is very good.
Lem◍nade Midnight It's literally absolutely terrible in every way imaginable. It's probably my least-favourite book.
Sadie Rosewood No.
The main character is so annoying, judging people about their appearances before personality, like deciding she had a crush on Fitz just because of his looks. And she is such a Mary Sue and very predictable, always screaming into her pillow "I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL" at the end of the day. This story is totally biased towards humans and people who don't have an above average IQ. Elves even go ahead and call their students "prodigies" to distinguish them from the normal, "stupid" humans.
Ariana Everdeen Here's how I'd put it: It's an engaging story, but it's not that well written. If you're reading solely or entertainment purposes, congratulations, you've found a great book! If you're someone who's more critical on the reading level and stuff ( Which is practically no one), don't try it. I still think you should check it out and see for yourself. Everyone has different opinions.

I just realized you wrote that 6 years ago...😂
Joshua this is a great book when i read it i was i 10 in my opinion it was a great book.
Kradel Addie i practically live and breath this book.
Waterlily YES! Just wait until you start reading.

It is so interesting to watch the main character and her friends grow. Rereading the series after you finish book 6 or 7 is even more fun than reading the series for the first time because you get to "yell" some of the characters.
Jbean I personally loved the book, it was like all genres in one; Fantasy being the alpha genre.

There where great characters and plot build and every time I finished a book my mind was wondering what was going to happen next? Also begging my parents to get the next one immediately was a normal thing and people would ask me if i was OK when I was dancing around screaming its hear with the book in my hands like Simba being thrown in the air in the lion king.
Nana Yes Hannah, It's great book!
Michaelyn I love this book. It's super good because it's not some perfect world that a lot of books are, it's an engaging story and it really makes you stop and think for a while. There's also some super funny parts as well, and it's just an amazing book.
S+N Fandrich totally!!!!
It is a awesome book!!!!!
Kitty This is my favorite book series. (that's a lot coming from me) I understand why some people might say its predictable. But, it is written for anyone who wants to read it. The characters are all different and there is a shocking storyline. You will never see what's coming.
*Amelia* This series is AWESOME. I liked it more than Harry potter
Haley Ford trust me, you will looovvveee it!!!!!
Lots_to_do The book is ok, it can get a little mushy sometimes and the future books feel like the plot is going in circles a lot sometimes. However I do really love the climaxes and the plot twists are NEXT level. Seriously though, they are amazing and you will probably never realize them until you've actually read the book.
Panda22 Okay, personally, I LOVE the series. I know not everyone adores it, but all 8 books have had me on the edge of my seat. I started the series in March and finished in October. That's how much I loved reading it!

Though, I do agree, it is defitently more appealing to younger people (pre-teens, teens) but it could be for anyone of any age!
Sofie Honestly? I think it depends on:

a. The kinds of books you like. If you liked books like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, you'd probably like KotLC.

b. This isn't a big one, but age. I've noticed the older the person is when the series is started, the less the reader seems to like it. But that's just most common. Some people have started the series at 16 and still love it.

I personally LOVE these books and it's in my top three favorite series, but that's just me. I'd give the first book a try (finish the first book--it gets better from there) and start the second book. If you're into it, keep going! If not, stop. If you're that far and still are not enjoying it, you won't like the rest of the series.
Amreader09 This is the best series in the whole world. I really think you should read it.
Emma Smith It's a very good book! You should definitely read it.
Lydia OMG. I never really liked to read until I read this book! My younger cousin has the 8 1/2 and I'm can not wait to get my hands on it!!! :)
Gerta This book is so good! The first book is the most boring out of all of the series, but don't let that stop you!
you feel like you are right there with evreyone and making decisions with them all. and sometimes I get a little carried away and I start yelling at characters!🤣🤣I yell at fitz the most... I hate how he treats her in exile and legacy😡😡 and in other books I am probably forgetting right now. Anyway I highly recommend it:)😀😀😀
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