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What age is this book appropriate for? 11 yo old?

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Damian I just read the first book, so while it is fresh in my memory I'll chime in here.

I would say an 11 year old who was reasonably mature for his age should have no problem with the violence. While it can be somewhat graphic, it really does not get any worse than the level of violence in some popular YA literature (the Hunger Games comes to mind as a good example of this). So, if you would allow your 11 year old to read the Hunger Games trilogy, then Mistborn (at least the first book, which is all I've read so far) should not prove to be an issue, as far as violence goes.

Language is not an issue in this book, at least not for the average 11 year old. There are a few instances of "damn", and a few more of the phrase "bloody hell", but they are very infrequent. Crude humor is either extremely rare, or nonexistent, depending on how you define it--the worst I've seen so far is one of the characters subtly (and jokingly) suggesting that his friend had been fleeing an approaching army because he had been caught with the king's daughter. Ultimately, though, you will hear worse language and far worse crude humor in your average PG-rated movie these days.

Sexual content is the thing that would give me pause here, but not in the way you might think. There are no "sex scenes" at all as far as I have read. However, as someone else mentioned, there are multiple references and allusions to nobles taking skaa (slave) women to bed, and killing them later, sometimes once they are already pregnant. It is very strongly implied if not outright stated that these women have no choice in the matter. I must emphasize that Sanderson always presents this practice as an atrocity, and never for titillation or shock value.

Ultimately, I would recommend the Mistborn series for a reasonably mature 11 year old, with the caveat that the parent has to be the type of parent that regularly engages with their child on the media they take in. If that is you, then you will definitely find many opportunities for excellent conversations with your child as they read the series.
Linda Barnett No, there is way too much violence, some of it very graphic, for an 11 year old. If they like fantasy go with something like the Harry Potter series, any of Robin Hobbs books would probably be appropriate, Rick Riodan's Percy Jackson series, or Kenneth Oppel's Airborn series is also good.

Most of Anne McCaffery's books - and there are a lot - would also be good for them to read. She has a dozen, at least, different series and writes a very engaging story no matter which one you start with.

There is a LOT of young adult sf and fantasy out there that doesn't have overt sex and violence and that would be better for an avid 11 year old reader.
Gretchen I would personally say it would be best for a 12 or 13-year-old based on the reading difficulty and some of the content. There is no vile language, unless you count "damn" and "bloody hell" as that, with the exception of the term b@st@rd being used once or twice. However, the book does mention rape quite a couple of times, so unless your child knows what that is or you are okay with your child coming to you and asking what rape is, then I wouldn't give it to an 11-year-old to read.
Claire Byrne I would say no, several parts have not just extreme violence and are also too disturbing.
Andrew Jensen It would be Okay for a mature 11 year old but if they are not then they shouldn't read it because of the graphic violence, romance and profanity.
Lizzie Those whom I know have read it were between 15 and 22 years old. If as an 11 year old you are good at reading and comprehending and don't have trouble with violence and politics, I'd say go ahead, however it might be a bit difficult.
Tara Higgins It depends on whether the 11 yr old can handle the violence and graphic. There may be too much going on for them as in the plot and/or the characters. There are no cursing but there are topics such as "sleeping with skaa women" and then killing them. It also, talks about other sensitive topics, and I would say one should be at least 13/14 yrs. old to read.
Pun Otakufrenzy Is it appropriate for 11 years old? Well, there's killing and fighting and a very deep plot. If you asked me, I'll say that it is quite appropriate for 11 years old. Unfortunately, I finished those books for many years and could not recalled completely if there are any "18+ sex scene" or not, but other than that, if you don't mind 11 years old read about killing and fighting, then it should be okay. Though some plot might be too deep for an 11 years old (in my opinion at least).

Hope this help.
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