Goodreads asked E.A. Bucchianeri:

What are you currently working on?

E.A. Bucchianeri There are a couple of projects in the works. At present, I am attempting to write a continuation of my first novel, “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly”.

I wrote “Brushstrokes” to take a break from my non-fiction work on the Faustian legend in history and literature before moving on to the classical music aspect in Volume 3 ~ a work in progress. However, I couldn’t move back to Faust right away, quickly after the novel came out I received a few requests to write a sequel. Those who enjoyed “Brushstrokes” didn’t want the book to end the way it did. Give us more!

For the record, “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly” is a non-smutty, character-driven romance, yet has a lot more than just romance: philosophy, art, inner soul-searching quests, silly slapstick sections, biting critical satire, you name it. There was one secondary character who became important as the story developed, he is a catalyst that brings about several events, yet quietly and almost imperceptibly for he always stays in the background. I love all my characters, but I must admit he's one of my favourites, a noble soul. I wish I could have delved more into his life in the first book, not to mention a few of the other characters, but the storyline at the time didn’t allow me to do that, so I am rather glad I started the sequel and now have the opportunity.

If you’re curious to know more, my ‘pet’ character is an exorcist and an expert in mysticism: Monsignor Peter Reinold. He has been blessed with some rare spiritual gifts and has experienced several strange mystic occurrences. He's practically a saint-in-the-making and therefore must endure the dreaded trials of temptation. Naturally, he is a tough character to develop, which is probably why I love him, he makes me think on many different levels. Should he be a fallen yet redeemed man like St. Augustine, or perhaps be like one of those saints who survived every trial and never fell as grievously? The decisions an author has to make! What is also proving a challenge is I never intended to write a sequel to “Brushstrokes”, so how to continue without making the second book too much like the first, yet keep the theme and ‘feel’ of the original story while also introducing new characters plus reveal more about the original ones? Let’s just say it’s complicated! I am not sure when I will be finished, (I keep getting distracted by other writing projects), but I will get it done. Perseverance!

UPDATE June 2018 ~the rough draft is done! VOCATION OF A GADFLY will be published SOON! Stay tuned!

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