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Does this series get better? I've read the first two and I was pretty bored. I know that some people really like the first two and I'm not trying to insult them. But are they all pretty much the same pace?

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Justina Furman I love the house of night series they are my favorite books. Its ok if you dont like them but if you keep reading further you will get more and more attached to the books I did it might not work for everyone but it worked for every one i recomended them too.
Devon For the sake of your own well being, Do.Not.Pick.This.Up.
It is pretty decent after maybe the first three, and then suddenly there is a fourth... fifth...sixth...and by this time you are trying in vain to keep reading because you already wasted investing your time in the first six.
Stephanie I am also very picky when it comes to read and yes the first book or so is very slow and I almost gave up but they get so so so much better I love this series!
Taylor I loved all of the books! each one left off right where the last one stopped and one by one they became more enchanting! Its always exciting to read about Zoey's boy trouble lol. If you didn't like the first one then its just not your type of book.
Dara This series had me attached instantly so if you read the first two and were bored you may not like them, In the second book did you cry? If you did that may show that you were attached to the characters so maybe keep going. I loved each and everyone of these books, i reread them all too! So maybe just open your mind and give it a chance? Hope i helped xoxox
Elisabeth I think that you won't like the rest of the series if you didn't like the first book(s). But that doesn't matter, there's plenty of fish in the sea :)
Elisabeth I don't care for young adult fiction, so I'm very picky, but this series was BORING. The ideas are good. The plot is good but it just goes nowhere. The first two I found to be the best of the series. The third was okay, I guess. It took me over a year to get through the fourth. It was confusing and slow, just boring. I am the type who gets done a thick book in an hour or two. This was just moving way too slow though, it's just not exciting and the plot got confusing.
Bridget I felt that this series had some serious ups and downs. I really loved the first 4-5 books, then things slowed down for the next 3 or 4 before picking back up. It's a big commitment to read them all and it's not realistic to do if you aren't in love with the characters. My love for Zoey, Stevie Rae, Shawnee, Erin, Damien, etc., is what kept me coming back book after book.
Shy-lynn Jariett I will be honest I am a VERY picky person when it comes to reading so if something bores me I will drop the book and walk away from it I have read the whole series and they were great slow moving in the beginning but gets intense as you go along because she built it to slowy bring you into the story I hope I helped
Erica Nope. The 7th book was ok but that's kinda because they didn't focus on the main plot too much till the end. Other than that don't waste your time.
Emily Clifford
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Brian & Crystal Depends on the person really you may or not like the book series I myself like them but, you may not and it does get better in my opinion my advice is just read them and you be the judge of whether or not they were good or not everyone has their own taste in books
Cheyenne Light I love The House Of Night series. And yes they do get better. Personally I think P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast are awesome at writing adult fiction. Maybe, Ashley, maybe this just isn't your type of book... But if you like romance and books in that general area then you should read ' The Truth About Forever'. Hope I helped!!
Natalie Hougland I'm not sure the book itself is just... strange? It doesn't really go anywhere It's just an endless loop of Zoey dealing with the "bad guys" and her boyfriends. I would just read the first book and then determine what your gonna do with the other 12 books.
Katie I read the series when I was quite young (maybe 12 or 13) and really enjoyed Marked and even Betrayed. I thought Chosen and Untamed were fine, though not as good as the first two. Hunted and everything after that was just terrible. The worst book in the series was probably Burned. I read the first nine novels but really had to force myself through the last few of them. I never even touched books ten to twelve and I am immensely annoyed that PC and Kristen Cast are actually writing another series about the same effing characters. So, no, it really doesn't get any better and if you did not even like the first two books then you should just abandon this series.
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