Amanda asked Michael J. Sullivan:

Hi Michael, In the Riyria Revelations, could you say that any of the characters are a reflection of yourself or act and think similarly to you? Thanks.

Michael J. Sullivan Well if my wife can be believed I have both Royce and Hadrian traits. I would say that normally I'm like Hadrian...optimistic, taking people at their word, and possessing a sense of honor and doing what is right. But there are times, if a loved one of mine is threatened or in danger that I get very Royce-like. I'm relatively small and have no propensity to violence but I do get sharped tongued and short with people. For instance, you wouldn't have wanted to be the school administrators who tried to convince me to put my son on ADHD medication. In my opinion drugs of this nature are over-prescribed and I would rather my son's grades be lower than risk any long-term health affects. I think they were a bit shocked when I suggested, "I'm sure cocaine would give him more waking hours to study longer, but you won't be seeing me giving him that either." I don't think they usually find most parents responding in such a way. But what can I say, I'm a bit of a rebel and I don't abide "authority figures" well. Both traits that are also common with Royce and Hadrian.

There have been a few times when I have my "Royce mood" on that my wife has commented, "I wish Hadrian were here." As he tends to be more amiable and can find compromises where I just tend to end conversations.

Great question. Thanks for asking.

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