Is each book a stand alone or does the series have to be read in order?

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Catrina There are six books in each little series, you should read the books starting from the original series, then new prophecy, power of three, omen of the stars, and dawn of the clans. As advise from my own mistake, do not read cats of the clans until you've finished pretty much all of them. :) I got so many spoilers.
Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) There's four main series and this is the order you should read in THIS order:
The first series (originally did not have a title, I can't remember the name now.), The New Prophecy, The Power of Three, and Omen of the Stars. There's also Super-Editions and Dawn of the Clans, which is the origin of the clans.
Cracklestorm I think you should each little series in order. First the normal Warriors series, then The New Prophecy, then The Power of Three, then Omen of the Stars, and last or first should be Dawn of the Clans.
BittersweetDreams You could read it in the chronological order, or the order of when the books were published. (Example: If you were reading in chronological order, you'd start with The Sun Trail, but if you were going in the order of when the books were published, you'd start with Into the Wild.)

Reading it any other way would result in major spoilers. Trust me.
Lindsey It is very important to read this series in order. I've tried to read it out of order, that is actually how I first learned about it. Let me tell you, it DOESN'T work. You should probably read: The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecies, The Power of Three, The Omen of the Stars, Vision of Shadows, then Dawn of the Clans. Even though Dawn of the Clans takes place before the other books, it was written after and includes many references to the other series.
Avaminn F'nett Read the books of each series in order. I actually read the New Prophecy first, but I would recommend starting with this one.
Walter A. You must read the series in order to understand it.
James its a series so you should
Lilly I would recommend reading the books in the order of the series. I say this because it is much easier for me to read books in chronological order. You won't have to piece different times together and sometimes, the book gives spoilers to the past books.
Ryas i did not read it in order and i read the whole series

Ash you need to read it in order, for there are 5 books after to continue his story. the series after deal with him but focus on others
Nat You should read them in order. At the last pages of each Warriors book, it shows the books in order. Do not read it any other way or there will be sooo many spoilers! For the super editions it gets harder to know what books it will have spoilers from. You should read the blurb from the super editions to check if you know what's going on.
WolfMike6 im starting with "Into The Wild." i hope thats the way to do it!
Maia Sitter For anyone who may see this...this is a link to my Warriors readers guide. I highly recommend checking it out. It's just a list of how I read the books and is constantly being updated. I highly recommend using it if you are confused on how to read them or have a child who wants to read them. There are a lot of books, so it can be tricky trying to figure out how to go about reading them. :)
Charlene There are Six books in each series, The Prophecies Begins, The new prophecy, The power of three and omen of the stars. though if you don't read them in order you might not understand some parts. I would recommend reading in order as other books later on in the series could carry Huge spoilers
Bailey In my opinion it is lots easier to follow if you read the books in order.
Granine I think you should read them in order. If you read on ahead, there are spoilers that prevent you from reading the other books previous. The Prophecies Begin is the first series
Shelby Defiantly in order. You will find out later.
Sorrelwhisker ❤ LeafClan Yeah. THESE BOOKS ARE MY LIFEEEE
LailaM me to, they are my favorite series in the world!!!!
Audrey You should really read the series in order. But, I guess the brand new series you could just start reading. It's under a new leader.
Featherflight I agree just I would read the 2nd newest series :Dawn of the clans .
Bob There are several series' and you can read them in any order but it might be confusing and you have to read the books in each series in order.
Ella No you need to read the first book for it to make sense the frist book (and my favorite) is WARRIORS Into The Wild. It will make you want to read the whole thing
Tobi You should read the books in order, to be able to understand what's going on, and who they are and stuff. You should read in this order:
Dawn of the Clans, or the original Warriors series, next The New Prophecy, then The Power of Three, and last Omen of the Stars.
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