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Chaol is a joke compared to Sam. Who agrees??

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Kate um, let's be real. everyone is a joke compared to Sam, he's just gahhh.
Terry Fedosky Sam is dead! Is Celaena supposed to grieve forever? Comparing Sam and Chaol is like comparing apples to oranges! And Chaol didn't ship her off for no reason! He did it to get her away from the King.... And I like Dorian but "real"? He is a playboy Prince and he was perfectly aware of where Celaena's heart was, which is why he did the things he did in HoF.....
Spencer Indeed. Chaol is a pebble, and Sam is a diamond.

But I still love Dorian. :D
Ioana As much as I like Chaol, he will never be on the same level as Sam.
Taryn SAMMY!!! I want him back. I don't understand why Sarah J Maas killed him off he's by far the best male in the ToG series as of Queen of Shadows. And yeah Rowan is an amazing character and I'm like in love with him, but Sam was THE GUY. My heart still hurts for him and it's sad but I STILL FREAKING CRY OVER HIM!!! Sam Cortland will never be replaced guys. End of Story
Kim Duda So wish Sam could have been around for the long haul... I like Dorian much better than Chaol. He's just so real and full of life!
Faryal I used to be a HUGE shipper of Chaol and Celeana but then....Sam's just so much more likeable!
Julia Hörmayer Absolutely! Now I feel like she's betraying Sam :-(((
Gabi Obviously. Celaena and Sam were practically soulmates and neither Chaol nor Dorian will ever be able to get up to his level.
Jay Sam <3 It breaks my heart.

Karishma changlani exactly why I love and hate this book at the same time!!
Cecelia Rodriguez
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Megan Wiseman Not really fussed on either. Sam was a fairly weak character. At the beginning of the book he flat out gave the signals that he wasn't a fan of Celaena and then he did a 180 and was like I've loved you for years and then they were all lovey dovey, which to be honest was slightly ridiculous. I just feel like sam and her relationship were under developed. As for Chaol and Celaena well they had some amazing tension going on and they had a well developed romance, it wasn't just one day oh I love you there were hints and signs of developing affection and I actually liked how their relationship was flawed by his inability to accept or see reality and her inability to get past her trust issues, to be honest their relationship added a really interesting dynamic to the novel. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of Celaena and Sam, but I just didn't buy it when he said he had loved her for years.
L. Hancock I liked Sam but I really just didn't feel their love that strongly. I was expecting something more powerful since she claims she loved him more than she ever loved Chaol, but now that feels like a lie.
Alicia Whitt Sam made into my top 3 fav fictional men...
Genevieve Butler Everyone is a joke compared to Sam. I mean, except Rowan. I can't decide who I like more now Sam or Rowan fml.
Joanne Leaf but whatabout sam compared with rowan??
Vivian Chen (Vivian's Book Pavilion) Am i the only one who don't really ship Sam and Celaena? The way they be together was...hum... Sam was a awesome guy...but as for Celaena's reason for being together with him...
Shaylee I think it's okay for Celaena to move on. There's only so long a person can grieve and it's been long enough. I was very content after Sam died when she went to Endovier. I liked Sam, but I didn't get to know him well before he died. Chaol was okay for a time up until the end of book three.
Alexandra I love him so much!!! + Chaol just ship Cealena of to whereever for no particular reason wich annoys the crap out of me....
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