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Do you think Divergent is a rip-off of the hunger games?

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Jennifer Definitely not! The story lines are completely different! The Hunger Games is known for its love triangle, and no love triangle exists in Divergent. Also, the societies are very different. I'd say the only similarity is that they are both set in the future and have a female heroine.
Alexandra Jennifer: I would like to point out that The Hunger Games should absolutely not be judged for the love triangle. Over a thousand kids have died in the games, and all anyone can ever talk about is whether they are Team Peeta or Team Gale?! It should not be a comparison point when the plot goes so much deeper than the heroine being torn between two guys.
Sarahanne Ferrell Absolutely not! You can't even compare the two. Divergent is all about,"The choices people make can change their life and the way they see things," Hunger Games is more about tyranny and oppression and fighting back against the people who make your life hell. So, no I don't think so.
Kathi Sort of, in both books especially in the second book(for divergent series) it is a survival of the fittest. Also if you think about it, the idea behind both books are very similar.
Andreanna Not at all. They are totally different. I would read it if I were you.
Elena You can't compare HG and Divergent,they're apples and oranges!
I wish I haven't read all the Divergent saga. It's not worth it. There're parts that don't make sense. It's terrible,stupid and soulless.
HG is decent. Not very good but you can read it.

Lauren Not at all! The best difference between the 2 is that there is no love triangle!
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Nikitha Nope! Divergent is a unique concept of itself. The arrangement of the society is different. The Factions are different and more interesting than the districts in Hunger Games. They hold different purposes, and teach different life lessons.
DuckGuy For one thing, the main character's names - they're alliterative. So it is suspicious: 'Beatrice' v.s. 'Katniss'.

There are a few other similarities, can we call this coincidence or just recognize the books are both popular because of their similarities?

In any case, whether one was inspired by another or not, even if they were exactly alike, if there were any plagiarism involved, the book would never have gotten published. Let's trust the publisher to know the difference between plagiarism and inspiration.

I think you can be confident in making a case that both Harry Potter and Hunger Games have elements in them that inspire the Divergent series. That's all though. B'H.
Heidi Feldhaus I definitely do not think Divergent is a rip off of the hunger games. They both have some similarities, but not enough to make them the exact same. Each of them have a corrupted government, and both take place in the future. As well as the main characters in both novels are strong independent female leads, but the similarities end there. :)
#1RICKRIORDANFAN Not at all It is totally different in so many ways the only thing similar is districts and factions
Melanie well it has different name so no....
Becki at Becki's Bookshelf No, not at all. While I definitely enjoyed both stories, I don't think that these two books ought to be compared to one another at all. Both books are young adult dystopian novels in a futuristic (sci fi) setting, but beyond that there isn't anything between them that ought to be compared. If anything, I think that Divergent is more like The Giver than it is like The Hunger Games, and all young adult or mid-grade dystopian fiction ought to be compared to the original rather than to The Hunger Games.

They are totally different stories, very different protagonists. I enjoyed both of them thoroughly for their own merits, but liking The Hunger Games is no guarantee that you'll like Divergent (or vice versa).
Masha No, there are no love triangles, and Tris is not being used! Plus in the hunger games there are nothing like divergents.
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