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Angelica Hamilton I'm so annoyed that she didn't read the letters.
Kim I was so disappointed that the contents of the letters weren't revealed in the book. I honestly don't think I could have ripped them up without reading them.
Rhonda M I am pretty sure Hoover excluded it on purpose because she didn’t want the story to focus around their affair. She wanted the story to be about the healing between a mother and daughter, and being true to yourself in love. I would guess she probably though the details of the affair would have fans obsess over the “how could they?!”, and shift that focus away from her desired story.

Only now we are obsessing over, Hoover, how could you leave us hanging on how long this has been going on. I accept your creative story plots but.. WE NEED TO KNOW 😅
Angela Bailey Haha! As a reader I wanted to know the juice in the letters. But as a character, I think Morgan needed to let it go and move past it for everyone's sake. Her destroying the letters actually paved the way for one of my favorite quotes from the book: "I’m content with the direction in which my life is headed, and I know if I obsess over the past, that obsession will only serve to anchor me in a place I am more than ready to move on from."
ZOE ANNE YOUNG Same here. I was wondering what the letters were about. Could have explained everything. Could have been different from what Morgan and Jonah assumed.
sheen I wanna know soo bad... im kinda frustrated i didnt get to know the what was in the letters.
Betty A. While I wanted Morgan to read the letters, it made sense that she chose not to. She already had enough incriminating proof and those letters would've revealed nothing new. I think its better she chose to save herself more pain and decided to truly move on.
Katie So much yes!!! I’m dying to know!!
Rachel Sullivan sequel focused on the affair!!!
Gabby I can't imagine ripping up the letters. In my mind, the letters began at age 15.
Genna I kept thinking the whole time that there's going to be some big twist, that she's going to read the letters and realize they completely misunderstood it as an affair.... But no. I'm glad it didn't though. The emotional, pull-at-my-heartstrings side wouldn't have liked it as well. This book got me in all the feels.
Ielle Baldemor Me. The action of not revealing the content of the letters meant a closure to Morgan, for her its a big step of healing. In such way, we readers... since we are just viewers of the "reality the character has" want peak to those scandalous letters. (sorry not sorry)
Kreenny I also wanted to read them so much!!! I wish their would have been added as add-ins at the end of the book or something. Because we have to know!!!
Doris Emefoh-okoye So not happy she did not read the letters....in fact I wanted it to be Clara who discovered the letters and read them!
Amy Baukol Zertuche I wanted to know what the letters said as well! And when did the affair start?! How long was it going on? Give us the TEA
Anna Francesca SAME. I know it's not healthy for Morgan as a character, but me, as a reader - her not reading it is killing me! I want to know more !
Alexia This precisely ties into my review of the book; it was just too tidy of an ending. Like Heart Bones, everything is wrapped up in a nice bow and there are so many unexplored opportunities left unexplored. Ultimately I think we have to realize what age range each of her books is written for. This book is challenging because it involves both POVs from both a 34 year old mom and a 17 year old daughter. I still felt though it was written for YA and NA audience who would not want to explore the cheating angle. The adult audience (like the Verity one) most definitely would.
Insiyah Ramakra GIVE ME THE LETTERS!!!!
Christina Girl needs to spill the tea!!! Although I do understand WHY she didn't, but I need some dirt. Lol
Valentina I came only to know if anyone else wanted to read the letters...
Cindi Hanson I loved this book, but I really wanted to know what was in those letters!! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who felt this way!!
Margie Clark I really wanted to know! That part bummed me out.
Shari I agree!! I was very disappointed she didn't read them. I was also waiting for his phone to be found to reveal more.
Luz Elena Marban Definitely annoyed!!!!!
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