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I love Lestat, but I could not finish Blood Canticle. Is there worth attempting? Or will I just be disappointed?

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J.A. Carter-Winward I couldn't finish this book. Three chapters in I was laughing at how ridiculous it was. Disjointed, clunky dialogue, poor editing...and of course, what turned me off from her last few chronicle books--the characterizations of all of the gorgeous, rich, dandy, pansexual vampires who cry at the drop of a hat and fall in"love" with each other after they first meet. I just couldn't. No, no, no.
Angela Yes, definitely worth reading. I don't like the last few books (after Memnoch) but Lestat is more like Lestat here.
Cathe Olson Do you mean yes it's worth attempting or yes she will be disappointed???? (I have the same question. I just couldn't get thru Rice's last few books.)
Trinity Martin If you are wanting to know if Prince Lestat is better than Blood Canticle and worth reading, the answer is yes. I am enjoying it very much.
Salima had trouble finishing her last few vampire books. Wasn't thrilled with the Wolf Gift books either. Will try this one just because I loved Lestat in the other books.
Endless recaps and flashbacks to stuff you've already read elsewhere masquerading as something new.
And what little new story there is is dreadfully predictable.
Its actually painful.
Kelly I kept jumping ahead, till I finally just read the last few chapters. Not anything like her first vampire stories. I do recommend "Cry To Heaven ". The story has nothing to do with supernatural beings, and it was a good read
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Patrick Limcaco It could disappoint you if you had high hopes for how she left things with Merrick and Blackwood Farm. She didn't follow through on those two books' ending, and instead went into a vampires-witches merger that seemed hurried. But read it anyway!
Ellie Nope - don't bother, it's just so disappointing. I totally agree with J.A. Carter-Winward.
Jessi Yes. If you enjoyed Queen of the Damned, this is a must. It's like Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle never happened.
Leanneellison yes its worth it. this book is more like the first 4 than any of the others. Anne rice was going through some religious issues further on and became a born again christian. she has now give up that faith i think and she said lestat spoke to her lol.. i thought this book was amazing and well worth the wait. x
Philippe T. Blood Canticle had a much more religious undertone. I can give you a clearer answer when I'm done reading this one, but half way through, this feels much closer to her Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, atmospheres.
That being said there are enough references to fan favorites like Blood and Gold and The Vampire Armand to catch fans of these books as well.
Dorian de Jandreau Blood Canticle wasn't so interesting, but if you read all other books, you MUST read this too. ;) I was actually stunned that Lestat in this book appeared like some...."stupid child". O_o It shocked me a lot.
Natalie I'd suggest reading this review. From reading this it seems like reading the last few aren't even really necessary ( I didn't touch the last one, myself. ) and that it's going to be very good and well worth reading if you enjoyed the beginning of the series.

Kevin Little I struggled with the last 2 books. Reread and loved all of the others, something felt missing from those 2 though. Cautiously optimistic for this one though.
Caitlin That seems like an enthusiastic 'yes' so I'd be optimistic. Personally, this title caught my eye enough to make me want to finally read more in this series.
Simon I enjoyed Blood Canticle quite a bit actually.
Bobbie This is definitely going to be a book where it will be worth waiting a while after it's officially released to see what people say about it....
Kristi | Hidden Staircase | I'm wondering the same thing. I loved the original five books in the Interview with the Vampire series. The next few I read and then I gave up on the Vampire Chronicles. I do love Lestat, wondering if I should give this one a try.
Dionna I finished The blood Canticle, but I didn't enjoy it. Neither did I enjoy The Vampire Armand or the Wolf Gift. I couldn't finish Blood and Gold.
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