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I am on page 160 and can someone please tell me whether or not this book is worth reading? I really enjoyed Outlander and I had very high hopes for this book, however, chapter after tedious chapter of Claire and Jamie and their boring day to day existence in Paris is not very encouraging?

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Arlene To each his own is a common saying and I can't understand that people are left cold by the book. I found the politics and back stories in this book very interesting. I even enjoyed Claire's escapades at the hospital. The characters in this book become more important as the story progresses. Master Raymond comes to mind. The loss of Faith was so heart wrenching to me. Jonathon Randall and his brother Alex are there, so is Mary Hawkins. You do eventually find out why she is so important to the story line. It is all well worth "getting through" if you find the story line slow. I guess I am a sucker for punishment and enjoy when a book stirs my emotions, good, bad or sad. Everything in her books is important. If you try to skip this, you will regret it as you progress in the stories.
Angie I am so glad you asked this question because I am also struggling with it. I am relieved to hear that I should power through. I am listening to the audiobook and I set the speed to faster so hopefully I will race through the tedium.
Sandy I tried reading the book 2x and got bored during that section and stopped reading both times. Friends told me I had to fight through it and also suggested the audiobook. I did and just finished it. Although I didn't like it as much as the 1st, it did pick up once that loooong part is over. As the other review said, the reader of the audiobook is wonderful with a variety of accents for the different characters. According to my friends that read it, the other books are worth fighting through this one to get to ;)
Chicken Little I finished it yesterday and gave it three stars because it was a better read than most... However, the chapters in Paris were a snooze fest and wild Jamie Fraser is not very believable as a wine merchant! Also, the nickname 'Sassenach' is used way too many times... I grimaced every time Jamie called her that...which is about 10x per page... Moving on to Voyager... Hopefully it'll be as good as Outlander. DIA was somewhat a letdown.
Ila My goodness! The majority of the comments below state total boredom with "Dragonfly" and I don't understand this. This is the book I read first because I didn't know there were any others. Upon finishing it, I tore through the Amazon site and found "Outlander", Now, many years later, I have read all eight of them several times, (some, more often than others), and I remain a devoted fan of Diana Gabaldon. She is currently writing book #9 and I can hardly wait. I'm sorry to hear so many of you are in such a hurry, don't understand the politics involved or just get bored easily, because 'Dragonfly" is an integral part of the story and well worth reading. Hang in there, you'll be glad you did.
Hannah Gravengard I feel as if this is where I am currently. It's been 2 months of me attempting to finish this book. So. Boring.
Mbuhler Book 2 is my least favorite book because of the politics and it drags on. It does get better. I resort to skimming to get back the adventure.
Eboné Considering the book has over 50,000 5-star ratings and over 30, 000 4-star ratings I would suggest you continue. I'm actually listening to the audio book and it's very lively. The narrator is fantastic and engaging. Maybe it would be less tedious that format? If you have Amazon Kindle you can Whisper Sync it or with Audible it was a 1 credit download. I hope that helps but if I were you I would continue. I've heard personally good things about it from a friend that completed the entire series thus far.
Katherine Richmond I'm having the same problem, and I made it to page 271. I'm going to keep reading just because I am so obsessed with the first book, but I need a break. It is soooooo boring!
Melissa Wadsworth 400 plus pages in...still not very excited about part two of the series
Megan Rosati The end of the book is very good- but I also admit I struggled in the middle, even picked up the book on Audible while driving and found myself not paying attention. It is integral to the next story and if you can, try to at least read the last part. There are many character stories that tie together at that point.
Mandy I am having the same issue with this book. I love the characters but the detail is excruciating!
Tiffany Ahhh! I was just wondering that myself at page 167!! I just can't give it any more time! Borrrrrring.
Kathy I'm further along then you are in the book and I've found myself struggling through this one. I don't find it the keeping my attention like Outlander did. I've had others tell me to power through it because it is worth it in the end, but I really have my doubts! I may have to switch to the Audiobook and see if that helps.
Sandra Dragonfly was my least favorite of the 8 novels. I leave it to the fact that political intrigue of King Louie's Court is not my cuppa, but France in this era has a huge impact on the tableau of the times and the '45, and yes even the next 6 novels (I hesitate to comment any further for fear of "spoiler-age"). France is important and needs to be explained.

The whole concept of this novel is brilliant: to begin at the end and then spend the rest of the novel coloring in how she got there. It's worth the effort for the ending as well as the rest of the series. If you find your mind wandering, skim.

I generally enjoy the detailed explanation of the mundane everyday; it begins to feel like you are returning to visit old friends after a while. Still, the mundane in France I did find to be not as interesting.
Shauna Thanks for al the thoughts on this, everyone! I'm about 25% the way through, and it certainly isn't riveting, like Outlander was. But I'm so committed to the books, that I don't want to miss anything important. So thanks for the advice to keep reading! And, at least from my perspective, I don't find this book boring (I'm in the midst of Parisian life). Parts are very funny, and I'm actually relieved that the characters have some normalcy for a little bit. :) The one thing that is really disappointing is that, they way the book starts, makes it obvious that Jamie never got to see his child when she was young.
Alexandra I gave up too. Just couldn't handle it anymore!
Kari It took me over six months to get through this book - I kept putting it down to read other things because it does lag in parts. However, I am very glad I finished it (the fact that I kept with it is saying something, I don't think I've ever kept with a book that takes me that long). I would say you should keep with it if you love the first one or the TV series. It's slightly different than the show and was worth it in the end.
Jeff French Stay with it; the details are important for the subsequent story. While slower starting than Outlander, DIA improves significantly after 300 pages or so. And the conclusion is remarkable.
Scott Baltzell I'm enjoying the book so far. I'm at about 170ish. I'm listening to it on Audible, which is read by Davina Porter, which really helps make it come alive. It does not have the same kind of driving feel Outlander had for the first 3/4 of it's story. I must say, I'm enjoying it more than the last 1/4 of Outlander, which seemed to go on forever. At one point, I was doing the math, wondering if Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson might show up at any of the Paris parties and realized, they came to Paris about 30 years later. The hospital and Claire's motivation for being there and how her and Jamie work through issues has been fun to read. So far, I think it's putting more flesh on the bones of the characters we were introduced to, in Outlander. I'm going to keep going.
Janice Stick it out...it's a valuable intro to Voyager, which was one of my favorites of the series.
Jill Fenske I felt the SAME WAY. I actually put the book down for a long time because I just couldn't slog through the Paris part. Then after talking about the book with a friend, I decided to pick it back up and somehow it grabbed me again. The Paris section gets a little more exciting as you get through it, and it swept me up again. I'm still in Paris (haven't finished the book yet), and I'm eager to see how the end of the book wraps into the opening.
Cindy I totally agree with you and tossed it after about 200 pages. A far cry from Outlander. Unfortunately I purchased the next three titles after Outlander and they will be given to the library. The characters lost their shine. There were errors (oh editors where are you?). It was as if the first in the series was just a stroke of good luck for Gabaldon . Extremely disappointing and yes very dull.
Stacy J. Gibbens Ladies. These books are my escape. They have seen me through many years and I re-read them frequently. They are a journey not a race. Sit back with a good glass of wine or a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. Diana has been writing these books for years and fans anxiously anticipate each new volume, which we have to wait years to receive. Love love love this series!
Lisa Glad to know that I'm not the only one. I finally finished the book this morning. Thank goodness! And I will move on to Voyager. But Diana Gabaldon should take Hemingway's advice and slash her manuscripts by about a third for a better product. Paris was B O R I N G !!!!!
Kathy Tsoukalas I have that same feeling. I loved the first novel in the series and am having a hard time getting through the second. The second season of the show started, though, and I feel I need to finish it before I begin watching the episodes. I have been told to stay with it because the other books are so much better. I've switched to the audio version to listen to during my commute.
Rachel I rather dragged myself through the entire Paris section of the book. Once we get back to Scotland, it's worth reading again. And yes, I totally audio'd this book. It still took me over 2 months to trudge through (I may or may not have read other books in the middle).
Jean Shirley I'm "reading" the Audible version of the book. I am over half way through. It is indeed long. I listen to it while I walk, work in the yard, and while I'm waiting for friends who are chronically late finally show up. I surely hope it has a good ending.
Amber Ingli I was struggling, but now it's getting a bit better! I'm on page 442 seems pointless to quit now!
Ruth Topp I am on page 359 and it has been slowly getting better. The politics and history have confused me (although, that is not unusual for me). I did find myself re-reading parts within the first 100 pages or so, but then just kept going. I do hope that as I continue, I'll be able to put all the pieces together. After reading these comments, I see that I am not alone.
Rebecca Totally agree, the first half plus of this book is just plain boring. Seemed like filler. The Paris section and the subsequent military operations at Prestonpans, Fallkirk and Culloden, were just not very engaging, overly repetitive, etc. But select sections of the book -- obviously, the one-on-one conversations between Jamie and Claire -- especially in the second half were really riveting and well-crafted, and by the end, I was crying in my bed.
Sofia Quezada The very same thing happened to me. I started this book right after I finished Outlander and I didn't bond with it until now but I'm at part 6 now (page 479, 63%). I find myself nervous because of where I am in the book now. After dragging my feet with this book, I realize that the story, although a little lengthy and not so action-packed, was necessary to build to where I am. I'm not at the end yet so I can't tell you if I loved it yet, but so far I'm in a better place than I was when they were in Paris. I'm so ready to finish this book. I'm glad to see all the comments below, I'm very excited and optimistic.
Susan I'm also struggling with this one. I've put it aside on several occasions but my friends have encouraged me to finish it and move on. I still have 400 pages to go. My opinion so far is that this book is probably 400-500 pages too long. The good news is that they are about to leave Paris and I hope the story will get better after Paris. I did something horrible that I have to do from time to time when I get stuck in a section of a book; I read the last few chapters (knowing that there are many books left so I'm not really spoiling the story). There's enough going on there to make me want to read everything in-between and find out how the story got there.
Erin It does get much better. The Paris bits are a real slog, I found myself skimming quite a bit through there but then it turns into the book I was hoping it would be. It also sets up the next well so you have to get into it right away!
Carol Definitely keep with it. Gabaldon does tend to add much more descriptive writing in this one, but it powers up midway through Paris and then takes you for a screaming ride to the end. It will make you want to go out and get the next one, Voyager, the very next day.
Melissa I am feeling the same way. Big fan of the series on tv. There are some things in the writing of the books that I am not thrilled with. One, the authors continual use of "long" to describe every single body part of nearly everyone. Long fingers, long nose, long feet, and so on. Same thing with the use of the word "beating". I wish little things such as this varied, there are a plethora of descriptive words and hate when one is used over and over.
Marilyn I feel the same about this book. Did you ever finish it? Reading a description of a room for 2 or 3 pages just didn't keep my interest. I will at some point try to finish it, but I haven't picked it up in over a year.
Jadzia I have a long drive so I checked out the CD version of this and I want to keep driving as I quickly fell into the story. I would suggest listening to it if you can.
Helen Starbuck Any of Gabaldon's books are worth reading. Keep reading it'll grab you and the series gets better as it ages. The side books about Lord John and about Jaime and his life after Culloden are really good.
Kathy If you think this is tedious, you'll never make it through book 5. Gabaldon tells a story full of details, takes you down paths that may or may not lead somewhere, and introduces scads of characters with interesting stories of their own. If you don't like that format, go ahead and give up. You will miss the lushness of this total experience. It's more like a sumptuous meal that you savor not fast food, who dunnit fare.
This is one of the few times Claire and Jamie have a day to day existence together. But they're both a mess because of what's happened. Anyway, now the lazy can watch the STARZ series and bypass the books. Sigh.
Hilda The last part is totally worth reading
Joan I read this book, about 30 minutes each day, as the images were so powerful that I found I needed to take time to digest and enjoy them. This is truly a beautiful story of 1740's France as it then moves to Scotland with the bonny Prince Charlie, political intrigues, the brave men and women of those times, their struggles and loves intermixed with the living conditions for those rich and not rich.
Diana Weeks I'm reading it for the second time and it's a much better and quicker read after you've watched the Show.
Rose Nessman Why would you want to? There is so much that is revealed in Book 2. I'm not crazy about them being in Paris and all the things they encounter there, but it's worth it to get through to another phase of their lives.
Paula Eeds I struggled through the Paris part too. They are now back in Scotland, so I hope it picks up. I remember years ago reading the first 5 books of this series and got through them, so I will continue to listen to this one.

I know that I am now wondering if I should use my Audible credits to get the remaining books. Hmmmm …..
Selena I'm on my fourth try of getting through this book. I loved Outlander so I'm really trying to soldier through. It's not easy.
Kristen So glad to see this thread here. I'm in the middle of DIA, set it down to start reading another book, and I'm wondering if I should start back up. Sounds like I should power through it. If I can suffer through the Twilight series, then I should easily be able to make it through this book! ;)
Anastasia I agree...way too many humdrum details....where's the excitement that was in Outlander?
Caroline Lussier Same here.... I found this part hard but got back into it on a long plane ride. Now I've past the boring Paris part. I just can't bring myself to skip to book 3. I feel that all the players in this book might play a bigger part later on.
Arielle I was having the same issue. Couldn't get past one-hundred pages or so, was drowning in historical facts and dates--which led me to frequently put the book down. I can say, however, that it is worth it in the end, to keep slogging through--even if the parts of the book don't seem interesting. I read to the end of this book, and believe me, it is a slow build-up. Some of the facts are not entirely interesting in the beginning but it totally all makes sense once you reach the end. I'll say that this book continues the story--"in reverse."

The first half of the book is basically all facts--once you get through that, to around page three-hundred or four-hundred, the story gets a lot more intriguing. For me, Dragonfly didn't really "pick up" until around page four-hundred or so, and by that time I'd read half of the book. One thing might happen, which leads to a "domino effect" and affects other characters. At this point, everything definitely got more interesting and I couldn't put the book down. I'd say that this was 2/4 way towards the end of the book, where everything "picked up."

If you don't read "Dragonfly", you'll also miss key points. None of which I will go into, because they would be spoilers. But, I'm pretty sure that you'd need the information at the end of book two to follow along in "Voyager."
Elizabeth Well, I'm almost done... finding myself unmotivated to continue reading, I'm super disappointed in this book. Lot's of blah blah blah.... have been so tempted to just skip to the last chapter but won't. Glad to hear the rest of the books don't follow it's mundane suit. Glad I found this site.
Jean Absolutely! it gets very compelling just like the first one did
Meldi Arkinstall I'm on page 204 and am also finding it hard to get into.
I loved The Scottish Prisoner, so thought this would be good too...
Tammy I also resorted to skimming and peaking at the WikiOutlander website. I was totally okay with spoilers...I just needed to push through. I think I may have missed some details and personal moments of some of the new characters. Many make a comeback in future books and the back story is what I skipped.
Christina I haven't finished the book yet, but yes, there does seem to be a lot of fluff in this one, but I also find that there are a lot of tie-ins to the fluff. I didn't find the Paris stories to be boring, just a lot to get through. As are the Edinburgh stories. With 200 or so pages left to read, I'm on the home stretch. Still an excellent book.
Tiiu I am only reading this series as a favour to a friend who loves it. I don't find the character of Claire credible in post WWII or 18th century Scotland given the low status of women(ie. kidnapping and rape of brides, witch burning). I am on page 90 where Claire has blurted out to Roger and her daughter that she Claire is a bigamist and that the man Brianna thought was her father and loved her is not her real father???
Anne Marie I finally finished after having set the book aside for several months once I was about three-quarters of the way through. I'm ambivalent about whether it was worth it. I don't think I'll continue with the next book. I read the summary of Voyager on Wikipedia. That was enough. Outlander was great and the premise and setup of the series are awesome, but the rest of the enterprise is becoming unbearably tedious.
Tikveh I am enjoying this part of the book as good historical fill.
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