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I haven't seen literally 1 good review on this book, apparently it's a worse version of Twilight (apparently, that's possible according to reviews). So, is this book honestly worth reading if I'm not into the whole vampire love triangle kind of books?

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Cat Honestly, I don't know why there's so much hate for this book because I loved this series. I've probably read this series over 5 times, and just reading the description makes me want to re-read it. But then again, I seem to dislike the popular books that everyone says are amazing and love the ones that most people do not enjoy.
Anyway, I think you should at least give this book a try. I loved it, and maybe you will too.
Melissasfandomworld I don't know either why there are so many people who hate the books..

I love them, all of them from the very first beginning of the very first book. It got me completely hooked, right away..
Allright, so this love story is a little soppy at times, but sometimes Soppy is just what you need.
This was my first 'Angel' book series and will always be special to me.
I can't get enought of Lucinda & Daniël, their friends and their story.
I love the way Lauren Kate writes and I don't think it is anything like Twilight. I love the whole endless love/cursed love thing and the way Lauren Kate has worked this out throughout the series. Everyone experiences a book in her/his own way and I can't speak for anyone else but I just love these books and I recommend them to everyone who is interested in the books.
Besides, you don't know if you'll love it or hate it untill you read it yourself of course ;) Everyone finds something in a book or not, in their own way. What I love, someone else can Hate and vica versa.. So the only way in knowing if you'll like it is to just read it.. And enjoy, hopefully ;)
Elisabeth Personally, I didn't like it. It is, indeed, a very slow read, but usualIy with slow books, there is a good part/WOW-HOW-DID-I-MISS-THAT part at the end that makes up for it. There is one wow-part, but the way the author described it "undid" that. I also think the characters are annoying and nothing special. This is my opinion, though, and I've heard many good reviews of people who liked it. You'll just have to find out yourself, though you don't have to read the whole book at once to find out whether you like it or not. Good luck :)
Visna I regret spending a single cent on this book, and wasting a second of my time trying to give it a fair chance. "Maybe if I read another chapter this book will start getting interesting, nope just another poorly written, pointless chapter to bore the reader" I pick it up ever so often and put it back down within a sentence in. I can't put myself through that much boredom. In this case, Twilight was the better love story then this pile of rubbish. I genuinely feel sorry for those who enjoyed this book, I feel they've been neglecting themselves from real novels hence why they can't tell the difference of a horrible book, because they're too busy reading appalling books like this series.
Infinite_bookworm86 Actually the idea is good, better than twilight.. I just, didn't like the presentation of the 2 heroes. I mean why, Daniel had to be rude with her?He was always rude, and she was like thisfragile, little girl, with no dignity, and no confidence...I just don't get it...
Ana I think it's more like a copy of HUSH HUSH AKA: the best book ever...
Aiman Khan I think it is really interesting, at first I thought it was a copy of twilight, but it is different. Not boring at all.
Caitlyn Hadcock I thought the plot was a neat idea, but felt that the characters were very one-dimensional and that the writing was poor. I finished it, but didn't read the rest of the books.
Kisha West No! Please don't read this book. I wish I had never started!
Vanshika Sucked really hard. Read it for the laughter. It is so bad that it is funny.
Gabriella It's honestly a slow read, by that I mean I found it boring and confusing for the most part. Yes, it kind of has a love triangle and it is really similar to Twilight but you should give it a go. You might end up liking it. It wasn't entirely all that bad, the end got pretty interesting.
Zakle Personally, to me, it was very boring and I almost wanted to chuck it out a window. The writing was amateurish at best, the characters predictable and cardboard in appearance, but I still read it, even against my better judgment.

YA is not for me, at least not any more -- I grew out of it all. And the same, boring characters. Even the 'scary' and 'intense' scenes fell terribly short. They were, in one word, comical.

But read it if you want. No one is holding a gun to your head telling you not to.
Kelly Brigid ♡ Thanks, I might give this book a try. :)
Ella L. Trust me, I thought the same thing before I had even picked up the book. And I love this series, a lot of very surprising twists. And sure, the first bit is a little boring. But TRUST me random person on the internet, this is the best tragic love story since Romeo and Juliet. Don't worry though, it does NOT end in a double suicide like Romeo and Juliet. And it doesn't matter if you like vampire love triangles, because this has nothing to do with vampires. It also isn't you're oh-so-common-love-triangle, you should at least give it a try.
LuXervI // The Book Nerd Okay, so first of all, I don't get all the hate about Twilight. I loved that series—sure, it had flaws, but I still enjoyed it. But bias aside, this book was way worse than Twilight in my opinion. I found it slow-paced and ultimately boring. To anyone looking for a book about angels/fallen angels, I recommend Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick instead of this book. Yes, some people really enjoyed Fallen, but I honestly don't understand. I gave up after the first book.
Samira If twilight and the mortal instruments were to have a baby
Sophie It sucked please don't waste your money
Tanya Honestly? No it isn't worth your time...
Adriana Mihăilescu Believe me, I'm a huge bookaholic, but it never happened to me before to stop reading any other book for one month and a half because starting a new series made me feel like I was betraying this novel. It changed my life, ad litteram. It's really worth it! (sorry for the last answer, you might have read it by this time, but anyway, it felt like it was my duty to tell you this :) )
Sophie Boardman I loved this book!! Loved, loved LOVEDDD. It is nothing like twilight at all so whoever told you that are simple minded! First off - it is supernatural so maybe that's where the twilight link could possibly come in? Although ultimately - it is the cliche of good and evil the book is set in a juvenile school for young adults. It is so good and the story slowly unravels itself. The book is yet to be a film next year I think so I would recommend you to real this :)
Nicole Miller This book is being made into a movie.
Elias Oh, it's much better than Twilight. It's not a good book by any stretch, but it's not a complete failure like Twilight. Still, if you want a proper urban fantasy YA book, I'd go with the Mortal Instruments series. Those are good books.
Nashlee I looked at a review of the series i just finished reading and it seemed everyone hated it. And i thought it was amazing to read. So i guess it doesnt matter what others think because everyones different in what they like, id say if you like the description get it
Joan Dillera This one is totally different from Twilight. It is better than Twilight. This is so amazing! Give it a try :)
Raddie That book consist so much magic and shows love in a outline,different live and prespective,It's way better than 'Twillight'.. It's not a slow read,it's not boring and it's not classical and sugary love story.
Terra DO NOT unless u like stereotypical weak girl falling in love with typical good looking supernatural who are oh just "destined" to be together.
Actually, u know what its not just that. It's also that the writing itself is really pathetic. So concept wise? 2-3 stars? The way its written and the way she took the plot, the characters? If i could rate this book with a negative star then be sure that i would plunge to the depths to find the lowest i could go with the negatives.
Beate Hello, I've recently read the first book and it's not that bad, but I think it is also a matter of expectation. I knew I was reading a book about forbidden teenage love. Having understood that, I knew that many things described in the novel would be cheesy, emotional and a bit over the top. However, the idea about Fallen Angels walking the earth made the book interesting for me. This in only my personal taste, but I like that very idea better than sparkling vampires. So give it a try, maybe you'll like the book.
Alisiana this book has no vampires in it just fallen angels
Bryci It has a very slow start but gets better and the following books are much better.
Faith Bowman Honestly from my time reading these books there is nothing to be hated about it I guess it's just what your expectations are, but over all this series is amazing and if you read hate reviews or good reviews either way you could have a opposite opinion I value opinions but I don't exactly agree or disagree because I have my own opinion as well and read it to find out your opinion. :)
Ta'shayla Davis I like you're book
Brielle I loved this book idk why many people hate it
Aggie Brazier I loved this series! I've read both the Twilight series and this series and I like this series much more. I don't think it's anything like Twilight and I would definitely recommend this book!
Nikita I don't know what's so bad about this bad that it got on so many people's bad side but I definitely loved this book and would read it again and again no matter what others say because this book did annoy me quite a few times but it was all worth it because it is an amazing series that deserves to be acknowledged for coming so far with all the love and criticism! It is a book that is worth a try and it depends on each person on how they react to this story but you should definitely try and see if its your type.
Chloe This has nothing to do with vampires.. Twilight is an incredibly superficial take on immortality and love at first sight and imminent attraction.. this is a much deeper much more complex plot where the characters physically change personalities over centuries while still managing to find each other. Epic love story. Amazing writing. You would be missing out to not read it and you would be 'judging a book by its cover' to simply not read it because of one completely off the mark review
Nica Marcelo yes. reading it would not be a waste of time for you... it's a really good book... even me, at first i don't really like these kinds of book but when i tried reading it, i thought that it's not really that bad.
Megan Moriarty I've only read the first book so I can't say anything regarding the rest of the series or whether it gets better every book. But I didn't enjoy this story for the main character's annoying obsession with the character Daniel and the fact that she is hopelessly in love with him despite the fact that he has been nothing but rude. I personally see no point in rooting for a character who falls for someone who is a jerk to them.

But the main thing that really ruined the story for me was the introduction. The introduction is a scene between a girl and boy and essentially gave away the entire climatic reveal to me. From the title to the first pages of the book the reader is handed all the plot twists Lauren Kate had planned and ended up making the climax seem dull and pointless due to knowing all the information a hundred or more pages prior.

Despite my distaste after finishing the book I still would say I did have fun reading at some points for the books for unique location and overall fascination with the protagonists main struggle, "The shadows." I don't want to discourage anyone from reading this book but the plot and characters just weren't my cup of tea.
Mari Suggs I agree, it is a bit of a copy of Twilight. But I think the problem is not so much in the book Fallen, but with the series it self. I read Fallen and I liked it, enough to get Torment. That's were my problem began. To me it felt like a repeat of the book I had just read, only with a new setting. I didn't finish the series, but I liked Fallen.
cheyenne j The books are worth it. Its a little convening in the begging. But a chapter or 2 in its not really. And it is not about vampires...
Cathy There hasn't been a book that I read and not liked in some fashion so I started last night and, its going good so far...... as many say Twilightish.... not sure yet but, enjoying the night reading. The spoilers are a bit of a put-off, but I tend to ignore these things. Check you back later.
Lori The book is pretty sappy and adventure negligent. Every scrape and shes saved by daniel before things get interesting.
Too many plot holes. How did Todd die? He was fine, then he screamed, "What the..." and the next thing we know, he's dead. Then they say he died of smoke inhalation.
Why isn't Luce worried WHY she's damned...if I found out one day that I was damned, hell, I'd wanna know why! Like first thing!
Luce is very sad about leaving Daniel...I mean VERY sad, but not a tear for her parents? Maybe THAT'S why she's damned? She mentions calling them, but why dwell on it right? They only loved and cared for her her whole life...I mean, parents, right?
Also, why is she so worried about burying Penn? I mean, I get it, she wants her buried next to her dad, but did she not think the police would want to investigate her death?
Also, If Daniel is, in fact, immortal, would 17 years be like, IDK, just a tiny passing of time? I mean when you live for millennia, 17 years tends to feel like a day or two.
Leah Silver I don't understand why this book has any hate, it's fantastic.
Gabi I LOVED READING THE BOOK! THE ENTIRE SERIES IN FACT! It's not a "bad version of twilight" it has nothing to do with it..
Maddy D I loved this book, while I totally hate twilight. I don't even know why people think of it as a 'worse versions of twilight'. The two books are totally different and I totally reccomend everybody to read it.
Owlie Rose
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Elizabeth I think you should read this book. On my opinion, it was amazing
Shannon I'm only on chapter 5 and I love it! There aren't enough hours in the day to read this book! Damn work ruining my time to read this
Bella Jean this has nothing to do with vampires, and it's so much better than twilight. I seriously recommend for you to read it. an undying love that stretches across the centuries, even to the beginning of time!
Tris The first book is worth reading so you can learn the characters and really appreciate the final book "Rapture"
Fallen starts out kind of slow to build all the charactors, but once you get past the midway point of it after that you're hooked. All of the books after that in the series I was excited to read them quickly. I though it was an amazing and unique story. It was certainly a surprise ending for me. I cried. I love love love these books <3 totally worth it
Maranda I absolutely loved this series. I have it downloaded to my kindle and my ibooks. It has mystery, romance, suspense... you name it.. I actually can't wait to re-read this series. Try the book before you chuck it.
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Houda How can anyone compare it to Twilight?! Not that I dislike Twilight, but they're two different stories. It's definitely worth reading!
Skylar I just read this after a while of thinking it was boring, but it was amazing! It is like twilight, just no vampire love triangle. lol
Kara Barker i loved the whole series and it isnt really much like twilight
Thea I would never fault someone for wanting to check out a book, even if it has bad reviews. You never know what you might find redeeming. That said, I would say literally "check out" this in, check it out at the library. Because I'm angry that I spent good money on it.

This book is frustrating, boring, condescending, and painful...the protagonist doesn't protagonize, the questions don't get answered, and it excuses young men who are unable to keep it in their pants because they "can't help themselves," even when they know that they're being violent and destructive.

Though if you like Twilight and its attempt to excuse abusive relationships (again with the "he couldn't help himself" argument), then you might like this book.
Eleanor Sykes it is definately worth reading.
Chanelle ha i cryed in it and whent to read the other books so yep its worth reading
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