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Did others notice that Easter was portrayed as being in the autumn with the leaves falling and soon after school began? I found this very disconcerting and it colored the book for me. Don'tbooks havemeditors anymore?

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Pandora Lapin I can't stop laughing. It honestly seems that there are Americans who think planet Earth is entirely made of America.
Jen Brown Good question .The questioner has learned 2 things :
1. That the book is set in Australia .
2. That people can be really nasty & slap others down.
-The first could lead to some research on Australia ,and a new interest.
-The 2nd could lead to being afraid to ask a question for fear of looking stupid.
It is to be hoped that none of those being unkind here are teachers.........
Meg This question was asked quite a while back, but I felt the need to comment. I'm sorry so many people are being patronizing and cruel to you. Of all the places on the internet where I thought there was a safe and kind place to dwell, it was Goodreads. Clearly I was wrong. I hope you didn't take any of these snarky comments to heart. If you read the comments then you now realize that the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere have opposite season so to speak. And to those of you who were cruel, you don't know her story. You know absolutely nothing about her other than the fact she didn't know a particular piece of knowledge. So back off.
Julia There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Don't be mean to each other. No one here is ridiculous or dumb! The question came from a READER and we all make mistakes...Be nice in 2015!!! Thanks!!!
Terri Oh, Jayne your question saddens me. I have no idea your age but I notice you are from the United States and this just makes it clear how much we lack in our educating system here in the States. Not really your fault at all, we must get better at educating in the United States. And, it really is a simple lesson for the northern and southern Hemispheres. You just flip the seasons. Here is a mind blower for you. In Australia, December is summer for them, so they have barbecues and hangout on the beach at Christmas time. I suggest you don't read any books set in the Southern Hemisphere during the Christmas season or you will be unable to focus,since you need it to be the winter season. What did you think? That they celebrated Christmas in July because Christmas must be celebrated during Winter? Oh, my, you must learn about the calendar and then move onto seasons. This is not meant to be mean, it is meant to say, you need to do research and learn. It seems you are confused and no one took the time to really teach you, again, not your fault. Good Luck :)
Caroline wow. geography lessons....
Lise' I did notice that Easter was portrayed as being in autumn and I had to think twice that this took place in Australia. However, I am really disappointed that so many other women readers were so quick to criticize and enjoy it. No one else has ever made a mistake??
Delilah Hey this isn't a "United States" issue people!! It's just a silly person making a very silly mistake... stop generalizing!!
Joy Dear Jayne, I am truly sorry that most people chose to ridicule you and just be mean in response to your question. I know it is really months after the fact but I just wanted to let you know I care about your feelings and hope you did not put to much thought into these responses. Don't let this prevent you from participating in other discussions and such.
Jennifer Lynn Australia has opposite season from America. That's why you were confused.
Krista C Just stumbled across this & find it very disturbing. Never thought I'd see so many mean & bitchy remarks on Goodreads. Apparently, not everyone is as well educated and traveled as the responders. If you can't say anything nice......

Southern Hemisphere
Mariam Can we all be a little gentler to each other? Weather/seasons at particular times are pretty ingrained in all of our minds and based on our experiences. As an American living in Australia, let me also add an amiable reminder that there are also plenty of Australians who don't know that January is the height of winter in the States, since it's summer here.
Susan Knapp Take it easy on Jayne!! A gentle lesson of the seasons/holidays in Australia will do the trick. I actually enjoyed the autumn Easter in the book.
Teresa Phillipps I'm a little late to this party and I didn't read all the comments, but enough to get a feel for the atmosphere. Yes, there were some unkind remarks and some people I felt were a little too quick to defend Jayne Hall. After all, did she not end her query with a slap in the face of the book's editor's? (And, comically, a badly typed one? Where's HER editor?) I just feel those who live in glass houses...
Bre I know a lot of people have already come to your defense, but I feel the need to as well. When you read books sometimes you personally relate to them. I know I have in several books and in many ways. It is understandable to bring the story back to what is familiar to you and you're own personal experiences, neglecting the setting and other nuances. You can easily get lost in a world and oversee the details. As long as the point of the story was reached, who really cares? It was an oversight, there's no need to question her intelligence or degrade her for having a question. To be this awful to a person who chose to read a book, in a world where book readers are dying off like flies is unacceptable. Reading is an art form and we should encourage people to continue to read and ask questions instead of putting them down for a very simple mistake.

In addition I'm aware that this post was over a year ago, I just still felt compelled to respond.
Denise Gallant whenever I see something in a book that doesn't correspond to my way of living, I check the author and where he/she is from and that usually answers the question
Carol N Jayne - please do some research Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, US Northern Hemisphere - each with its own seasons.
Yes, they do have editors and thank goodness they do!
Susan Easter is the Sunday following the first full moon after the March Equinox here in Australia. So sometimes it is in March and sometimes April, but always in Autumn. The Earth is round and rotates around the Sun hence the Southern Hemisphere seasons are the opposite to the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas is December 25 which is always in the Summer down under.
Madison Hahahahahahahahahaha. I am enjoying this thread very much.

From The Southern Hemisphere
Seadaz Not only do our seasons differ - up here in the north west of Western Australia we really only have 2 seasons, being wet season (cyclones) and dry season. You guys in the US even drive on the different side of the road!
Maria How did the reader miss that this book is set in Australia? How? OMF!
Sarah Lots of jerks on this thread.

thinking you can comment, ask a question in a book community and get an answer. Yet, you get ridiculed. Sorry you had to go through that!

Sarah Armstrong Fabulous! I'm loving this thread. So funny….
Jennifer All of Liane Moriarty's books take place in Australia which is in the Southern hemisphere. Easter is in Autumn. If you read Big Little Lies, you'll notice that back to school is in January at the end of their summer.
Nancy Robinson I found it amazing that leaves falling at Easter is what you got from the book. Really?
Althea Wow, did you actually read the book? It was set in Australia, check what season it is in Australia before you write something so rediculous?
Mary Ellen Those Australians ought to get their seasons straight, right mate? Easter in the autumn season. It's like the southern hemisphere might tilt the other way from the northern hemisphere! How dare they!
Jennifer Did others notice that this story takes place in Australia where the seasons are different than in the US? Crazy.
Georgie The Aussies have Easter the same time as everyone else, it's just the season that's different. So, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, Easter happens in April-time, which is spring for us. In Australia, it happens in the same month, but it's their Autumn. And they have Christmas at the same time as us, too, in December, only for them it's in their summer, and for us it's winter.
Gmaharriet A few years ago a friend and I used to run a medium-sized board that was mostly social.

One Christmas we all had a great time trading Christmas traditions...things like the Aussies having Santa's sleigh pulled by boomers (kangaroos for us in the U.S.) instead of reindeer. We had ever so much fun. Look up the words to Jingle Bells (Aussie-style). Very amusing to people who live in the northern hemisphere, and we all learned so much.
Mikayla have editors*
Kimberly H. Some of the Aussies on here showing us that you're not all as nice and friendly as you'd like to think you are. It would have been so easy to provide Jayne with the information she was obviously lacking without being condescending. Are we Americans to assume that your parents don't teach you any manners?
Jane It was disconcerting at first, but once I, a northern-hemisphere Pom, got used to it, it was actually fascinating. I've read two of her books and am happy to have my seasons turned on their heads again.
Adelaide Blair Australia's Easter is on the same day it is in the U.S. It is the seasons that are different. They are on the opposite hemisphere, so when we are having our spring, they are having their fall. Winter and summer are also reversed. (Christmas is on the same day, but in Australia, December is summer weather.)
Ronald Barrett Sometimes the answers given say more about the persons answering then the question asked says about the questioner....
Jaynez I just had to respond to get another Jayne in here. Well, I think the 'original' Jayne has figured things out by now.
Angela could have been me, although I haven't read it. Just sayin'
Janet Mahlum The book takes place in Australia. Australia is in the southern hemisphere. There seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere seasons. Easter in autumn seems strange to us, Christmas in summer seems strange to us. It's different, but it's not wrong.
Maria Keep asking questions and ignore the haters. That's how we learn.
Cecilia Because this book is set in Australia, which is located in the southern hemisphere. Seasons are inverted: Summer-Winter, Autumn-Spring.
So, if Easter falls under Spring in the northern hemisphere, it falls under Autumn for those of us in the southern hemisphere.
Put it simply: your Autumn is our Spring; your Winter is our Summer.
Elisabeth The book is set in Australia. It confused me at first, most of all because Good Friday is always in the begin of Spring here in the Netherlands! But it was nice, deautomatizing, to read from the Australian perspective.
Jodi It is weird to think of Easter being in the "fall." However this is the reality for people living in the southern hemisphere.
Robbie Ballard Its set in Australia not America... That's why. The Vegiemite should have given that away! :)
Elana Loni Um....The story was set in Australia. The seasons are the opposite as they are here in America (since Australia is on the other side of the globe). So our winters are their summers and our summers are their winters, which is why Easter is in the fall!
Colleen Baker Seriously....Books do not have editors. But they are or can be edited.
Ariel Brown It depends on where you live. In Australia, Easter is in Autumn - the story takes place in Sydney and Melbourne.
Sue S Because Easter is in the autumn in Australia!
Savannah Where are the meditors??
Angi Yes, I wondered about this too. Other side of the world.
Cheri Jayne Hall to answer your second question, no Christmas isn’t celebrated in a different month. December is December across the globe. It’s simply summer(re:Hot) during December in Australia. Easter in Australia is still in March/April, also. It’s simply fall weather in Australia during the months of March/April when Easter typically occurs.
Esther I read the first few comments on this thread talking about how 'nasty' the comments were being, and I kept reading because I live for drama, but I really don't feel like these comments are that bad. The worst people said was "hahhaha" and insulted the spelling, which honestly is what you should expect if you're going to post on the internet.

I'm sorry, Jayne if you felt attacked for something you didn't know. I hope this doesn't stop you from asking questions, and learning, and growing, like we are all trying to do. I'm sorry also to any other Americans who feel like we are attacking your education system.

As an Australian, almost all the media I consume is from the northern hemisphere. I constantly have to adjust my understanding of the year and the seasons when reading books, or watching movies and tv. It is really nice to consume something local where I don't have to flip the seasons around in my head to understand timelines! Trust me, northern hemisphere guys, you get the hang of it pretty quickly! Keep it sleazy
Nerida Teske I really do not mean to be nasty and this is not directed personally at Jayne, but without generalising - there is absolutely no surprise in the fact that an American would ask this question. I cannot even begin to count the number of times this similar type of "insulated mindset" has surfaced, in many diverse arenas.
Sharon Johnson I am an American and I know that Australia's seasons are different from ours. But all it would take to remedy, would be to explain the seasonal differences between the two countries, kindly.
Nancy Reilly This is because it is set in Australia. They have cooler weather during the Easter holiday because they are on the opposite side of the Earth from the USA. Their seasons are opposite from the season we have in America.
Cynthia Krysak It is set in Australia. Different hemisphere.
David L Bethany When we have winter in the USA Australia has summer. I don't know who this idiot women that posted this but I suggest to her to use the great tool called Google. She made a very uninformed statement that made her look stupid.
Anno I can't believe this question! Educate yourself! Australia is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere- ergo- our summer is their winter, our spring is their autumn
Hilde Mertens Wow... Just wow...
Joyce Statler-Wilde I would love to have the answer to that also. I hate mistakes in books. How was that one possibly made?
John Monro What an interesting thread this has turned out to be. A incredibly naive and uninformed question which understandably has provoked a good deal of mirth and incredulity, and I'd probably have been just as guilty, and I am actually quite a nice person. I didn't read any of the comments as particularly mean or nasty, more surprised and amused. Then others come along and use this forum to teach us a lesson in humility and understanding. A very useful learning experience for us all.
Patricia Well, that's kindda the way it works in the Southern hemisphere...
Corinne Johnston I've just spotted this thread, the so-called nasty comments about doing 'research' - I'm Australian and my 3 year old granddaughter knows that the other side of the world has winter and snow when we have summer and sun. Do we really need to advise readers to 'research' about the hemispheres? Australian, New Zealand and many millions of readers have grown up with snowy Christmases while we are sweating at Christmas time.
Diana The seasons are different in Australia. Our Spring is their Autumn.I'm sorry that ninnies are laughing that you weren't aware of this. They are beneath contempt. We don't need the likes of this on Goodreads. Shame on them!
Rambling Reviews *crying*

With laughter. That is.
Skb Australia has opposite seasons to the US. Our Spring is their Fall.
Patricia L But in Australia (and the entire Southern Hemisphere), the seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Made perfect sense to me.
Sue This book is set in Australia and it does not make a secret of this! Easter falls in autumn in that part of the World!
Julie Maybe she didn't realize it was set in Australia. I just started the book and didn't know it yet.
Sujatha It is Easter in Autumn in Australia where the book is set
Diane Please notice the geographic location of a novel, as this effects things like weather.
Lauren It is because the story takes place in Australia. Their seasons are the opposite of ours in the US.
Ivona Yes, because that book is set in Australia.
Jane Liane is Australian and this book is set in Australia. Their seasons are different than United States. It is a beautiful country and I will plan a visit someday.
Geert Buyens I used to believe that reading books opens windows to the world and enlightens people ... After reading this question I'm in serious doubt.
Melanie Easter happens in different seasons all around the world. It's exciting to think you could celebrate it in the fall. Enjoy Christmas in Australia with out door cookouts and avoiding the many venomous/other things that want to eat/kill you.
Wow. I didn't realize bookish people could be such jerks about a simple question. Probably people who enjoy what America has to offer I.e. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ms. Lamb, and then slam down any American b/c of jealousy.
Jayne keep asking questions. Yours was one of the more interesting.
Patricia HAHAHAHA! Didn't she notice the bit about it being set in Australia?
Michelle Hardigan To put it straight, the seasons are opposite south of the equator.
Coleen Opposite seasons from the US. :)
Denise Oh dear, I hope that Jayne has now done a little research on Australia and our geography, climate, etc. You may even want to visit! Especially as your dollar is doing SO much better than ours at the moment! As we like to say: "Where the bloody hell are ya?"
Strawberry Fields This book takes place in Australia. Seasons are completely different on the other side of the world in the southern region.
Liz The author is Australian - in Australia the School year starts in February, and yes, Easter is in our autumn. Always check where the author lives before making an assumption that your part of the world is the only part!
Anne Fallon I sincerely hope Jayne is kidding or did she never hear of the southern hemisphere duh !!!!!
Sharon They are in Australia, which has opposite seasons than the U.S.
Lori Good grief, you guys. Shaking my head at the silliness.

Also - Australians, am I right that your winter is not severe as we think of "winter" in the Midwestern/northern United States. Or maybe only in some parts? Seems I have a friend there (Sydney?) who mentions winter/summer but never snow.... I guess I could ask her - ha! Anyway, I enjoyed the autumn-ish Easter, so interesting!
Janice Barclay it was disconcerting but I knew why
torri marie broome Seriously, jane????
Judy Beyer Haven't read it yet, and it must be set in the northern hemisphere, but here in South Africa Easter at the start of autumn is perfect!
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