Michelle asked:

Would I be able understand the story if I haven't read The Mortal Instruments series?

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Vanessa Yes you would. I actually read TID before TMI and believe it enhanced my experience as TID is actually better written. If I had read TMI first, I don't think I would have finished or given TID a chance.
Julie I actually preferred to read Mortal Instruments before... It gave me a better sense of the shadowhunter world when I got to read the Infernal Devices. However, I read the Infernal Devices after I read City of Glass. That was actually a good idea because if you read the Infernal Devices series after City of Glass, you can catch some references to the Infernal Devices in City of Fallen Angels, Lost Souls, and Heavenly Fire. At least some of the most prominent references to Infernal Devices came after City of Glass. Also, by the time you read up to City of Glass in the other series, you're already pretty well developed in the shadowhunter world in knowing what's going on. So, when you get to Infernal Devices, you would not have to learn the basics of everything.
Vieiufnr Oh definitely, I read this without reading the original series. It was mind blowing. It was a little boring at first but the end was the best. I am not going to spoil it, but I will tell you the magister is not who it seems.
Cassandra You can most certainly read it without TMI. Te only thing I would say is that I think Cassandra Clare did a better job introducing the world of Shadowhunters in TMI, so you might be a bit lost at times on what someone or something is.
Yvonne Jong Personally idk why anyone wouldn't wanna read anything cassandra writes but if you really want the best solution to your answer i would suggest you read it in it's releasing sequence. You can check it on wikipedia. It's a better way because in the last book of both series you will get ABSOLUTE spoilers:)
Literatti Yes you will be able to understand the book without reading the mortal instruments. The mortal instruments is a sequel to this series. They however can be read without reading the other.
Leah D Yes. I don't plan on reading The Mortal Instruments because I prefer the time period in which The Infernal Devices is set. I have no trouble understanding the Shadowhunters world at all just by reading The Infernal Devices. I also have learned enough through The Mortal Instruments tv show and online research to not have to read that particular series.
Bel Cat Yes, you will. It's actually better to read the books in this order: The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, Lady Midnight. That's the chronological order.
Natasha I wouldn't advise it, I read the mortal instruments and I feel like it would make a great start for reading the other series, also I found the mortal instruments quite good so it won't be the worst thing ever.
S i a It is a prequel, and I believe that it really gave more connections to the characters in The Mortal Instruments, and it made it more enjoyable. I read The Infernal Devices Before The Mortal Instruments, and I think it and the experience better.
Eve Yes, I read The Infernal Devices before The Mortal Instruments.
Hanmitch123 Yes, you will because it takes place before the mortal instruments was set and most of the characters aren't in the mortal instruments.
Mark TID can read as a standalaone, but what you're supposed to do is read TMI 1-3, then Angel, Fallen Angels, Prince, Lost Souls, Princess, and Heavenly Fire.
K I preferred reading TMI first because I understood the Shadowhunters and their world, as well as some of the characters (because yes you will see some of them again in TID). Reading it the other way around would be strange in my opinion. You COULD read TID without TMI BUT you just won't understand the shadowhunters world the same. I cried even harder because I had read TMI first and had encountered some of the characters there...
Dezy I think things would make more sense to read the mortal instruments first.
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