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Pat C.
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Jan I don't buy into the supernatural explanations. I think it ends as it does because as with many things in life, we don't always learn the answer or end to a story. We have to learn to live with the unfinished story, the missing explanation.
Christina Mulder What the hell. So, we never find out what happened "In The Woods" to begin with. Sigh. "It's like real life..." yea yea yea but what a let down.
Paolo Rob Killed his friends in the wood. The blood in his shoes came from their bodies. Shoes came off his feet while running because laces were undone ( it's in the first page of the book). He stepped in their blood while killing them having only his socks on. When he put back on his shoes the blood from his socks drenched the inside of his shoes.
He admits from the beginning he's a liar.
The killing in the present he has to solve reflects the killing he did himself in the past: Killing of children perpetuated by other children( Surely the victim's sister who orchestrated the killing is only a minor, and this fact is very important in Rob's mental undoing and blotching up a satisfactory solve of the case). Something very difficult to accept in our minds....and in his mind.
He changes his name from Adam to Rob because he cannot accept to be the same person who killed his friends.
P.S. the whole concept of the children's mystery in the woods and suppressed memory reminds me of a novel written in the early seventies by Thomas Tryon : "The Other"
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Patricia Shook
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Alex Shevtsov I agree with the above answers that say we're better off without the resolution to the old mystery. Yes, it feels like real life, and it also underlines the character of our hero, and – I believe – he would not actually like to solve this mystery.
He was remembering something when he was out of his mind, put in a similar situation, stressed and often hungover. In his sane mind he would not get rid of the story that makes him sad and special and provides the never-ending well of melancholy. It's, in a way, the place where he takes his character from (remember that he's a textbook example of narcissist).
Candy Tiley
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Leslie I thought the whole weird noise thing was just bizarre and I thought that would be explained. 😮🙁
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Kathleen M why does the relationship between rob and cassie fail?
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