Sandy asked:

Can some please tell me why everyone feels the need to write a plot synopsis? Seriously, people, a person like me wants to know the value you got from the book, not jacket cover blurb before you offer your insights.

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Andrea Or you can just let people write reviews as they please. These are not done by professionals, or for material gain. I write reviews for myself for future reference, so I can write whatever the bloody hell I want.
Donna Then you'll like (most of) my reviews! I, too, tire of the same review by rote: all synopsis and no actual opinion!
Echo People do that because that's what English classes generally tell you to do when you write a book review. You start off with a synopsis of the plot in your own words primarily because what you actually see happening in the story can often be quite different from the blurb, which is written to sell the book more than anything else. It's not a book, but the movie Brave is a good example. Watch the original trailers that aired for the movie, and then ask someone who has seen it what the movie is about—it's practically a different plot all together. It's also a helpful exercise in writing workshops when doing peer reviews because it tells the author if the people reading the book are getting the message and plot they're trying to get across.

On that note, I definitely agree that the plot synopsis is annoying, as I don't really care to have plot spoiled for me. I just want to know generics like plot pace and if the character development was good and other reasons that a person liked it.
Barrymore Tebbs Because the average person who writes here doesn't know the difference between a book report and a book review.
Carol I agree, too many blurb regurgitations.
KF-in-Georgia Has anyone noticed that Sandy didn't actually ask a question about the book?
Sarah Booth Some book jacket blurbs give you very little and you don't feel like you really know what kind of book you're getting yourself into.
I personally don't always add a synopsis of what happened in the book particularly when it's a classic and everyone has a pretty good idea of the plot already without my having to set the stage for it in the review. I read people's reviews to find a little more about what a book is about if I've doubts as to whether it will be something I am really interested to take the time to read.
Epicbookaddict absolutley what she said!
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