Sophia asked:

Will their be a movie?

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Audrey *there
Baila 2020 and there is still no movie. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! Who agrees??
I mean c'mon..
Femke I don't want there to be a movie... I loved the books way too much
Soren It wouldn't be as good as the book.
Erin Smailes i want an anime

i don't know why i just do
Emma there*
Walk in the light greenie JUST READ IT! Hopefully they get a good cast for the movie.
Ryan 2021 and still no movie?!?!?!!?!???!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! So disturbing?
Denise Salvanera Yes. I just saw it at Imdb Pro. It's currently on development. The anticipated release year is 2016. I hope they pick a good cast :)
Ilovebooks i kinda hope there wouldnt be, THE BOOK IS SOOO MUCH BETTER
Nicole Oliveira 2018 and still no movie ugh
Erin Tom Cruise 1985 :-)
B i checked and sadly it doesn't look like there will be one
Elias No, that's the Tom Hardy movie where he plays both of the Kray Twins. I'm not sure what they'll call the movie version of Legend if they make it now.
Eve I heard on IMDBPro that there will be a movie in the next few years but the cast is undecided.
Ngan Huynh Please,Please,Please make a movie!!! I can't wait!!!
Austen Will there be romance in this book?
Sharon Update Nov 2021, it will now be a tv series (from Marie Lu's instagram)
Emma Porter 2022 and STILL NO MOVIE!! Ugh. This would be an amazing movie and I would love to be June. But sadly, nothing.
Emma I want it to be a movie, but I am a little bit worried that it could ruin the book! I know it won't be as good, but sometimes movies are almost as good, and add to the story. But.... I want it to be a movie anyway!
Anureet I really wish they made a movie of this! They started it and then stopped production for some reason.
Kara I want to have a movie for this book! I feel like it would be such a great movie and to see it in action would be amazing. This is my favorite book series and I absolutely love these books!
Sasuke Uchia honestly in my opinion I really don't like it when they make a movie for a super good book 'cause it ruins it
Aaron I am from the future and the answer is yes
Olivia No, they lost the director sadly.I really wanted there to be one though
Roni I don't see a movie coming out anytime soon :(
ANG are they defiantly making one hope they i are so much
Awesome Momi i think there already is a movie:)
AdaCakes That would be awesome! I'm so excited. I actually want a movie for the Young Elites too. I'm so demanding! ^_^
Cora At a book signing Marie Lu said that they are doing a script for a movie but they haven't cast anyone yet.
Abigail I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie Well then, I can't wait!
MItch4k YES at the end there will be more Romance
Brittany Ozera I really hope so!
Joyce Gerhardt I believe there will be!
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