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Did anyone else feel a bit of disappointment at the end?

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Brittany Rheault For those of you were disappointed in the ending for it not really doing anything.. I believe that was the point. This whole immaculate road trip amped us up for some big movie scene ending when in reality it just wasn't. Margo was amped up in Q's mind to be this untouchable more-than-human species, but she just wasn't. It was John Green finally putting us in Q's shoes when we couldn't do it throughout the entire book. Therefore, this quote about "what a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than a person" (i think is how it went) was not only for Q, but it was for the readers. What a treacherous thing to believe Margo had some big golden egg at the end of the hunt. She is just a teenager trying to find herself. That's it.
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Frances I personally felt that the ending just made ths book a whole waste of time , not because they didn't get together , but just that something "big" or amazing should have been revealed or happened.
Madisen Brewer I always feel a little disappointment after I finish a John Green book, only because I am so used to the happy ending when I read or watch something. This is one of the reasons why I like John Green so much, the endings may be a little devastating but in the real world not everything has such a happy ending.
Rebecca Fuller I liked the ending. A small part of my brain about half way though the book wanted her to be dead. However, A) that is a horrible thing to think and B) it didn't fit as the story progressed.

Is it disappointing because they didn't become a couple? Not at all. Q didn't really grow any closer to Margo during his search. That was the whole point. If they had become a couple or gone anywhere together, FL or NY, it would have undermined the story.

To me, the ending isn't sad. It just Is.
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Amanda (PandaCat) I didn't feel disappointed, because as an adult I get it. You have friends or people who were massively important to you, or you had a big crush on, and thought they were a certain way. But the more you grow up, the more you realize that some people are more themselves than who YOU thought they were. Unfortunately, people are constantly making impressions or images of themselves continuously as grown-ups, and sometimes the popularity contest never ends. But really, hopefully, Margo was finally able to escape that. I don't think it's easy for people to change that about themselves, but it seems that Margo wanted real close friends eventually, and to be more herself with others.
Jayna No. It is precisely what I expected to happen. She does not care about anyone else. She is the center of it all, even to the point that the poor deceased man was merely a player in her story. Vapid.
Jean No, Q's and Margo's becoming a couple would not have been true to their personalities. Neither one sees the other for who he or she really is. Q is in love with his dream of what Margo is like; Margo doesn't see all the strengths Q has. They will experience more of life--maybe they could be a couple later, but this is not their time.
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Ashley Poirier I have to admit that initially I was disappointed. I think that the book itself is an example of the metaphor that is used so often throughout the story. While reading the book I was learning more about myself than I was the actual characters. I had this image in my mind of how the story was going to play out; I created an ending that would be satisfying if I were one of the characters. When the book did not end the way that I imagined, I was a little disappointed, but I sat and thought about it for a while and I think it ended exactly how it was supposed to. It shows that Quentin really didn't know the real Margo until the last sentence. The Margo he had been in love with and had tried to piece together with her clues did not exist, and if that Margo did exist the story would loose part of its meaning.
Doreen Vasquez
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Kathy I thought the ending was abrupt. I turned the page, and went "Oh, now it's acknowledgements?" So I went back and re-read the last few pages. I agree that it was the best ending possible - certainly the most true to the characters - but I still thought it was abrupt.
Jess Aleigha
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Hannah Yeah I was a little disappointed in Margo. Just like Q I painted her to be something more, and then she wasn't. Maybe that's the cool part about her character? Because sometimes things just aren't more.
SKY It was disappointing because Margo couldn't stop being self-centered, she didn't sacrifice for him even for just the summer. I don't blame Q for not running away, he's realistic. And I think that they don't fit for each other so it's not surprising they won't end up together.
Faith Pfffffffft, OF COURSE. Truth be told, I think the ending kinda sucked. I was expecting more.
Daniella Rojas yeah, Quentin should've realized that Margo was all about herself and left her bitch ass in that rat place she was staying in. Shouldn't even kissed her. This sounds so bad but it would be better if they hadn't found her at all but Q reflects on his true friends and the road trip they just had and value them and get over Margo. Sorry not sorry.
Jake Prest Not really. We all have that crush where we think if we do something extraordinary for them, they'll run into our arms and live happily ever after. Q did something extraordinary for Margo's affection, but in the end he realized she loved him for him...but did not live happily ever after. She went to NY, he went home. What makes it sad is that he was okay with it, which makes this book the best young adult novel ever.
Ale Witherspoon I didn't like the ending. I didn't like that Q went through all the hazel to find Margo, and then they don't end up together!!!! He almost gets killed just for a kiss? As I read the book, I was hoping she was dead and maybe there was one last clue in NY and he could get closure.

Also, I didn't like that Q's friends didn't have much of a participation at the end. I mean, the were part of Margo's search. What happens to them?
Lily-ann Cunningham Yes but I liked it at the same time. While it is disappointing that Q and Margo won't be together, Q would lose his substance as a character if he left with Margo just as she would if she went with him. I really liked the ending and while Margo may seem a little bit unsatisfying, this is what the book is trying to accomplish. Q was in love with the idea of Margo even though he did not really know her at all and as he looked for her he sort of knew her better than he ever had and it took him on a journey, which could only end when the two went their seperate ways.
Jenna W
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Saanvi Yes I did..I felt there should have been something else..even if was Q's parent's reaction back home..when they confronted him or something. I just didn't get how Margo and Q went separate ways but thinking about it now I feel that if they would have been together wouldn't make it any better. There's really no good way to finish this book. Maybe that was the right thing to keep the readers guessing.
Caden Price Totally. I wanted to punch Margo in the face or at least have something happen to her as a consequence for how she toyed with Q.
evelyn I was very disappointed by the end. The book built up making you think something big was going to happen but it didn't. Not one of my favorite endings.
Lostaccount I didn't read it that far. I hope Margo is dead. I hated the book that much.
Matt Yes!

Here's what needed to happen: as soon as Margo (oh sorry, I mean Margo Roth Spiegleman) ridiculed Lacey for going out with Ben, Q should have realized that she's actually just a shallow stupid whiny person, and left with his friends (he should have realized on the journey over that these are the people he enjoys spending his time with).

The entire ending was pseudo-deep crap. I couldn't stand Margo and Q was annoying me too by the end.
Sarah The ending of this book made me feel as if there was no point to the story. I'm not disappointed that there wasn't a happy ending; life doesn't always give us a happy ending. However, I feel like the ending was a let down. I really tried to like Margo, but in the end I sort of hated her. Not what I expected from this book and I think I will just wait for the movie on DVD.
Carol Frego Yes, I expected more.
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Edith i was only disappointed because Margo didn't go back with him.
Sophia Tallon Yeah, but still I loved the book and the ending was written well.
Simone I think it is an open ending like maybe he changes his mind and comes with her after they kiss and maybe he's just going away but I don't think there is another ending that fits as well as the real one.
Alaska Young yes but you know what sad endings are always the best books look at "The Fault in our Stars" and "Looking for Alaska".
Manan Yess yesssssss,margo has to be stubborn but i understand that the situation was hard for her and even q knew he was goin to get in trouble so he should have gone with her
Dani Disappointement stays short , I felt DESTROYED
Lourdes for me its just okay
Agathokakological13 To be honest, yes. A bit. I mean, literally the whole book is about how Quinten is in love with Margo and how he started hunting for her . The whole road trip geared us up for some big scene that would be amazing.
But, it was realistic: Margo is just a teenager trying to find herself and Quin got caught up in it. That's all.
Candorman It seemed like the 4 characters went to a lot of trouble for no good reason and bring the reader along with them leaving the reader feeling as empty in the end as they must have felt.
Wesley Hetrick Yeah, then non-ending ending was a let down for me. I know it makes the characters more real but I am not reading a fiction book for reality, I want to escape reality.
Paula No, it was the perfect ending for a coming of age novel. It was foreshadowed from the very beginning and even throughout the novel as there is consistency of thought in Q's character that demonstrated that he is nothing at all like Margo. Margo did essentially help him expand his understanding of himself which cemented that there really could only be one ending to this book unless Margo became someone else. Throughout the novel there were seeds planted such as the understanding that you have to accept people as they are and not who you want them to be that highlighted Q's emotional growth and maturity and by the end of the book I felt as a reader that Q's last few weeks of high school are the catalyst for his readiness and self-confidence to to go out into the world on his own path.
Sheree | Keeping Up With The Penguins I wasn't disappointed in the ending plot-wise, but I was pretty disappointed in it structurally. It seemed (to me) to be pages and pages of adolescent monologuing, really making sure that every part was teased out and fully "resolved". It kind of felt like John Green was handing the philosophical conclusions to his readers, spoon-feeding it to them even, instead of trusting them to figure it out for themselves. That really gets my goat...
Fatima Yessss i did but while writing a review i figured we the readers are a bit like Margo we liked the search for her the adventure however her, the end destination was quite dissatisfying just like reaching an destination, the end point was for her. I felt a bit annoyed that after 300 pages i didnt get what i was expecting but i also liked that i got to understand that i was expecting too much when we are all just individuals with our own struggles and that we should see people for who they are instead of glorifying them by own right because it creates a blurred vision leaving to disappointment
Kate Yes. The ending left an awful lot to be desired. I liked the book for the most part but the ending fell completely flat and really wasn't worth the journey getting there. Would have been better if they never found her.
Rochelle van Dyk I know I did... I get the idea. I was just expecting something different at the end.
Toya Villarreal yes a little bit
Brian Williams
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Navneeth No. because it felt real. in the current situation of Margo she can't just go back like that
Caylea The ending was so symbolic in the obvious way. They berried their old dreams to make room for new ones, which I think means they let go of the dreams of each other to make new ones with other people. I think that is why at the end they just leave each other because all of their dreams together are gone.
Jane I love this book , and why on earth would teenagers have the answers to all , I love that Margo is looking forward to find a real identity for herself and not be constricted by what was expected of her ......
Shailja Kumari Yeah I did a bit, but still there was something John Green left for us to imagine further.... Those blank Pages at the end left for you to erase that dissapointment and creat a new journies for Margo and Quentin.......
Patrick Yes! I was expecting Margo and Quentin to fall in love and return to Orlando, not a painful goodbye with the promise of them staying in touch.
Matan Gavish
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Siddharth No I don't think the I felt disappointed at the end....As I was closing in towards the end of the book I kinda got the feeling that they wont be together....The only thing that mattered to me was whether He would kiss her or not . If He did kiss her then whether she would approve of it or not...I felt the ending was apt.

P.S : The only reason I read the novel was so that I could rate the movie and see How Cara acted in it.
Chelsea It's disappointing to some because we all expect books to have that typical happily ever after ending. But I think John Green ended it in the most appropriate way. The basic moral of the story is that life isn't fair and things don't always meet up to your expectations, and that you can't judge people when you don't truly even know them. Plus, Margo really wasn't the best girl for Quentin. He knows what he wants, what he wants to do, he's loyal. Margo is still trying to find herself, and she is kind of flaky. It just wasn't meant to be.
Louisa Yes. I felt it was untrue to the characters.
Perla I loved this book I just loved it how it's a first person view . I just loved it how the author John Green made up the character Margo. This book just wants you to keep on reading just seeing whats going to happen as you read. It shows characterization throughout the characters. Yeah the end was disappointment that they didn't end up together but things happened for a reason . I just Loved this book.
Saya Yeah. It wasn't entirely satisfying. But I would've been more annoyed if the ending was predictable/corny, so...
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Maika DeGuzman I've seen the movie and i would say yes.. because Q wasted his last few weeks in hs trying to search for Margo only to find out and realize in the end that she wasn't worth it..
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Elizabeth Navarro I think the road trip was the point of it all, but still I felt disappointed. What can I say, I'm a sucker for romance.
Mia no it was amazing. but i do wish they lived together forever. and yeah i kinda do see your point..
Craig Meads No, in fact I thought the ending was perfect.
Cris Tomas You guys can read the book online in goodreads for free plz answer because if you don't i will call my dad and he is the government so be careful what you tell me .
Daniel Quintero Yes... I think the end of the book could be better. I really didn't like that!
Rory i dont think there could be a different ending to this story
Chloe Potteiger
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Victor Jiao I almost threw the book at the wall.
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Miriamnietd I felt disappointed from the moment I finished reading the first chapter.
Tatiana Leonard
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Catalina Muñoz When I first finished this book I was slightly disappointed. After thinking about I realized it was a totally appropriate ending. If there was a big dramatic ending it would have been too cliche. I could understand why people felt disappointed because the long journey ended in a simple goodbye, anything more would have been too predictable.
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Lisa For once I actually didn't :D it was perfect :)
Jessica Actually not really, cause I guess they both have different kinds of future. Margo with her adventures and amazing journey with freedom while Quentin is being Quentin with an expected future which is college, job and family.
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Jessie Jr Add me to those who felt resentful, I read looking for Alaska, and then the fault in our stars, then the very disappointing katherines, and now the paper towns...although honestly paper towns is a lot better than katherines, I get it, but still I think the ending could have been a hundred times better... =(
Yuqi Ma Honestly no and yes. The ending was sort of fast but it was full of hope. It let's you know that Q and Margo have a future together and that's all that counts for me. I absolutely loved this book, so yeah
Mint Tea YES! Totally. I mean, it's so unxpected that I thought there was gonna be a next page to continue the sentence but when I turned the page, I was like: Oh no! It can't end like this! I feel so incomplete!

But I reread the last sentence over and over again, thus it made me feel satisfied or so. lol
Mindy No disappointment at all! I agree to Ava, Q is too good for her. She is a total self obsessed brat, who has no care for anyone else. I was really annoyed with her when she went missing and then again when she was giving Q a hard time when they found her!!! I am glad that Q did not stay with her/
shirley holden Will I be held captive to the end?
Julia Hörmayer Not at all! I think it was awesome! I was positively surprised when it wasn't the cliche happy end.
Ayesha Nasir I did but it was brilliant in a way because I was able to feel what Quentin was feeling. His disappointment made sense to me, as did everyone else's - even Margo's.
Also, this has to with me learning to accept that John Green's endings will always leave me unhappy.
Imma Centaur yeah,I'm a bit disappointed..and it got boring...
Patsy Yes, I was disappointed with how it turned out. I am hoping the movie will be better. I don't like John Green's endings. I've read two of his books and that is it for me.
Nikki NO! this was amazing . i loved it
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amalie bokorm a bit, not much, as i felt it didnt affect the novel as a whole very much
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