Courtney asked:

Im somewhere within the first 50 pages of the book and it has been kind of hard to get through. Does it pick up?

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Addison Dixon I read it when I was 12 and LOVED it. The story gets more exciting as you go on. I read it every chance I got.
I mean, it's your choice--and you might not like the story as much! all according to preference. but believe me, it's definitely worth a shot. :)
A'len No, it doesn't pick up. If anything it just gets more excruciating to read. Of course, if you really want to know how it ends then I have a good alternative to slogging through the book itself; watch Star Wars, Episode IV.
That Awkward Girl Yes, it does. At about page 100 there starts being lots of adventure and action.
Thomas YES!!! Don't listen to those people who say the series is terrible--they probably say everything is. Just read it!
Hanna Marie It picks up, it is a great book, and you will NOT regret reading it!!
Book Elf It picks up, trust me it does
Lisa I read it in 2nd grade and it is AMAZING!!!! I'm re-reading the series and it still holds all the magic in it that it did for me when I first read it. It is one of my favorite books, and I have read it more times than any other book. To all you haters, don't say anything to people who haven't finished it.
Sapphira Yes, it does pick up. Eventually. It's, to me, a very suspenseful book. Don't call me retarded or anything but yeah.... :)
Drackon Briar Ok I know this is 6 years old, but for people scrolling through the reviews, this book is one of my favorites. The first one is the best, although it starts a bit slow. The second one is good. The third one is boring and I would recommend reading that one only once and skipping it whenever you reread. The fourth and last book is a master piece with an interesting, if somewhat contrived, ending.

The characters are interesting, the world building is excellent, the magic system both limits the magic user from being completely unstoppable while also allowing creativity and occasional exceptions to the rules, the fight scenes are easy to follow, and most importantly the cover looks great.

P.S. The only star wars connection that I can see is that the main character belonged to an ancient order of magic sword swingers, was raised on a farm, always wanted to fly, and had an old teacher who he believed was a normal old man who may or may not turn out to be from the same order as him. That sounds like a lot, but the actual story, characters, and world is completely different.
Lia Well, you could skip the first few parts when it's Roran telling the story.
I think the rest is worth reading.
Bobby I hate it when people compare the book to star wars there is one scene ONE. Like come on.
P.S it does pick up in action.
Clara B YES IT DOES PICK UP!!!! Don't listen to what other people say.... you can't expect every book to be like Harry Potter (another book I love) after maybe 100 pages it does pick up, and the very end is SUPER AWESOME and it is NOTHING like star wars... Hope this is helpful!!! :)
Chloe Athanasiou yes!!! This is my second time through the book. The first time was four years ago (2cnd grade) and I had trouble getting through it because the language is very dense (in a good way,) but I'm really enjoying it right now, and highly recommend it!
Anonymous me 77 read it the books are amazing you will not regret
Mango Yes, completely. This is sort of like the Lord of the Rings series, it is a little slow at first, but the adventure really starts rushing at you and you will refuse to put the book down!!
It is a spectacular series, totally worth reading.
Thomas Dennis Yes, it really does. the first 100 pages or so are a bit slow, but after that, it turns into more of an adventure. I think the pacing is rather reminiscent of The Hobbit, where it takes its time with the first setting and then ramps up once the journey starts.
Bob McDillan this series is the best just read it even if it seems boring it is my favorite
Rae Yes it does!! I struggled with the first 100 pages too but keep going!
Maiya Yes, it does, you just have to stick with it and then you won't be able to stop! (;
Heidi Redmond It definitely does. I experienced the same thing during the first 50 pages, but I thought it became really interesting and easy to read once he left the town:)
Donovan yes, it does pick up, but you have to read the entire thing
Natalie Hudson Yes it does- but don't trust the lovers or the haters. That's your decision to make-- I won't judge you.
Brooke Yes, it does! At first, I complained because I was forced to read it, but after awhile it got really exciting and attention-grabbing! I read any chance I got after the adventure really started!
Caleb Yes it does pick up but more in later books
Jonah YESSSS. I love this book.
Jennifer June Murphy Yes!!! It get amazing, but the second is even better!
Justin Vonsik Actually it picks up a lot in the second half. It started off rather slow, but then became increasingly harder to put down afterward.
Bobbie-Jo MacMillan Yes it picks up!! It is an awesome book.
Eragon10316 Yes it does if you like to read it really will.
Cath Carter Yes, I found it to be one of the easiest reads and it held my interest all the way through. Once the quest part of the story starts it zips along nicely. Loved it!
Ayla Scammell I can't see the problems you're having to get into the book in the beggining. If you read from the start you should be able to read until you find where the egg goes at least. I'm 11 and I'm reading the 4th book already. Out of curiosity I started reading on the 15/3/2014 and have kept reading since. I have read Eragon 5 times because I did not get the last nook until Christmas and will keep reading till it no longer interests me-
Saoirse It does, but only because it tells you secrets and makes you wonder things
Danielle Bryanton it is an exciting read but it really only picks up in the middle sadly, i hope you stuck with it and enjoyed it as much as i did.
Ivy Wilburn It does, but the book is more about their personal struggles, physically and emotionally, than how much stuff they burnt down or how may people they fought. But it does have some good action scenes in it, especially in later books. The fourth one DEFINITELY leaves you with a lot of questions though. But I heard a whisper on the wind say there may be a fifth book, so I'm hoping for that. This is my favorite series of all.
Avaminn F'nett Only a little. Eragon isn't a fast-paced, non-stop action book. There is more action as it goes on, but that's not the majority of the book. If non-stop action is what you like to read, you will probably not like this book much. I found it very good, though.
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