Delaine asked:

Just read BIG LITTLE LIES { loved it! } & can anyone tell me if this is as good ? Worth 14 Dollars Kindle price ? Thanks & happy Weekend

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Maureen I have liked "The Husband's Secret" the LEAST of her books. I like this one better than "The Husband's Secret" but not as much as "Big, Little Lies". I would definitely recommend "What Alice Forgot" at this point- might I suggest you try and get a copy from your local library? Happy reading!
Susanne I liked this book alot more than "Husband'is Secret" - started Big Little Lies. This book seemed more real and thought-provoking while still being a super read.
Diane Wow, $14 is a lot!!! I loved Big Little Lies and the husband's secret - agree with Maureen that Big Little Lies is the best, then What Alice Forgot, then The Husband's Secret. She's like my new Jodi Picoult!! Great book but $14 is kind of a lot. Check it out at the library!
Fiona It is interesting to read on this older thread about people's favourites, which pretty much completely exclude her earlier (and often better work). If you haven't yet, try The Last Anniversary, Three Wishes, and my complete favourite of Liane's The Hypnotist's Love Story. Like many here, The Husband's Secret is my least favourite, but all her books are wonderful, with important issues underlying seemingly light storytelling.
Gail Poag Smith Our library has some books on Kindle, too, that you can get for free so you could try it. I really liked What Alice Forgot and I'm not a big chick-lit fan.
Josephine Keenan I got my copy at the library.
Mommooshka Almost all libraries now offer free e-Books, so you can read without having to consider if a book is worth $14 (e-Books have become SO expensive). Kindle is one of many different formats they offer.
Angela I loved this book - I liked it even MORE than Big Little Lies. I see your inquiry was a long time ago. I hope you ended up reading it (or borrowing a copy later). I have read all but one Liane Moriarty book, and What Alice Forgot was my favorite. Happy reading!
Joan No, do not buy this book 486 pages, I skimmed over 200 pages, and still skimming to get to the end. Get it at the library,or you can have my copy.
Janessa Bruce Big Little Lies is the best. But I love Truly Madly Guilty more than The Husband's Secret. My order. 1. Big Little Lies. 2. Truly Madly Guilty 3. What Jane Forgot 4. The Husband's Secret.
Christine Are you a re-reader, or just a once is enough kind of person?

I almost didn't like The Husband's Secret, if that makes sense. Big Little Lies I would probably buy (but in book form) because it's one I'd re-read. I loved What Alice Forgot--it was the first Liane Moriarty book I picked up. I'd buy it.
SueAnn I like this one better than Big Little Lies, as I find it more original. The author creates a vehicle for analyzing the most important relationships in the protagonist's life and describing how those relationships evolve over a decade. It is an intuitive study of human character and how everything from one's values to one's daily habits can be influenced by the people with whom we maintain our closest relationships. Whether its sisters, husbands, lovers, mothers, best friends or even arms-length acquaintances, our interactions with the people we choose to care about, as well as those we choose to care less about, will shape who we become. This is frequently explored in coming-of-age novels, but the insightful exploration of these influences in full-grown adult life makes this book a refreshing and compelling read.
Tania Michelle Absolutely yes! I like it more than Big Little Lies.
Linda B. Not her best but interesting. Still like Big, Little Lies better. Also liked one, can't remember full title but ends with "Guiltily".
Linda I really enjoyed this book! I think it was worth the price! Definitely one of my favorites of hers.
Jean Blackwood In a word, Yes!
Christine I really liked it but would definitely not recommend paying $14 to read it. Try to get a library book or kindle version for free. It's a great book just not worth $14.
Patricia McDonough I have not read Big Little lies that one is next. I am loving what Alice forgot and I also read My husbands secret ( definitely a more " darker " version of this authors writing but I enjoyed it too )
Beth S. This is my fave book of hers, so many good characters. Try amazon or ebay (about 7 dollars) for a better price!
Hunter Jay I am sure you've read it by now. Did you like it? I found it to be so much less satisfying than "Big Little Lies" and "The Husband's Secret." I was very disappointed.
Delaine Thank You all for replying
You at Goodreads have really comer through for me
Happy Weekend to you all
D :)
Vanessa I read her book "The Husband's Secret" before I started this, and I can already tell I don't like "What Alice Forgot" as much so far (I'm only about 15% of the way through though at the moment). It's the author's first novel, so for me (and I also have a weird thing about wanting a "real" copy of the book if it's over $5 but only for books I want to re-read), it would NOT be worth the $14 Kindle price. I checked my copy out from my local library. I highly recommend "The Husband's Secret" rather than this one, if you haven't already read it. That one is $9.99 on the Kindle store, and I think it's worth it if that is your preferred book format.
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