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Can someone tell me what mummers, silent sisters, and the stranger are?

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Mummer is kind of an entertainer/actor. They travel in groups to entertain and perform shows.

People in Westeros believe that the god has seven aspects and Stranger is one of the seven aspects of the god according to the "Faith of Seven". People worship it rarely since it is related to death and believed to lead the dead to wherever they go after death.

Silent sisters are kind of undertakers and are sworn to the service of Stranger. They kinda deliver the dead to Stranger.
Sarai the stranger is one of the gods of the 7, the silent sisters are like nuns who have taken a vow of silence, and the mummers, i believe, are like like bloodthirsty sellswords, but worse.
Jake Evans The mummers, or "bloody mummers" are also known as the Brave Companions. Which are a group of sellswords but worse. (Their group mainly consists of murderers and rapists). The Stranger is one of the seven gods. And the silent sisters serve the Stranger.
Katie Williams Mummers are actors, Silent Sisters are like undertakers/nuns, who also, for some reason, take a vow of silence, and The Stranger is an element to the faith of the 7, a religious sect, mostly in Westeros...The Stranger represents death
Nael_5 Read the books. They are such such good books.
Fernando Acosta The Stranger is one of the seven aspect of a single god of worshipped at Septs. This aspect also believed by some to be the same Many Faced God, but I haven't seen/read any evidence to link the two aside the fact that both deal in deaths. Death will usually be refered to as The Stranger's kiss. This aspect is feared and no usually prayed upon by the westerosi.
The Silent Sisters are a part of the Faith of the Seven dedicated to the stranger. They take vows of silences and chastity and are usually dedicated to the dead. They're called upon when someone dies and they carry dead people's remaining back to place where they are supposed to be ready. After Eddard Stark's death they are the ones that carry his remains back to Winterfell, carrying Tywin's remains back to Casterly Rock after his death.
Mummers is and old word for mimes or street actors. The Bloody Mummers is sort of an offensive nicknamed used when referring to the Brave Companions. A company of sellswords led by Vargo Hoat (the guy that cut Jaime's hand off).
Dave The stranger is definitely related to death, most probably something like a milder version of the grim reaper.
The silent sisters are nuns that have take a vow of silence and they are often refered to be servants of the stranger.

Mummers are actors in a theater/play, I think they can also be musicians but I'm not sure about that. A mummer's farce is when you got deceived by someone to play some role in their fantasy world (basically meaning someone tries to trick you into something).
The Bloody Mummers is however a group of very violent sellsords who gathered together from all sorts of different places.
Everard Jan I still don't understand completely what a mummer is but I think they use a type cheap magic. On the other hand I do know what the other two are, the stranger is the seventh face of the Seven, the God(s) most of Westeros worship. The stranger is normally not spoken about because he is related with death and the silent sister are the women who serve him, eventually helping in funerals when the person who dies worships the Seven.
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