Tamara asked Kallypso Masters:

ok i'm sure everyone has been asking, but when does the next book come out?

Kallypso Masters Okay, now that IS the one question no one is supposed to ask, but I'll give you the answer: When it's ready.

That's the answer I give everyone who dares to ask. But the only reason I'm answering now is that I want to give an update. It's too early to set a release date, but I *will* be offering pre-orders at Amazon starting about thee weeks before the release date. I should know by then. I've sent the first 230 pages (single-spaced in Word) to the five content editors and am now finishing up probably another 100 pages that need revising and in some cases new scenes. Length-wise, this will be short of Nobody's Perfect but quite a bit longer than Nobody's Hero Another hefty-sized book.

In doing my first total revision since writing the scenes (which I started doing on Dec. 30), I've added some AMAZING layers to the story. That's something I don't think speed-writers realize can happen when they slow down and take their time with a story. Or maybe they do it, only faster than I do. But I know you are going to love this story. Luke and Cassie's slowly blossoming love is so sweet to watch unfold. It's very different from any of the other books, but I think you can say that about every single book in my saga because I don't write them to a formula. I write the stories as they fit the characters and as the characters tell me their stories.

I hope the editors and beta readers will have the entire book by early next week. We'll try to go over it twice and then it goes to line editors for a couple more weeks. Then we have a week of proofreaders (about five people with strong editing and grammar skills who haven't read any of it before, because it needs fresh eyes by that point) going over it. THEN it will be ready to upload to Amazon and Apple. (I may do a pre-order with Apple, but sales there take away from hitting the New York Times list and you all know how my ego really wants to hit that list this time--on my own, rather than in a mega boxed set of books.) So I'm still weighing the pros and cons of that, but if I do Apple, it might help me pinpoint the release date better. They can take 5-7 days to go live with a book otherwise.

Another reason for doing pre-orders in more places is that I'm selling it for $4.99 at preorder, but $5.99 soon after it goes live. I've come to the realization I can't write two books a year even if I wanted to and I can't make a living on publishing one new book at $4.99 a year. But I want to reward my readers. IF I can figure out a way to do Pre-orders with Barnes & Noble, I will, but right now they require they go through Smashwords and I'm not sure I want to do that.

So, more than you ever wanted to know with that question, but I promise to let you know when as soon as *I* do! I have a target in mind, but don't want to say until we get the content editing done and I know I can meet that deadline.


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