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did anyone else kinda understand nan a little bit more?, don't get me wrong i still hate the bitch but what she did for harlow made me like her a little not much, but a little

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Chandra I still don't like her and I won't read a book on her, if there is one.
Some people are better left as a villain in books, and she's one of them IMO.
Dee Trejo
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Gaya I can solidly say that nothing will ever change my attitude to that bitch. The fact that Grant run back to her after sleeping with Harlow, made me hate her much more and that was the top. I would never like her even for what she did. I consider it as a female solidarity because I felt her attitude change when she run to Harlow at the ball. She may hate Harlow but she knows that Harlow has nothing to do with her own parents' choices. And she respects the fact of her fiercely maternity wish. I think she saw in Harlow a mother she would like to have, and she is definitely not the one who will destroy somebody's family because of her own experience. She didn't want Harlow's baby have a lack of good family. I don't think she did it because she was Harlow's sister, it was all about baby's sake. Remember the guy she was dating in "Take a chance"? That guy had a child too and she was... I don't know. She was kind of caring? But I have a feeling that Nan will mess up with Major. It won't be Mase. It will be Major! I'm absolutely sure.
Lisa Mccrey I still don't like her either. I understand getting the raw deal out of life and having a craptastic mom but the way she went about everything was SO wrong. I am glad she saved her sister that was the right thing to do but if she felt Grant was her "one" why not try to let him love you? Why keep the cycle of hate and hurt? Now she is lonely and miserable, however, I see her and Major hooking up in the near future. As long as she isn't with Mase I am fine, I like him too much
Tara Honestly, it made me cry (only the second time a book like this has affected me as much). I hate her a little bit less right now.
Crystal I still hate her. I feel bad for her that she has a horrible mother who used her as a weapon against Blare's parents and a dead beat father but it's no excuse for how she behaves. I won't be reading her book if she gets one especially since it will be unbelievable if she changes for Major or whoever has the misfortune of being her love interest when she was too scared to have a serious relationship with Grant who she has known since she was a child. Not to mention, Rush hasn't been able change her even though he's a great brother to her.

Lisa: Mase isn't an option for her, they are biological siblings.
Jas I'll read Nan's book if ever there's one. I'm excited to see how everything will play out between her and Major.
Faye I know what you mean. But I still don't like her. She could have change for the better if she wanted to.
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Itsmebacshi Nan's POV made me understand her more..
Renella Brookes ME TOO i hate her but love what she did for her sister dose she get a book to
Sakuratina I still dont like her, but, It seems like there is going to be a book about her.
Sue Czarnomski Absolutely. She's mean but misunderstood. If I had that mother like hers and a father who loved my sister but not me, I may act out as well. She craves someone to love her.....perhaps it's Major. Hmm.......
khulhet24 yeah I do. Sometimes being left alone so much kinda gets to you and you just wanted to protect yourself even if you hurt them before they do. Nan can be the queen of bitches but she has story behind all of it and I wish she does get a book for herself. I don't know if I remember it right but I think Abbi Glines said before that she won't give Nan a book but I hope she change her mind. I really do want to know her story and I really want for her to have her own happy ending. Every one deserves a happy ending. I think the story would be similar to Maleficent's. I really love that movie by the way.
Mahydit Anber Well, I guess from the way I see it Nan saw Harlow not wanting to lose her baby even if it meant getting herself killed. Nan never had anyone giving anything up for her. They always gave her up. Nan's father gave her up long, long time ago. Her mother never gave a real shit about her and for her point of view Rush and Grant also let her down. That's why I saw what she did is convincing.What Harlow did touched a soft spot in Nan's Heart.
Though she is a total BITCH, I'd want to read her novel and I am sure she will end up with Major.I truly want to know how will Major get under her skin.
Deborah I think, that until you have read Nan story you can truly judge her because you don't understand how the events were for her. Until you have seen them through her eye. As they say there is three sides to every story: yours, theirs and the truth. If you have read the Shatter Me series or Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon, you'll understand that the villian you hate is just a victim who just passes their pain onto others. I'm not saying that Nan is a bitch, it's just that there's more to her than that, and you can't just discount the fact that she has suffered more than most. Just cos most of you lot hate her.
Kasey Yes, I actually really want her to get her happy ending. No one should have to be that unhappy and miserable. I don't think that it changes the horrible things she did, but I think there is probably a decent person hiding in there somewhere. The girl needs some serious therapy to talk and heal from her horrible childhood. The thing is Rush had a dad who loved him, and showed him a different way to act. Nan only ever had their horrible horrible mother, who has spent Nan's whole life manipulating her.
Anessa No, I still feel she is crazy. Nan wanted the baby to have a good mother. She saw something in Harlow that night at the ball. Why are people wishing Nan wont end up with Mase... Unless I read something wrong, I have come to the conclusion that Nan and Mase are brother and sister,they share the same father...
C.K. I do felt it was insightful to get Nan's pov. I did feel that she was a little more tolerable in this book. At least, Nan acknowledges (even if only to herself) some of her wrong doing. I still don't like Nan. One decent act doesn't erase all the bad. If I was Harlow I still wouldn't want Nan any where near Grant. Nan did take accountability for the horrible way she treated Harlow but it is still horrible. Nan owes Harlow an apology. Nan still refuses to take accountability for anything where Blaire is concerened. Blaire has been through terrible things too. Nan see Blaire as the person who stole her brother from her. Nan's hatred for Blaire steches back to when they were little girls and her mom fed her that poison. Yes, I did feel a little bad for Nan but she acts like she is the only one with problems.
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