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why is everyone so against Zoey she is super awesome and if you don't like the series then why did you read it in the first place

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Paranormal_Madness Some people can't stand to leave a series unfinished once it's started, and nobody has to justify why they're still reading it. But, the reason people are against Zoey is because she's a judgmental, hypocritical piece of trash. She calls other girls "hoes" when she's the one sneaking around and cheating on her boyfriend with two other guys at several points in the series. She doesn't grow at all throughout the 11 books that I've read, she just stays the same annoying, vapid, whiny girl she was at the beginning. She treats anyone who doesn't worship her like dirt, and she turns on people in an instant. Erin and Erik anyone?
Dejah Madhusankar Zoey is never the super-awesome character..she's just..yeah.. A bloody hypocrite who just thinks too much of herself..that it just irritates me soo much.. she talks herself justice.. But a part of my mind says... come on..her life is an utter mess...And one cant be perfect all the time... And..its just the fact that zoey never realises that she's real lucky at some points to be out-of-the-ordinary and be having such super cool powers.. and to be so beautiful that many guys are attracted to her and to have such great friends..
Enny Everyone is so against Zoey because she is so immature and never matures in the series. She is also very annoying. Neferet at least has a very valid reason to be hateful and you can't help feeling sorry for her.

I like the series but I HATE that the series has dragged on for so long. It was really unnecessary.
Andy Howard because she had to many boyfriends
Kristyn The first four books were great! A lot of fun to read. Then I started to notice that Zoey wasn't, at all. Bull poop? Really? Her friends weren't doing too good either.

Around the release of Burned I realized these books were not going to stop coming, at least for a while. I gave up after Tempted since they seemed to be getting progressively worse.
Nicole, The Local Spooky Hermit because car crashes attract crowds. and this series is a big one
Bree Breezie Why? Hmmm... How about she sucks as a main character. (That is as simple as I can put it without this being three freaking paragraphs) I loved the books for all the other characters. I read the series mainly for every other character but Zoey. I actually skipped pages that's in her point of view. The first book series where I actually HATED the main character. Great books though.
Taylor Morris I honestly think it is because the only downside to this series is that it is a twelve book series that in total the amount of time that passes is little over a year.(I started reading this book series when I was about 14 and I'm nearly 20 now) Zoey doesn't get a chance to grow with the audience like other protagonists such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson
Beatrice Masaluñga I love the series, but sometimes Zoey gets on my nerves because she has so many love interests. It's kinda frustrating, she really needs to stick to one guy and sometimes she acts immaturely. Too whiny.
Dara Pronovost I'm not really against her, I just feel like the series is soooo long and the audience grows up, I started reading this series in highschool I was like 16 or so, and I could really understand the characters, but it takes so long to wait for the book, you grow up I'm 23 now, and you get into this more mature mentality I suppose but the characters aren't really growing, I mean in the book not much time has passed, but they should take into account that their audience has grown and make it more relatable to the audience who started with it. That being said I haven't stopped reading I still love the idea of these vampires and where the story is going, sometimes it just feels a bit stressed to read cause you kinda want to smack some sense into them lol
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