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Henry Jin I understand that you think it starts with a boring intro and stuff, but I promise you everything is going to change. ;) I rated the book 5 stars because it kept interested me without putting the book down, although in the middle there was a point where I lost interest. It was generally a good book because it always made me flip the page, making me wanting to know what was behind the next page.
Linda It never gets better. NEVER! >_>
Husz 4 out of the 52 chapters were interesting. That's it. The writing is "klunk" as well.
Austin Blaschke It starts a tad slow but as the story progresses it becomes more suspenseful. Hang in there and the entire series will take you on a ride!
Kelly Brigid ♡ It starts off a little slow, but it gets very interesting a few chapters after that :)
Maddie Wecker Yeah I thought the start was kinda boring but then it gets so much better
Eve The beginning was, for me, also pretty boring but then I got into it and loved it! I hope you do too.
Ashley Wood This book... This book is absolutely epic. I don't know what anyone means by slow. How is waking up in the middle of a maze with no memory slow? Anyways, I do believe this is one of the most unique books I have read, so in my opinion it gets much better.
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Lina So I for my part LOVE the book. This series is the best I've ever read (and I've read a lot), but I can also understand when people don't like it. I liked it so much because you never know what happens and your questions never really get answered. But that is the reason why a lot of people don't like it. It really depends on what you like as a reader.
I would tell you to go on with reading, but if you didn't like to that point you won't like the rest of the books too.
PS: I'm not English so don't judge me.
Nourma Reizky I am totally obsessesed with this book. still no love line in this chapter and i love it. it's awesome. especially the role Thomas is played by Dylan O'Brien.. The next chapter,The Scrotch,on going to read it :D
Katie Kost the writing wasn't bad, really but it does get draggy at parts. I find the ideas to be silly though. I don't want to spoil it by giving things away but the world wasn't believable in the least to me. Something like what occurs in the Hunger Games or even in divergent was more believable then this world.
Brianna I agree, I read this book and got bored. The movie was awesome though.
Lila The book is really good but, it is kinda slow at the beginning. I would still read it.
Persephone maybe you find it boring because you feel as if you're being forced into reading it. if you change your mind set then maybe it won't be as boring. when my dad forced me to listen to ABBA in the car, i didn't enjoy it because i was being forced into listening to it. whereas when i did it on my own accord i enjoyed it much more.
Ashley I personally liked the beginning, it was so heart racing! And i was curious of what would happen next through every chapter. And it started to get better... And now its one of my favorite series, and i was obsessed. i still am! :D
LittleBrightStirlingite It gets better! Don't worry! The beginning may be a bit slow, but if you just think about Newt then everything is fine. 😋
Hades_Malec Continue reading, It gets really good. it is honestly one of the best books I've read. If you finish it and still think its boring then don't continue reading. If it helps (i don't usually recommend this but..) watch the movies then read the books.
Danika It's normal for books to start out a little boring but trust me by the time you get the the middle of the middle of the book it will get better. Also you read should the other books in the series, they're REALLY good!
Vilhelmina I don't want to be rude, but if You don't like the book You don't have to write it on the site about The Maze Runner and You probably knew that usually only fans of The Maze Runner. I mean, it's not that I don't respect Your opinion, but I don't think You needed to write this in here. Now, that's my opinion, and I can see many other opinions in here, but that mine. Sorry if this may be a bit rude...
DaisyDuke It is slow but it gets way better. This is one of my favorite books and when I first read it I thought it was super slow and boring. Also, it becomes a better series the further in you go. Don't give up yet.
Zoey Don't worry, it gets ALOT better
Sari H In the first part, I thought it was pretty boring as well. Especially when the language came along. But I kept on reading it and it was amazing. Some parts are pretty plain but it gets better when you go further into the book.
Kathi yes, the beginning is kinda boring. Mainly because the reader doesn't know what is going on. But it will get better, I promise!!
Jennah Neale It starts a bit slow, it does get better but honestly the first one wasn't amazing. I liked the second one better. Same with the movies.
Ryan Pascarella The beginning is a tad boring because it is mostly description about the Glade, the different jobs and the people. But the book definitely picked up the pace, despite what others say about it.
SparklingRuby20 Yeah, the beginning of the book is slow. It gets better towards the middle-end.
Sandyeggo I loved this book so much, you don't even know. It did seem boring to me at the beginning, but after a couple chapters, it was AMAZING I satiated up until 3am one night just to read. And I used to HATE reading
Austin Evans Keep reading it. It gets better. I actually like book two the most "The Scorch Trials". Just give it a chance.
➳Fiona's not a ogre➳ I love the Idea of this but James Dashner does not execute it too well but I loved the idea soo much and It has too much of a perfect protagonist but I liked the sequels better.The naming in this seems like it could be written by a eight year old boy for example "the underneath" "grievers" "The changing" it is just too much one word names it gets annoying!!! But I would suggest this book too someone. The beginning was kinda boring though I liked it alot though!!! Ik ur probably dead confused.
Katnisspeetalover16 its starts getting better when teresa starts chucking rocks at the boys oh yeah thats oly in the movie if u dont like it just watch the movie the movie is really good
Faeeza Iftikhar It is an extraordinarily amazing book. carry on reading- it gets miles better especially in the 2nd and third book (SPOILERR-page 250 *CRIES*). However I do agree on some people that the kill order does drag on abit and there were indeed times when I got bored but it was good in the end. YOU WON'T REGRET IT- READ ON!
Charles Tan Everyone seems to say it is boring, I guess I am an exception, this book captures my attention right from the start. I never find it bore at any moment. I am now half way reading book 2, can't wait to finish it and go to book 3.

Never catch the movie though, so can't really compare it and comment about it.
Amanda It really does get better, though. Way more excitement and unexpected turn of events. If you have already seen the movie, then I guess I could see how you are bored in reading it because you already know what going to happen. WARNING: After you finish the book and watch to movie, prepare for extreme obsessing!
TintinSajol I think that it's really interesting. I mean, the first few chapter, it makes me curious. I already finished reading this and i recommend you to read it becaue it's really good! Aren't you curious about what's outside the maze? And what's the reason behind that? :)
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Daphne M. Yes, this book starts off boring. Until the first hundred pages or so, it's a little dragging. But once you pass that mark, it's really fast paced and a really good book!
Jenny I agree it's boring at the beginning... BUT keep on reading. It gets more interesting and exciting on the way to the end of the book. Believe me, at first i read the first chapter and put away the book and I finally decided to continue after months. To my surprise, I was really satisfied with the story. It was AMAZING. I can't wait to turn the pages and find out what's gonna happen next. I literally couldn't put down the book.(true story) Then the movie came out, I watched it but it was not as good as the book. Hope you would enjoy The Maze Runner too, reader :)
Dan JK did you finish it?

It gets less boring, and the less boring will bring forth the love or hate imho
Matt This book was a terrible drag for me from beginning to end. It felt more like sitting down to do dreaded homework rather than something to enjoy. I was relieved to be done with it.
Rhyn G Hate this book. Go watch the movie instead; it was a huge improvement.
Breezy Yeah the beginning is a little slow.....but it gets way better.
Jamilah Yeah, I agree it definitely drags out in the beginning. If you are patient enough, the end is really good. But, it is like the last 10 chapters, and it's slightly predictable, so depending on your patience levels, it may not be worth it.
Saifullah The Maze Runner
Written By - Inesh Ihom Saifullah (Age 11)

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of books written in the third person every year. But very few gained traction like the Maze Runner! It is a classic testament of dystopian fiction.

James Dashner has written a book that will make one shout with frustration, ponder on multiple cliff-hangers, chuckle with the occasional humorous comments or look back on the multiple clues he leaves to what could happen next. It has a hero (Thomas) stuck in a twisted trap, a lovable sidekick (Chuck), a feminine vigilante (Teresa) and so many action-packed scenes and plot twists that it will make the readers’ heads spin.

The Maze Runner is a book in which once you pick it up, you cannot put it down. Words of the book will draw you in like a siren’s song. The lines will hook you in like a fisherman reeling in his line.

Both Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have sadness yet filled with enormous pulling power. The Maze Runner is no exception. Death will pull on your heartstrings like no other. Anger at the villain’s (WICKED or The Creators) will fill you. But shocking clarity will stand out.

The fiction has stark similarities to the Hunger Games. Both have heroes who are placed in literally deadly games. Alliances will be made then broken and deaths will strike deep into any fan’s heart.

Thomas wakes up in a lift with the only fragment of his memory left intact is his name and he reaches an odd place surrounded by ever-changing walls with hideous half-animal, half-machine monsters inside them. Walls hundreds of feet high formed a square around them, “welcome to the Glade, shank”.

This novel has its fair share of blood, gore and violence. So, I definitely would not recommend it to the younger readers.

As “Deseret News” has stated, I wholeheartedly agree that you should take a deep breath before you start any of James Dashner’s books. “Kirkus Reviews” said that it is heart pounding to the very last moment. My thoughts are also in line with the “publisher’s weekly” that it is breathless, cinematic action.

As a kid, books were a major part of my life. I had been scolded innumerable times for hiding and reading books in class. I had complained to my mother of back pain due to a heavy bag full of story books but I did not care. I could get lost in England solving the latest crime with Sherlock Holmes or take a magic ride with Aladdin. Coupled with fantastic imagination, an incredible love for books was my superpower. But in the massive highway of the world’s technological era, I left my power behind to play video games or watch television. This book helped me to regain my superpower. My love for books and ability to imagine.

5 Starts. I am glad, I read it!
Brook I had to read it twice. The first time I wasn't a huge fan, but now I'm obsessed. Maybe watched the movie to get hooked? Personally I love it, but I did have to reread it, and the second book is SO MUCH BETTER.
Lillian Yeah, I thought it was pretty boring too. But (in my opinion) it gets better after Thomas gets thrown into the little prison thingy they have. (I forgot the name of it)
Nuha Thahir I know why your friend likes this book. It's definitely one of the best that I've read. You should definitely read it! Even though you'll probably be traumatized by the end of the death cure (page 250😰), it's probably be the best book you have ever read!!!
None-Ya-Business It was pretty slow in the beginning, but I really liked it when I got more into the book.
Orson Young Yeah I was addicted to maze runner before but then I found better books which blew maze runner off the map
Alejandro K It gets a lot better
Eleanor Jones It was pretty boring in the beginning to me too but it does get a whole lot better
Genevieve Rodrigue This is one of the most depressing series I have ever read! I won't recommend to my children. I actually gave my books away. There is no hope...EVER, throughout the whole series. Just misery.
Patrick O’Mara
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Varya YES IT DOES!! Its an amazing book read on and see!(The writing style isnt that good though...)
Montgomerie It doesn't get better.
Lena Eljaouhari What I read today was that when Thomas arrives, he seems really confused. As would anyone, but tomorrow is the tour and he doesn't know what's going on from what Alby told him.
Madison It is a bit confusing at first but it gets way better as you go on, I promise!
Laura Quantrill It gets better I promise. When I started reading the book I thought the same, but atm I would rate it 5 stars- the same as what I rated the hunger games.. IT GETS BETTER, HONEST!
Eesha this answer is a bit late but.. as everyone else said yes it is definitely slow in the beginning. I was super bored and I was really only reading it for a class project.But trust me it does get better. It may also be because I'm no used to reading work by male authors, but it definitely has it's advantages (and disadvantages)
Sarah In the beginning it starts slow but it gets more exciting as you go.
Roxy Taylor I was hooked from the start. I don't know how anyone could find anything wrong with it. The book was better than the movie, and always will be!
Heidi watch the movie
Wyo Girl I agree didn't really get better
Aimee Wu It's not good, all three of them, AND the prequel. All boring. The movie though, was bril.
T.J. English if you keep reading i promise you it will get better
Ryan McCloskey-Murray I think people find it boring because it doesn't have a dramatic teen romance the whole way through...
Jayna Gunter So far it has picked up a small amount
Bella It gets better tust me :)
Engy Osama it actull gets better just dont leave the book but from my point of view the scroch trail is btter than the maze runner
Randall Tran I AGREE WITH YOU.
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