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After reading "She's Come Undone" and "I Know This Much is True" and totally loving them both, I was really looking forward to diving into "We Are Water". Imagine my surprise to find that i was totally bored by the writing style and the shallow characters. I am only 8% into the book... the question I have is... does it get better or should I just dump it for something else. HELP!

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Megan I just started it and I'm struggling too. Someone mentioned it needed better editing. That's what I found with The Hour I First Believed as well. It just seemed to drag on forever. I remember reading I Know This Much Is True (one of my favourite books of all times) and thinking it was the only book I've ever read where I didn't want to miss one single word! That's what makes these later books a bit disappointing.

Update: I couldn't go on. I judge a book about by how excited I am for bedtime/reading time, and I just was not...
Janice Kingsbury I almost gave up on the book also. I loved "She's Come Undone" and "I know this much is True", but his writing style is different in "We are Water." I read a little at a time, but I'm glad I stuck with it. As I came to know the characters about half-way through the book, I became enchanted and couldn't put the book down. The background development may have been a little overdone, but it was worth it.
Tina Delgado STOP! Your question could have been written by me. I wish I had just given up on this one. I didn't like any of the characters either, and the parts of the backstory that kept me interested were never really brought together. It actually gets worse as it goes on. Much. Much. Worse.
Elizabeth This is exactly my feeling! In fact, for a minute there I thought I wrote the original post, it is so close to my own experience with the previous books and my current observations about reading "We Are Water."
Connie schimp Besides I've Come Undone, all his other books were a tiny bit difficult to get into. STAY on it. It's SO worth it!
Mary Walmer I just finished it,it was well worth pushing through the first quarter of the book.
Kathy I struggled through the first half because I absolutely hate to give up on a book. I found myself disliking Annie, and there it was, I was emotionally involved in the book. I'm close to the end, some things are slightly surprising me, which I like, and I'm glad I didn't give up on the book since it did get better and I am very curious to find out what happens by the end. This was tough to read until about halfway through, I'm no expert so I can't comment as to what should or shouldn't have been left out. A few geographical errors, which was a little annoying since Lamb flagrantly inserted all kinds of geographical markers and places and names of places, which annoyed me when he got it wrong, I thought he worked at UConn at one point.
Elsie Whew! I'm 350 pages in and still struggling. I'll finish it but I'm skipping some and skimming some. I'm enjoying the story but the book seems tragically unedited. It would be so much better if it was more tightly written. Good luck.
Jennifer Mathison It does get better. I agree that it is not as good as "She's Come Undone" or "I Know This Much is True."
Pam I too loved "She's Come Undone" and was eagerly looking forward to "We are Water". But I just didn't care about the characters or their ramblings about their lives.
Julia Colleen Agreed! It took me over a year to finally read the first 100 pages because I kept getting bored. Even now, less than a year after finishing, I don't remember much, but I did end up enjoying the book. The overlapping storylines and bouncing around tied together in an interesting way, but none of it met my interests exactly so I did have to push. I also love Wally Lamb.
Gilma Chute The people in this book had the liberal mentality, and everything that can go wrong in a family happen to them. The thing that happen when Annie is young will give her the reason to act in the way she does, she does not cut the chain. You will see in here #Metoo#. Actress selling their selves for career opportunity. Gay marry. Murder. The writer put all the things that is happening in liberal culture and wrote a boring book. She miss a dog or a cat in the book.
Ant This question was posted 3 years ago, but I thought I'd contribute in case others are put off by the tedious background in the first quarter or so of the book. I listened to the audiobook version, it is most excellent! I didn't have any trouble getting into it, purely because the narrators (there are several) are fantastic (esp. Annie's voice, she's hilarious in fact).
Rebecca Ryan This question and the answers are funny. I was about 45 pages in and found myself really struggling to read it. I asked my partner how many pages I had to read before I gave up. He (jokingly?) said 252 pages, 1 paragraph and the first 6 words of the first sentence. So I did that and then it seemed like I might as well finish. But that is THE ONLY way I finished and I still think maybe I should have just put it down.
Jann Kostka Yes! It gets better!! I gave up on it twice- ran out of reading material, thought I'd try again. The first couple of chapters are tedious and difficult, but it gets much better!
Linda I read this book twice, maybe 8 months apart. Maybe I read too fast the first time, but the second reading allowed me to better understand the character developments and the many flashbacks. I also found it very interesting that Wally Lamb lived in Norwich CT during the flood of 1963, where there was a car full of family members that overturned with the mother dying. I'm willing to bet the real persons involved in the flood didn't like Mr. Lamb's fictional adaptation, unless the town really had a local pedophile.
Wendy Yes, stay with it. It definitely gets better. It is a fabulous audio book. Lamb himself is the voice. He's amazing as Kent. I agree I didn't particularly like any of the characters but the way it all comes together is very satisfying.
Barbara Ricigliano The characters get much more involved which is what made the book interesting. You will not be disappointed in that regard, Helene. And for that reason, I recommend that you finish it. But I agree with the others that this book is not on a par with the other 2 you mention, which were amazing.
John That was my experience when I read "The House I First Believed" :(
Jennifer I also thought it had a slow start but it does get much better!
Pattie Wall I am NEW to Wally's books - but I think it's a good one - if I didn't have such a 'whip' over my head (self imposed) I would be done with it...I like the writing style and the depth of the story as it is peeled away, chapter by chapter. Of course, I am an artist, and I like reading fiction that revolves around 'artists'. Anyone have some suggestions?
N Malheiro Yes keep reading - it gets much better
Colleen Malley I agree, it definitely gets better. But the first 2/3rds of the book is rather boring.
Lauren Definitely keep reading it! It gets much better.
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