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Is this graphic novel based completely off of the anime?

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Krista dude most anime were originally manga. just sayin.
Ryan Willard The anime is based off of the graphic novel
WeebsOnly Nope the manga is the original story.
Joe Ask yourself first; was bleach manga based on the anime?
Kanami im sure the anime is based completely off of the manga
safi i know i love it .the animes like broooooooooo
Emmanuel Carmona Usuga No, el anime se basa en esta novela gráfica
Lindy The manga was made first, then the anime was created off of it.
Jereme Causing completely? not at all. Most of it though was strongly based. There were parts removed and fillers have been added also. Like Eren's hesitation of shifting to fight Annie took longer in the anime and had some added drama scenes, but their training was not added which made her his mentor in hand to hand combat.
Other altered parts also caused some major plot holes like Levi's leg injury which in the manga he was temporarily unable to use his 3DMG while in the anime he was able to rescue Eren.
But I guess these fillers were added to buy us some time but as for me I still prefer the manga especially after learning about these added scenes.
James McIntosh Jr. The Anime is based on the graphic novels. In fact, they delayed the release of the 2nd season of the anime to allow a few more issue to be published first so that they have more stories to follow.

I have not read this yet, but I want to. From what I hear, the anime follows it fairly well and I love the anime.
Kalee (Kat) The anime is based off of the manga, but some details are changed.
Ehijaksor No,because Isayama only took parts off the book and put citv in the anime,like hanjii...Hanjii is a girl in the anime but in the manga she's s boy...And so on so for...
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